Weekends. Keto. Gym Clothes.

Two blog posts in a row, oh my!

Really, it’s just nap time again and I thought about cleaning the bathrooms, but then decided against it. Or maybe I will after this, since it’s kind of been awhile.

Yesterday afternoon, Jackson took a LONG, hard nap. I woke him up at 2:15, and then Jon and I headed out to Dick’s. I want a raincoat for Iceland, but we didn’t find one. I did get some new workout shorts, a hoodie, and three tank tops to work out in, except I wore one today and don’t love it. I like tight tank tops to work out in (I just hate anything loose at the gym) and hate built in sports bras. Seems easy to find tank tops like that, but I guess because I’m so small, hardly any fit like that. I’ve been working out in the same tank tops since 2011. Seriously. They’re in rough shape, but I just never find anything I like. I bet I’d like the Lululemon ones (same style as their long sleeved tops), but they’re so expensive. Maybe I should just invest in 2 of them though. I wore one of my white shirts to the gym the other day and noticed I have a dark oily looking spot starting right at my nipple and it’s huge and super obvious. I have no idea what it is. But it’s not cute.

We took Jackson to the park after that since it’s SO nice out! He had so much fun playing on the baseball field and opening and closing the gate. We came home around 5ish and he had dinner. I had wanted to go out and do something, but I felt guilty for spending money on gym clothes so I decided to just hang out with Jon at home.

Jon is starting the keto diet today. He sort of makes a lot of decisions and rarely sticks to them, so I really hope he sticks with this. He bought a TON of stuff, but really, not much for entire recipes. So, I’ll probably have to run to Publix later to get stuff. I’m hoping he can sort of get into a groove of making meals and eating throughout the day (he is the most sporadic eater ever), and even being more active. It’ll be interesting to see how it goes. I’m not doing it because I don’t want to lose weight, and I felt fine with Paleo and not watching my intake of specific fruits or vegetables. I feel okay with cheese though, so really, I just need to clean up the breads again. I think him doing keto will be good for me too though, since I should start cooking more too and I’ll eat more throughout the day if we have a bunch of food prepared already for us. We made Bulletproof coffee today, which I’ve always thought sounded so weird, but it was actually pretty good! We did 2 tbspn of butter and 1 tbspn of coconut oil and blended it in the blender. I still prefer my maple syrup and heavy whipping cream, but it really was good. I’ll probably do that when Jon makes coffee in the mornings.

I went to the gym for a little while this morning. I actually wasn’t really feeling it today, but decided to go since it’s easier to make it on weekends when Jon has Jackson anyway. I did mostly back stuff and left after about 45 minutes.

I headed to Wildflour to get a cinnamon roll for breakfast. It was a really cute little cafe so I think I may go back there to do work! The cinnamon roll was good, although it almost has a firmer glaze under the frosting. I think I prefer softer cinnamon rolls. I also haven’t eaten anything else other than that (well, and an avocado and some oatmeal before the gym), so I feel a little gross now after all that sugar, although I definitely didn’t finish the cinnamon roll since they’re huge.

Jon is at the gym now and Jackson is napping. I think we may head to the beach this afternoon since it’s not super hot out still. I definitely want to get out and do something though!

I have to head back to Georgia on Wednesday when Jon gets off work. I’m on call Thursday, working Friday and Saturday, and working 9-3 on Monday before heading back to Charleston. It’ll be busy and I kind of hate working two 12 hour shifts in a row, but oh well. I really hope I don’t get called in on Thursday, but the money would be nice (time and a half). It’d be nice to have a little extra cash too since Iceland is right around the corner.

I need to finish up the last of my paperwork for my internship in the fall. I was finally assigned a preceptor (I wasn’t sure how the process would go) and it’s my big boss. I’m a little nervous since she has a super strong personality and I feel like I haven’t learned much about the business side of management in the program, so I could totally see feeling dumb around her. But she is a REALLY good educator (when she was our manager and not our director, she would teach part of ACLS or PALS) and her portions of our education are always the best. She’s really engaging and despite being a little nervous, I think I’ll really learn a LOT from her. I can’t believe my internship is so close! Nine months of hell (because of how busy I’ll be, especially with Jon living 5 hours away) and then I will be DONE! I can’t wait.

Alrighty, time to go do something productive with my time. Even if that’s organizing photos and working on my album for Father’s Day for Jon (I plan on making him albums of every year of Jackson’s life for Father’s Day, which is sweet for him and nice to have for photos of our boy).


Date Night at Slightly North of Broad

Hey-o! HAPPY SATURDAY! I love Jackson’s nap time on weekends because it’s just our chill time. I mean, his nap time is always my chill time, but I guess it’s just nice having Jon home for it too. I was actually planning on napping today, but then I just drank coffee instead. I’m sure it’ll wear off at 2pm, just in time for Jackson to wake up.

Jon and I had a date night last night! WOOHOO! Jon’s mom got here around 6:15, so I did my hair real quick (hard to do while caring for a child) and we got dressed to go. Jon and I didn’t actually plan anything and figured we could wing it, but apparently you can’t do that in Charleston. All the restaurants we looked at had a 2-3 hour wait OR reservations after 9:30 at night. WTF. When we called Magnolia’s, they said there were plenty of seats open at the bar, but when we got there 20 minutes later, it was jam-packed.

We ended up at Slightly North of Broad. They said it was a 10 minute wait so we said we’d eat there. We hung out by the bar and then got seated. Our server was awesome. The menu wasn’t my type of menu (but most places in Charleston are seafood/Southern type stuff, which is right there with Chinese for foods I’m not big on), but they had triggerfish on the menu of the day, so I went with that. Jon got the braised pork cheek appetizer too. The food was SO good! So far, that was my favorite meal at a restaurant (I still love my Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit). The sauce on the fish was so good! The pork cheek was super good, but I love all pork cheek that I’ve had. Even their bread basket was awesome. Definitely not a cheap place (although Jon suggested a chophouse that had $50-$60 plates, so this was much more reasonable), but super good. Also, while I sort of cringe spending over $100 on dinner, we also almost never go out to eat anymore. Our date nights every 6 weeks or so at over $100 a meal is still far cheaper than what we used to spend eating out in Atlanta. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t live near babysitters! I actually sort of prefer it this way. It’s kind of fun to explore the nicer restaurants, and we really enjoy our date nights since they’re so infrequent. Definitely much more satisfying in both ways than just running out to grab Mexican every Friday night. Jon really wants to get a babysitter so we can go out more frequently, but I just can’t spend $15/hr for somebody to watch Jackson. I’d rather just start being intentional about our time together at home, and splurge on our rare date nights when we get them!

Anyway, after SNOB, we went to Revelry Brewing, which was right next to a really awesome looking gym (Big Work Fitness Factory, for any Charleston peeps or people visiting). I want to go do a drop in at that gym because it just looked awesome! But anyway, Revelry was not really my scene. Definitely a younger crowd, and last night was pretty cold! We stayed for one drink and then Grandma over here (me) wanted to go home and relax. I also was hoping to get a few minutes to chat with Jon’s mom before she went to bed, since she drove four hours to let us go on a date night. We did make it home in time to see her and stayed up until midnight chatting.

This morning, we went to the gym as a family (Jon’s mom left early). We did last Saturday too, since they have daycare on Saturday mornings. Since the daycare girl at the gym is different on the weekends, I try to make the time a little shorter on Saturdays since Jackson doesn’t really know her. We were there for 45 minutes. I did a leg workout that was good, and tomorrow I plan on doing more upper body. Jon pretends he doesn’t know me when we’re working out, but I’m really trying to get him to go to the gym more often. I want us to be as healthy as possible for the rest of our lives, since we have a little bub to raise.

I have no idea what our day has in store. I’m about to shower, but it’s SO nice out today. I’m hoping we get some park time in with the boy since it’s probably going to get hot again soon. I also need to find a rain jacket for Iceland (19 days until departure!!!!!). I really need to take my rings to get inspected for their warranty too, which is hopefully still valid since we haven’t gone in like, a year to have them inspected (supposed to be every 6 months).

Oh, also, I’m contemplating switching to a more public blog (I know that this is public). Not necessarily to make money off of it, but just to have something I wouldn’t mind people I know seeing. I don’t know if I will, just because I don’t know that I’ll have much time to commit to well thought out blog posts (or at least, more thought out than what I write now) once I move back to GA in September. Life is going to be insane when I get back, so maybe I’ll wait… But, just thinking about it!

Georgia Weekend and Charleston Week

It has been a busy week! I went back to Georgia last weekend to finish up my paperwork for my internship. I ended up picking up from 7a-3p on Saturday, but they approved my shift as a 7a-7p shift. It was a whole mess and I ended up ugly crying to my supervisor about it, but it was basically a whole miscommunication (at least, the reason I cried was- the shift approval was an error on their part) so I shouldn’t have cried. I could have made totally valid points too had I not gotten so worked up over nothing. I felt stupid, but at least everybody cries in the office, haha.

Saturday night, I had dinner with Gina, Kassie, and Laura. I picked Kassie up on the way down to Gina’s, which ended up being really nice since we sat in traffic for SO LONG (on a Saturday at 3pm- Atlanta is horrendous with that 85 bridge collapsed). We all went out to eat at La Parilla. The service was so incredibly slow but since it was nice to catch up, it was no big deal. We have just been hanging out at Gina’s every time we get together lately, so it was fun to get out and actually do something for once. We sat on Gina’s porch until about 9pm that night since it was a beautiful night out, and then I headed home.

I hung out with my mom over coffee on Sunday morning. It was actually really nice. Even though I lived there for 5 months, our weekend mornings are typically rushed and normally we have a one year old demanding all of the attention. The weather was crappy on Sunday morning and my mom wasn’t running errands, so it was just nice to relax over coffee with her. Even though it’s totally not ideal for Jackson and I to move back in there while Jon stays in Charleston, I actually really do enjoy spending time with my parents as an adult, especially working in the field that I work in. I know they won’t be around forever, and I enjoy my mom and dad so much more as a grown up so it’s just nice to have this time together.

I got my hair cut on Sunday and then met Laura to run some errands at the mall. I miss our best friend errand running together! And her and Doug want to move to Colorado next year, so I feel like these days are coming to an end! Sunday night, I went to eat at Cue (barbecue) with my mom and dad for my birthday. My mom and I started watching 13 Reasons Why and then I finished 5 episodes before going to bed at midnight!

Monday I turned 31! Woohoo! Kidding. There wasn’t anything special about it. I slept in and then met up with Lizzie and her 6 month old for brunch. She brought me balloons and a card and it was so sweet! I didn’t even know if she knew it was my birthday! It was so good to catch up with her and James just chilled the whole time! I drove home Monday afternoon and got home just in time to put Jackson to bed!

The rest of the week has been decent. I had Jackson on Tuesday, so we went to the park and played outside pretty much all day since it was nice out.

Wednesday I had a personal training session in the morning. I hadn’t worked out all week except for a quick home workout on Friday morning and I usually do some pull ups, push ups, squats, and rows at the park, but that’s it. It was nice to work out again. After that, I came home and changed and went out to the French restaurant I found awhile ago for brunch. This was a new location though and it was WAY less busy and perfect for doing work, which I haven’t really found yet. After that, I went to the beach for an hour. It was a perfect day at the beach! It wasn’t too warm and the water was a good temperature! I could have stayed forever except I knew I’d burn if I stayed! I came home in time to shower, have lunch, hang out on the couch and watch TV for a minute, and then went to get Jackson.

Yesterday morning I took Jackson to the gym with me and then we played outside for awhile after. After he napped, I took him to the chiropractor with me, which was NOT fun! I’ve never taken him to an appointment with me and he is just in a phase where he is all over the place but doesn’t comprehend directions very well. Jon was home when we got home, so we went to Target together and then Jackson was over being out, so we came home to hang out.

Today, I met up with Lisa and Nora at Bee City, which is a petting zoo about 40 minutes away. Jackson liked it, but it was kind of a gross little petting zoo. Haha. And the lemur and monkey food was Cheerios! I mean, Cheerios aren’t even good for humans, so I can’t imagine ingesting a bunch of them is good for “wild” animals. It was fun to get together with Lisa and Nora though, especially since we missed our playdate last week.

Jackson fell asleep on the way home, so I got ready and had lunch while he napped. Jon’s mom is coming in town to watch Jackson while we have a date night tonight, except I’m actually really tired. Lame. I know. We’ll still rally and go out while we have a babysitter though! I think we’re going to run to Publix right now for a few things and then I’ll try to get ready while I have a crazy boy with me.

I think this weekend, we’re going to go find a raincoat for me for Iceland. I also need to start getting clothes for my internship since I don’t think I can just wear scrubs. I have dress pants, but EVERY single pair needs to be taken in along the entire legs to fit and some need to be hemmed still. So frustrating. I wish I could just wear regular sized clothing. I may only get 2 or 3 pairs of pants altered and just wear the same ones all the time and then get some tops that go with them.

I guess I’ll go. Jackson is up and he is being super fussy. I think he’s teething, so he’s been clinging to me like crazy and not eating nearly as much.


Hey! I figured I’d write two days in a row, since I probably won’t again for a few days. I had another session with Jeremy this morning (my personal trainer), but it wasn’t nearly as hard as usual. We normally do supersets the entire time and we didn’t do any today. I can’t say I really minded, but then again, it’s kind of nice to go get my butt kicked for 30 minutes without having to think about it. I’ll go back tomorrow though, so it’s not that big of a deal. I’ve been doing legs pretty frequently and I think they’re starting to get a little tired. I feel like I need a real leg rest for a good week or so to just let everything get back to normal.

Yesterday was a tough day at home. Jackson was so difficult and didn’t want to nap for his second nap, which I usually let slide. But I had woken him up early from his first nap so we could get that second nap, and I wasn’t about to make it until 7pm on an hour of sleep before 10:30am. So, I was irritated, even though he’s cute.

So last night, Jon was like, “Why don’t you just go do something?” I normally just stay home because I don’t have much to do in the evenings since I don’t know anybody, but I went and looked at stuff at Marshall’s and Kids to Kids. I drove out on a back road to the next town west of here and tried Amazing Sweet Spot (I think), that’s a little shop that basically makes fair food. The food was decent and I wasn’t a big fan of my strawberry shortcake at all, but the people were super nice. Still nice to get out, anyway!

I just finished up one assignment and just need Jon to read my last paper tonight so I can make edits and submit it. Then I’m ALL DONE for the semester! I had planned on trying to go to the beach today if I had time, but I thought I’d spend the day watching a movie for school. Turns out, I couldn’t watch any for free, so I chose to write about a movie I’ve already seen a bunch instead. Worked out! I’m considering either cleaning (probably not going to happen), running out to DSW (might happen), or just watching TV and hanging out on the couch (will definitely happen before anything else).

Next week, I think I might take Jackson to Magnolia Plantation, which is way closer than I thought it was. It’s supposed to be nice and I figure we should do it before it gets too hot. I’m also taking Jackson to Bee City (not totally sure what this is, but they have a petting zoo and Jackson loves animals) on Friday with Nora and Lisa next week, so I’m excited to get out of the house and do stuff.

I’m working this Saturday (in GA, obviously) from 7-3 and then I think the girls are getting together Saturday night. I’m finally get my hair cut on Sunday and can’t wait! I always let it go for so long and then I decide one day that I’ve had enough and I need it cut ASAP! That’s exactly what happened. I’m thinking I might go a little shorter. I’ve been considering going shoulder length or even shorter, but I doubt I will. I need to be able to do ponytails in Iceland. Sunday night, I’m going out to eat with my mom and dad for my birthday dinner (my 31st birthday is Monday). Then Monday, I may try to pick up 7-11am, or I may just go the gym in the morning and head home after that. We don’t technically -need- the money, so it’s hard to just want to pick up when I FINALLY get free time in GA, but we also haven’t saved much money (although, we have paid off a lot of Jon’s car). So I feel like if I want to go to Iceland in May, road trip to Wisconsin with Jackson (and hopefully Jon!) in June, road trip to Canada with Gina in July, go to Scotland in October with Jon, and maybe go to South Africa in December (or possibly Cambodia on a medical relief trip), then I better work if I can. Even if it’s $100 extra dollars, that $100 more than we have now. I feel like I’ll be back to work in September though, but realistically, between doing my internship, doing the assignments associated with my masters, driving to SC to see Jon with a kid, and working enough to pay for daycare, I doubt I’ll be making a whole lot extra. But I’ll probably be too busy to spend a whole lot too!

Just a random last thought- I bought a plain gray tank top last night (it’s looser). It was cheap at Marshall’s but Jon was like, “Do you NEED that?!” (he was kidding- he really never questions how I spend money, which is good because as seen above, I spend all of our money on vacations for myself). This whole mom thing makes getting dressed tough. I’m actually finally super content with my body again, minus the belly a little bit but that is totally because I eat bread and I will never have a flat stomach if I eat bread, but now I have a one year old! With dirty hands! I have so many clothes in my closet and I look at them and I’m like, “Um, no. I’m not letting sticky fingers all over that shirt.” Not that they’re even super fancy or anything, but I don’t want all my clothes getting ruined by little kids. Most of the clothes I have, while not fancy, were still not super cheap since I stopped buying cheap clothes and went for higher quality clothes (not like, $100, but most of my shirts are like, $30- still too much for me to want to ruin by guacamole covered sticky baby hands). But I also get tired of wearing Target v-necks (I actually don’t get tired of them, but I do sometimes want to dress a little nicer). I just feel like a frump all that time. Probably because I come home from the gym in the morning, shower, only wash my hair every few days, throw on underwear and a sleep shirt, and only put gym shorts and a bra on to go get Jackson. I just need some decent, cheaper shirts that I don’t mind getting ruined just in case Jackson ruins them. I also have a lot of tighter tank tops and that’s just not happening. This mom wants clothes that aren’t super clingy. I just want to look put together, but be comfortable, and be in clothes that are cheap enough to not stress over Jackson putting his hands all over. And to have something that I’m comfortable in other than v-necks.

Alright, time to go be lazy for one last day. Since school is almost over, I’m hoping to get out and spend many more days exploring and being active. And hopefully finding a pool or somewhere with water to spend our days in. I think I might just buy a little plastic kiddy pool. I think Jackson would love that!

Weekend Update

Hey guys! Not much happening around these parts, of course. But the SEMESTER IS OVER SOON! I hope to have everything submitted by Thursday night so that when I go to Atlanta Friday, I won’t have to worry about anything. I actually haven’t done much for school this week since I’m waiting for Jon to proofread my paper and I need to just watch a movie for a quick assignment, but I’ll get that done tonight.

It’s gloomy out today so Jackson and I are just hanging out at home. Lisa and Nora couldn’t meet for our usual playdate, so we’re chilling at home. I thought about going to the children’s museum still, but downtown Charleston flooded yesterday morning and I have no idea how long that lasts for here. Figured I’d hate to get all the way down there after packing up and have a road be closed. The playground will obviously be all wet. I don’t need to run errands… I thought about playing in the driveway, but I’m not wearing pants… Hah. So I put in Moana (I decided we can do one movie a week, otherwise we keep the TV off if Jackson is up) and Jackson has been playing all day pretty well by himself while I research safe cleaning and body care products.

I worked out Saturday, Sunday, and Monday after staying home sick on Thursday and Friday. Saturday was a quick workout since Jon went too and Jackson was a little fussy in childcare. But Sunday, Jon stayed home and I was 1 of 5 people at the gym! It was wonderful! So I got in a nice, long workout. And despite it being busy on Monday (as always), I ended up getting in another good, long workout. I tend to only stay for about 45 minutes, but I decided to start staying longer if I feel like it. I’m sore this morning and I’m not usually, so that’s good! I’ve started doing a lot more ab work (compared to nothing that I was doing). I have been feeling some sort of pull in my left lower abdomen. Not sure if it’s from my c-section scar, but it almost seems like it’s in a different spot. Hopefully I just pulled something and it’ll go away.

Saturday afternoon, Jon and I took Jackson to the beach! Jackson has always loved the beach, but not on Saturday! It was really windy and crowded, so I think maybe it was too much for him. We took him in the water and he was not interested at all. He just clung to Jon the whole time. I got to play in the water and it was so much fun to be in the waves again! I seriously love the beach. I can go for an hour and be all set though. I’m not an all day beach person at all. We seriously were probably there for 20 minutes and decided to go home since Jackson was not enjoying it at all. But it was still nice to get out!

Sunday afternoon, we went to the James Island County Park. They have a big splash pad, so Jackson and I played in that. I wish we had been more prepared (with sunscreen and a swim diaper at least), but it was super fun. I’m hoping to go during the week this month before school lets out. The county parks here are seriously so awesome! I wish Georgia had stuff like this! They have a full water park too and campsites and everything. It’s crazy.


I decided I think I might try to see a therapist here this summer. I feel so much more anxious still, despite cutting back on caffeine (I just drink decaf coffee unless I really need a boost) and working out more regularly. I really think my brain is just understimulated here and I focus on totally random things too much. Like what if something happens to the drug test I have to take for school, and then the want me to take a new one right after Iceland and I fail for my Xanax that I take when I fly and can’t do my internship? Or what if something comes back wrong on my documentation? Or what if they question my out of state status since USAA screwed me over by canceling my car insurance accidentally and getting my registration suspended so I had to switch my car to SC? None of this will probably happen, but I get so anxious about it and even though I can reason it out, I still stay so anxious about it and keep going with these scenarios that probably won’t happen. It’s really annoying. I feel totally fine during the day and even most nights, but some nights I just can’t sleep because I get SO anxious over these crazy scenarios. And really, none of it matters. Like, yeah it’d suck to have my internship delayed and we plan to try for another baby after I finish, but even if I got kicked out of the program (worst case scenario- even though in my mind, I totally imagine it’d be jail and like 60 Days In and I’d be claustrophobic locked in a jail cell), I’m STILL a nurse. I can STILL make a good living and I’ll STILL have Jon and Jackson, and that’s really all I need. So, there is no reason to be anxious about this stuff. But clearly, if reason could just get rid of anxiety, nobody would ever have it.

Anyway, I should be off to pay attention to Jackson. I’ve been on the computer most of the day getting stuff done (or looking up random stuff on the EWG website), but he’s been playing so well that I hate interrupting him.

Sick Days

I never really log onto here after Jackson’s bedtime! But I had a pretty lazy day today and I’m not cleaning!

Last night, I ate quite a bit around 8:30. I was hungry and decided I really need to increase what I eat for dinner to continue gaining weight/muscle. Jon was out of town, but I headed up to bed at 10:30. And then I slept off and on all evening. I thought maybe I was anxious from him being gone (I rarely sleep without him home), but then I realized I was just feeling nauseous and my hips were aching from my workout at the gym yesterday morning. I barely slept at all, and I felt awful when I got up with Jackson this morning! Thankfully, we had a sitter day today since Ali (my sitter) is going out of town tomorrow, and we never do Thursday with her usually!

After I dropped Jackson off, I watched an hour of TV and fell asleep. I was up and working on my paper by noon, but I was still feeling sick. All I’ve eaten today is 1/3 banana, some hash browns and cheese (literally took me an hour to finish the bowl), and a protein shake (with Ripple- I couldn’t stand the thought of regular milk, but I like Ripple in my protein anyway). I got Jackson at 4 and fed him dinner immediately and then I literally laid on his floor with him until he went to bed at 7. Mom of the year. How do moms survive when they’re sick?! EVERY time I was sick so far, we lived with my mom and dad and my mom totally took over. This is my first time not feeling well and being alone. And had I been actually throwing up or something… Well, I probably would have had Jon fly home early from his regional meeting, since they were SUP boarding and hanging out at the beach today (tough meeting).

Jackson has been super fussy lately too. I think he may be teething. But I’m trying to avoid Motrin unless we really need it, and I don’t think we’ve needed it these last few days. He’s consolable and gets distracted. He just happens to have a LOT of meltdowns.

I weighed myself yesterday morning and I’m still right at 100ish lbs. My trainer mentioned adding a few more pounds, but I realized that aside from this belly, I’m happy with how I look. I wouldn’t mind adding some more muscle at all, but I had to go up a size in shorts and I’m feeling much thicker these days. So, if I hang out at this weight, I’m totally fine with it. I do need to eventually start doing more ab work (I have added a little in) and clean up what I’m eating some more. Less unhealthy carbs for sure. Maybe even cut out the Ghirardelli chocolates. Maybe not, though. Gotta live a little.

This may not be exciting for everybody, but for the first time in my entire 12 year long college career, I made a run chart! It literally took about an hour and I had to consult Google a LOT, but I did it. I’m really getting ready to be a masters prepared nurse, haha. I really am going to be in for a rude awakening when I get to my internship, I think. I’ve done well in my program, but I haven’t invested a ton of time into reading, which I have a feeling is pretty normal. Most of these people work full time and with the assignments, there isn’t time to sit and read everything. I’m getting kind of nervous though because I know I’ll have a whole capstone project to do and I get really shy doing things in front of people, so having to do this entire thing makes me nervous. And having to shadow and realize how much I don’t even know also makes me nervous. I don’t like feeling dumb! But our manager now has only been in her role for about 2 years, so I have a feeling she probably had a lot to learn when she got into the job, too. She went to NP school, so I HOPE it works out well.

Anyway, I’m going to go try to eat a little something else and then hang out on the couch for awhile. I’m really hoping I feel better tomorrow since I’ll have Jackson all day and really want to finish up my paper, so I need a productive nap time. And I want to make it to the gym in the morning.

Life Updates

Long time no write! I don’t have much to say. My sister came in town the other week so I took a hiatus from school and hung out with her. My parents also came in town the first weekend that she got here and it was so nice to have my family in town! I don’t see Annie (my sister) that much and she had never been to Charleston, so it was just a lot of fun to have her in town. We relaxed a lot but we did get out and do some exploring. We walked the Ravenel Bridge (a big bridge here) and it was WAY easier than expected. I think I’m going to try to do it more often. I love the late evening and sadly, never get to get out much at that time of the day, so it was so nice getting out two nights in a row and seeing the city at my favorite time of the day. I wish she could have stayed longer! I’m thinking of road tripping to Wisconsin with Jackson this summer to visit her though.

I spent a weekend in Atlanta and saw the Braves home opener at the new SunTrust Park with Jon, Andrew, and Andrew’s girlfriend, Liz. I got in a workout at my old CrossFit gym, which of course, I loved. I miss that gym, even though I don’t know any of the members anymore. I’m excited to go back to CrossFit in September, although I’m thinking of just doing the 10 class punch card and stretching it out over 2 months while I just use LA Fitness the rest of the time. My schedule will probably be all over the place and I can’t just have my mom watch Jackson every night while I work out. So… who knows how that’ll go.

I’ve been struggling a bit with Jon working SUCH long hours lately. He gets home just before Jackson goes to bed at 7 and then typically pulls out his computer after Jackson is asleep to work more. I think part of the problem is just that I’M not that busy anymore. I hate that he works such long hours and I feel like I’m just sitting here all the time. I am really liking Charleston and I love the break from working, but I feel like my own life is just on hold. Also, I logged in to pay bills and I have a feeling I won’t be going out of the country again this summer, haha. We’re doing fine with money, but definitely not saving like we should be (we have paid a LOT of the Tahoe off, though… and went to Poland… And I have paid for a lot of Iceland)! I know if I was working, it’d be different, but I’m not going to be working much for awhile. That was a good reality check. But I feel like I’m not focusing on much else, so I just want to travel. I need to remind myself (and start to actually believe it) that this is just a phase and I will be immersed on my own work eventually. One year until I’m done with my masters and then we can either really invest in our life in Charleston or go somewhere else.

Speaking of, 11 days of school left! I have a paper to finish (I was just working on it) and a movie to watch and some assignment to do. I need to motivate myself to get this done! I have a lot left on my paper, but I sort of don’t care. This professor grades easily and I’m through the first three paragraphs, which is what I had to research for. Now it’s just creating a plan for improvement. Got it. The hard part for me is figuring out how to format this portion of the paper in a way that makes sense and flows in APA format.

Anyway, not much to say. I’ll be off to do more schoolwork. Can’t wait to just go to the beach on my first day of having a sitter in May! This break from school can’t come fast enough! Especially since I FINALLY checked my email and have been working on getting all of my internship documents together, which is a pain. I have to resubmit and redo a lot of physical testing (vaccinations, TB test, health assessment, etc).

Alrighty, have a great week, everybody.