Anniversaries, Nesting, and Other Life Happenings

What a week. For some reason, I thought I would be able to get all kinds of schoolwork done this week. That hasn’t happened.

After my family left on Sunday, Jon and I decided to go out for our 2 year anniversary! (After he told me he was going to go watch football with Billy and I was like, “Um, it’s our TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY! You should WANT to spend this evening with your WIFE!”) Since we were still at my parent’s house, he decided to head home to bring all our gifts and I figured it’d be easier to just shower there. When I finally went to leave, my car wouldn’t start! So Jon had to drive all the way back there to jump my car and then he had to go buy a new battery for it so he could replace that before we could even go anywhere! I’m definitely thankful to be married so I have a husband to do those things for me, but what a pain.

We finally made it home, where I decided to try and look somewhat decent. Except I still wore leggings and one of my only maternity shirts that I own, but I put on real boots instead of my “slipper” boots, so at least I tried. And I wore my hair down. Then our two year anniversary looked like this:



We went to the Sundial Cafe at the top of the Westin. I love going there and we were planning on appetizers and “drinks.” Except none of the appetizers looked good. Now, normally we go to the Melting Pot for our anniversaries since it’s a fun experience and the food is good, but this year, we just didn’t want to spend over $100 for a meal. I decided that since we weren’t going to eat at the Sundial, we should go somewhere new! So we literally spent 25 minutes looking at Yelp/Scoutmob, trying to figure out where to eat, and all I wanted was Willy’s (like, the cheap burrito place similar to Moe’s). I have no idea why I wanted Willy’s since I haven’t been in years and have no idea what they even have to eat, but that was what I wanted. Except it was closed. So we ended up just going to Sushi Nami which is one of our regular date spots (although not lately, since we haven’t been going on dates much these days) and spending like, $70 on dinner anyway, plus our tab from the Sundial, so we should have just had the Melting Pot.

Monday was an errand running day. But I did get to wear another one of my new workout shirts that actually covers my whole belly!


I also LOVE these shirts! I got it at Marshall’s for $10 and they’re originally $45-$55! It’s 90 Degrees by Reflex. They had a ton there! I wanted to buy some XS so I could still wear them after the baby, but I have enough workout clothes in my regular size, so I refrained. Also, I was wearing a new medium sports bra and I need to buy another one! These girls just don’t want to fit in a small anymore (I usually wear XS but I already sized up once) and the medium felt so nice! My cleavage wasn’t up to my neck and my boobs weren’t squished into my armpits! So I might have to invest in just one more bra that actually fits!

My workout Monday was kind of rough. I did a few minutes on the elliptical and then did some walking lunges with 10# in each hand and some squats while holding the weights. But my back just started really killing me. I was in so much pain walking over to foam roll my back out cause my lower back was spasming! Awful. And it is so frustrating to feel good other than that (my workouts feel much better than a few weeks ago!) but not be able to do anything because of the back pain!

Anyway, the rest of Monday was spent running errands and working on school stuff.

Tuesday I had an OB appointment. I’m so glad that when I told my OB that she was all booked up through the rest of my pregnancy that she told me to fit an appointment in whenever I could! So I get to see her next time and again at my 40 week appointment, which I am super happy about. I definitely want to see her for that last one in case we need to talk about induction, since I’ve been seeing her for years now. Jackson was the same and we still did nothing at the appointment.

I also went to have lunch with Crista on Tuesday. Her grandpa is really sick and probably nearing the end of his life, so we’ve been talking about that a lot lately. I’m glad to have some medical knowledge (especially about heart failure) to share and I’m also glad that we’ve had some more time together lately (she’s on grand jury duty so on her jury duty days, she’s out by 1:30).

For some reason, I decided on Tuesday that Jon and I had to start organizing for the baby. Maybe because our nursery looked like this:


Just to be clear, the room doesn’t normally look like that. We moved the bed to my parent’s house last week and then brought all the baby stuff home so it ended up looking like a tornado hit. We went to Babies R’ Us and exchanged some gifts and bought a ton of other stuff that hadn’t been purchased for us yet! We dropped all that off and then went to Lowe’s to get some shelving for the closet. I couldn’t even organize any of the stuff in the bedroom because we literally had nowhere to put it! By the time we got the shelf put together, it was 10pm and I just had to get stuff organized!


I got the closet done at least! I couldn’t decide what to do about clothes since our hand-me-downs have almost filled up our dresser, so I decided to leave the new clothes hanging and hand-me-downs can stay in the dresser.

I was obviously exhausted Wednesday at work since I stayed up working so hard on Jackson’s closet! So no gym Wednesday! Jon and I lazed around a bit and then finally, I decided we needed to try and clean up the rest of the house. We got the crib put together and attempted to clean, but the whole house is just such a disaster right now that it’s overwhelming! We just keep bringing more stuff home or taking more clothes out of the dryer and I just don’t want to clean!


So, at least we got some of the stuff in the baby’s room cleaned up. We have to take a bookshelf apart in there and get rid of the books and take some nightstands to my mom and dad’s, but overall, it’s not too bad! The rest of our house resembles the first picture of Jackson’s room though. Seriously. It’s that bad. Except for our kitchen, which I have managed to keep clean for the most part. But the rest will take a long time to clean up.

Last night I was in bed by 9. #oldpregnantlady

Today I worked from 7-11 in the ER, but at 11 when I was about to leave, a 3 year old crashed and all the other nurses went to work on that kid while I covered 11 other patients. I didn’t leave till noon and Jon asked me to get his dry cleaning for him to go out of town. I did that, watched him pack for about 20 minutes, and then he left. I was super excited about napping on the couch for some reason, so I curled up as soon as he left and got to snoozing. I got 20 minutes of sleep before Jon called and asked me to see if his backpack and suitcase were in the parking lot of our condo. And they were. I offered to take them down to the airport since I knew he’d miss his flight if he came all the way back home and that would look pretty bad since he’s accompanying a doctor to an educational conference on his product… So instead of sleeping or the gym, I spent an hour in the car dropping off his luggage and dying to pee, but I’m in pajamas and my shirt literally only covers 1/2 my belly so I couldn’t even stop anywhere to go. I mean, who even leaves their suitcases in the parking lot anyway?!?! Only him. But I’m just grateful that he works so hard to make enough money that I can just work my 8 days a month (although I do work more usually) and will be able to stay home (unpaid) with our baby for a little while. So I was glad to drive it all the way to the airport.

Also, while driving there, I watched probably 20-30 planes take off in just that few minutes. It’s just ridiculous how many planes leave Atlanta.

So now I’m home from that fun adventure. I just finished my lunch since I was seriously starving while I was headed to the airport and now I can either work on school stuff, clean the house, or work out. And I will probably choose cleaning and just go to the gym tomorrow. Honestly, my workouts in general just suck so much now that I feel like there isn’t much benefit in going, other than to keep me in the habit of going for as long as possible so it’s easier to get into when Jackson is born. So I might as well get my other stuff done since cleaning up this house isn’t going to be easy and I can only do so much at once before my back starts killing me and I have to take a really long break. This back pain is insane and it is making me really excited to deliver Jackson so it can just stop hurting!

Time to go be productive. Sorry this was so long and boring. Apparently I had a lot to say today.


Baby Shower

Hello on another lazy Monday! I thought about picking up at work today, but my sleep has been terrible over the last few nights and I was worried I’d have yet another sleepless night last night. I have just been extremely uncomfortable at night and have really horrible lower back pain. I averaged probably 1-2 solid hours of sleep per night last week. Seriously. The third trimester is rough.

I’m going to just talk about my baby shower in this post though! Although there is much more to update you all on, I figure a baby shower post will be long enough! My two sisters (Annie and Tonie) flew in from out of town for 1 1/2 days, just to be here for the shower! My three best friends from high school, Gina, Kassie, and Laura were organizing the party and my mom was technically hosting it at her house. I asked Jon if he would come too, especially since his mom and sister were joining the party all the way from Florida, so he was around for most of it! It was a Lumberjack themed party to play off the name “Jackson” and because it’s winter and I love lumberjack stuff!


Saturday morning we woke up to snow in Atlanta, although the roads were perfectly fine. I was worried the baby shower was going to end up just being my close friends and family, but then again, I’m not a huge party person so I probably wouldn’t have been too upset! The roads ended up staying okay though and we ended up having a good turnout for the shower!

(Side note: I put on jeans for this party to be a little more “dressed up” and wore them for about an hour before the shower started and then decided to F the jeans- I was wearing leggings. So glad I invested in these leggings before I ever got pregnant!)

The girls came over at 1pm to set up for the shower. Everybody else started showing up around 2:50 for a 3-6 shower. I had a few girls from high school come, Jon’s mom and sister, five girls from work, and then some other girls that I’ve been friends with in my old(er) age. Gina and Kassie made me this cute “diaper cake” since I’m doing cloth diapers! They ended up putting a sheet and towels in there with the octopus cake topper! Genius!


We did a brunch party because brunch is my favorite meal of the day so it only makes sense! The food ended up being fantastic and we had leftovers of all of it! Surprisingly, the dessert hardly got touched! I guess when you fill up on French toast casserole, you just don’t need dessert! Kassie also made a delicious hot chocolate in a crockpot that she found on Pinterest so we had a little hot chocolate bar set up. The hot chocolate was SO freaking good. Holy cow. And I’m sure terrible for you (it had a carton of heavy whipping cream, milk, a bag of chocolate chips, and other stuff, I’m sure). I could have drank that hot chocolate all day long.

Once our brunch was over, we played the game where you guess how big the belly is! We had everybody cut a piece of twine (goes with the lumberjack theme) and I kept joking with Jon that he better win. Turns out, he was spot on! I mean, within a centimeter. It was pretty impressive! I guess all those massages he’s been giving me and me making him always touch my belly has payed off for him guessing my size, haha.


We opened gifts, which was actually a lot of fun. I can’t even remember the last time I had to open gifts like that in front of people since I skipped out on any wedding showers so I was worried it would be really awkward. Turns out, opening baby stuff is genuinely fun so it was natural to be more excited about the gifts I received! We got tons of clothes and sheets and blankets. I also got a pack n’ play from Laura’s mom (I love Laura’s mom- unfortunately she was sick and couldn’t make it) and was so thrilled! I definitely didn’t think we’d get any of our bigger items, so that was awesome.


Best friends since high school! Rachel (17 weeks pregnant with a baby girl!!!), Laura, Gina, me, Kassie.

We played a few more games and then the shower was over! Everybody headed out around 5:45ish. The time went by so fast! I was so glad that so many people came out! A girl I hadn’t seen at work in years (she went to a different department) even came and it is just really humbling that people take time out of their lives to come celebrate with you! Definitely a fantastic shower!


Mom, me, Annie, Tonie (the sisters)

I hung out with the family and Jon afterwards and relaxed. It’s always so nice to have my sisters in town! I wish they lived closer! Although I’m glad the shower is over, now we’re on the real countdown till Jackson’s due date! Less than 6 weeks to go and now it’s showtime! We’ve been putting off getting everything together until we saw what we received from the shower, so now we have a ton to do! And a ton left to buy! It’s going to be a busy six weeks, that’s for sure!


34 weeks. Hard to tell against the dark fireplace. And ignore the feet! Haha.

(Almost) Two Year Wedding Anniversary

Mine and Jon’s 2 year anniversary is coming up! It’s this Sunday, the 24th. If you care to read about our one year anniversary or our entire (very long) love story, I’ll post a link below.

deciraq (26)

Christmas in Iraq, 2008. Also, that cot behind Jon is where we had our first kiss *fireworks* Haha.

One year anniversary

The last post of our love story (the other links are in this one)


Savannah trip with my parents in late 2009.

I was laying in bed this morning with Tom, excited for Jon to come home tonight! And then I remembered he won’t be home tonight and I probably won’t see him tomorrow night either since I’ll be at my parent’s house. And then I just so totally in love with him randomly and remembered that our two year anniversary is coming up this weekend!


Fall 2010.

There are definitely days where Jon drives me crazy. Just last weekend I was convinced that I married the wrong person and that there is no way our marriage is ever going to last because we can’t communicate! And really, I think that periodically anyway, especially since being pregnant. I’m a real treat to be married to 🙂 But you know what? No marriage is perfect. I knew when we got married that there would be times where one of us is just completely over our marriage and wants to be done with it. We have an entire life together. It’s naive to think that we’re both going to be happy for the entire marriage.


Valentine’s Weekend, 2011.

But really, I love him. I’ve known he was “the one” since we first started dating in Iraq in 2008. Even through our break ups, with the longest being over a year, I still never stopped feeling that about him even when I didn’t have any kind of “romantic feelings” for him at all. I just always had a feeling that part of my life was missing, and that part of my life was him.


Back together again! Braves game in 2013.

Jon really is a man who knows how to love unconditionally. Even when I’m telling him that our marriage will never work, he always reassures me that he didn’t marry me to leave me. He always still shows me the same love. He has always been honest with me and I’ve never had to question him. He takes care of me and loves providing and being the “man of the house.” (Even though I run the house.) He is always supportive of me and my decisions, even when they involve taking a gigantic pay cut just so I could try and get other experience in nursing, in a job that I’m not even planning on staying at.


The night we got engaged, December 23, 2013.

I’m so grateful to have met him, and especially grateful that we were in Iraq when we met, cause I don’t think our personalities would have ever meshed had we met outside of our deployment! I was far too crazy and too much of a mess before our deployment! When we’re walking along the road and he moves me away from the road or he rubs my back and feet when they hurt, it just reminds me why I love him so much.


Cabin trip around our wedding, May 2014. (We got courthouse married in January 2014, which is what we actually celebrate as our anniversary.)

Jon really is my rock. I feel like together, we can accomplish anything (well, except for me becoming a world traveling nurse, cause he likes his wife to be at home with him- what’s that all about?!). He really is my other half and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


One of my favorite wedding photos that my brother took of us. That’s my mom in the left side of the photo! I also absolutely loved the photos my brother got of our wedding, even though he wasn’t our photographer. May 24, 2014.

I hope we manage to love each other for the rest of our lives and grow old and saggy together. Although I’m nervous about the changes coming up in our marriage with the addition of a new baby, I also can’t wait for one of Jon’s biggest dreams in life to come true this year: being a father.


Christmas 2015.



Pregnant Life, Tea Parties, & Crafting

Hey everybody! I rarely have Monday and Tuesday off, so it’s been a nice change! I typically like to work Tuesday/Thursdays, so it’s rare that I have two days off during the week. I’m working tomorrow though and it’s at my PCU/tele job (I normally have to do tele on weekdays which honestly, I kind of despise). I’m definitely on the countdown for the number of days left at that job! In case you were wondering, I have 6 days left.

Yesterday morning I had picked up from 7-11 in the ER. Thankfully I did cause we were slammed over on the children’s side! I walked into kids in the waiting room and that almost never happens at 7am! I left around 11:30 and headed over to Andrew’s to let his dog out again.

I came home and took another really solid nap for about an hour. My energy levels are apparently remaining super low. Once I finally got up, I threw some clothes on and headed over to Gina’s for some baby shower crafts!


Gina and I crafted for a bit and then Kassie showed up a little later. We finished up quite a bit of stuff and I headed home to hang out with Jon for the evening. I was feeling pretty miserable with a headache, back pain, too many movements in my belly, and just feeling overall blah. I’m totally understanding now why people get tired of being pregnant. We did watch The Bachelor and talk about how dumb the girls on the show are… It amazes me that there are actually girls out there like that. I’m so glad none of my friends act like that.

This morning I got out of bed at 10am and that’s probably the earliest I’ve been up on my own in awhile. I could have kept on sleeping without a doubt, but knew I needed to get my day started.

I headed over to LA Fitness first thing where I started with no motivation. I was cold this morning and feeling frustrated with not being able to move around like a normal person (even wiping after I pee has become 10x more difficult) and not fitting into any clothes. But I figured I needed to get in some gym time, solely because I don’t want to get out of the habit of working out, even if my gym time is completely unproductive. After 7 minutes on the elliptical, four sets of back squats, and two sets of Russian deadlifts, my back was killing me. I had a little party with the foam roller on my lower back and called it a day. (Also, I read everywhere that you should never get massaged to the point of pain while pregnant, but I just have to ignore that. That foam roller hurts insanely bad on my lower back but I felt about 100x better after I stood up from rolling it out. It reminded me of when I used to get my braces tightened and I would literally chew on wooden clothespins because the pressure just hurt so good!) Also, two people told me I was pregnant today. One lady was like, “I had to look real close to be sure, but you’re pregnant!” and that was all she said about it. Yup. I don’t think this 33 week huge belly is confusing though.

I stopped by Whole Foods after where I felt completely turned off by every single food item I saw. If I could sum up my pregnancy right now, it would look like this:

Things I want to eat: Oranges, pineapple, plain corn tortilla chips, and pepcid tablets. (Fun fact: I don’t even like chips normally.)

Things I want to do: Sleep and get back massages.

Favorite workout: None.

So, tomorrow at work, I’m probably going to be really hungry. All I bought was four pizzas on sale for Jon, a few green beans from the hot bar, and a bean and cheese burrito in hopes of wanting to eat that tomorrow because I still don’t want anything to do with eating meat. I already have pineapple and oranges at home so I’m set with my fruit selection for tomorrow.

I came home, hopped in the shower, and then went to meet up with Crista. Unfortunately, she got some bad news about her grandpa just before we got there, so it wasn’t as upbeat of a day as I was hoping for, but I was totally fine with it. I’m more than happy to spend time with my friends in whatever way and am glad I could be there for her! We went to Dr. Bombay’s Underwater Tea Party, which was pretty good! Afterwards we went into a bridal store and looked at wedding dresses for Crista since she’s getting married this October! Definitely good to see her since I feel like we rarely get to hang out anymore and it always seems so rushed when we do! I miss the days of sleepovers and spending all weekend together! How cute is this tea set up?


I just got home a few minutes ago and am about to start working on some grad school stuff. I think I’m in denial that I’m back in school cause I’ve barely spent any time at all on schoolwork. I just don’t want to! I want to do school stuff about as much as I want to clean my house, and if you all could see my house, you would see just how much I don’t want to do schoolwork, hah.

I need to hire a maid. And somebody to write papers for me.




So much for a money making weekend! Saturday I went into work and it was pretty slow. I think I had 3-4 patients so I kept joking with my supervisor that she should just let me go home. And then she said I could go! I left around 1pm and called Jon to give him a heads up that I was leaving work and that we could spend the day together! Woohoo! Except, I think I was grumpy and Jon was grumpy and we both got home and argued with each other over nothing. And then I was so irritated that we argued when I actually got to leave work early on a weekend that I was just frustrated with that and stayed angry! So it was a disastrous afternoon off, which ended with me running errands and then both of us went to Babies R’ Us and to let Andrew’s dog out. I was seriously exhausted last night, so we were in bed by 10.

Today I went back to work and was scheduled to float for 12 hours. That rarely ever happens! I don’t work with adults much anymore, so they typically don’t schedule me to float. At 7am, my supervisor was asking me if I wanted to go home! I told her I’d stay and somebody else could go, and then she was all, “Just go drink some tea and come find me later.” So I wandered around and chatted everybody up and then at 8:15, I walked past her again and she was like, “Just go home!” Woohoo again! I know I need the money (like, for reals), but how can I not go home on a weekend when Jon and I have so few left together before the baby is born?!

I went home, showered, and then Jon and I went to have breakfast with my mom and dad at J. Christopher’s. It was a lot of fun seeing them this morning actually. I always enjoy spending time with them and really am super grateful to have healthy parents who are going to get to spend so much time with their grandson! Jon and I headed back to their house so Jon could help my dad load up a TV to take to Goodwill and I crashed on the couch. 5am wake-ups are just way too much for me. I do okay if I’m at work, but I totally just crash as soon as I walk out.


I had Jon get in a picture with me today since we have so few of us together while I’m pregnant! I think this might be our second one total where you can actually see my belly! I should also try and make my hair not look like such a mess right before we take photos.

After that, Jon and I decided to check out Buy Buy Baby cause we’ve never been. I was in cloth diaper heaven, even though they still have a limited selection. Once we left there, we cancelled Jon’s golf membership and came home. I’m not even kidding when I say that as soon as we got home, I took off my shoes and crashed. I think that was the best sleep I’ve had in weeks! I set my alarm so I could sleep for 45 minutes and I seriously felt like I had been asleep forever.

I still wanted to take advantage of some sunlight, so Jon and I decided to finally check out PDK, or DeKalb Peachtree Airport (I have no idea why it’s PDK but isn’t actually named in that order). We live so close to it and see planes land and take off all the time but somehow get distracted whenever we plan on going. Unfortunately, it was super cold when we got there and I think less planes are coming and going on Sunday evenings. Still awesome to check out and one plane did leave and two came in! Definitely need to go back and it’s fun cause they actually have a little playground area! I told Jon I was going to take Jackson and he made fun of me! I just think airplanes are cool! Even if I do hate flying in them!


We had to go let Andrew’s dog out again (he lives a good 25 minutes away so it’s not like a next-door type of thing) and now we’re home! Jon’s finishing up a game on TV so I assume we’ll do some relaxing together. I picked up a 4 hour shift in the ER tomorrow morning since I decided to miss out on 17 hours of work this weekend and then I’m going to be working on some baby shower stuff with Gina, Kassie, and Laura tomorrow afternoon!

I also figured out my AppleID password and used an app to make a comparison photo of my pregnancy so far!


9 weeks and 33 weeks. 

“Weekend” Updates

Happy Friday guys! Although I feel like it should be more like “Unhappy Friday” since I have to work all weekend and this day will be my day to hopefully get sh*t done since it’s my 3rd day off in a row. I started it off by staying in bed till just after 11am though, so we’ll see if I get a swift kick of motivation or not! I think it’s just the impending doom of schoolwork looming overhead ruining all motivation. Womp womp.

I’ve had the last two days off and while I seriously considered picking up some shifts, I think I needed that time off to let these fat little legs recoup. While my legs are feeling better (although still a little fat), I have horrible lower back/upper butt pain right now. I’m sure it has to do with my new posture, since my belly protrudes so much, and I also wonder if my hips have started widening. Since I’ve gained so much elsewhere though, I really can’t tell if my hips are any bigger or not. I also reached this level:


Wednesday and Thursday ended up being gym days both days! I’m not even going to lie and pretend I wasn’t surprised that I’ve gone two days in a row. I’m shooting for a third today, but it’ll have to be somewhat light because my back hurt even worse yesterday after doing legs. (Random side note: I don’t get why people hate leg days. Back squats are my favorite move by far and I really love all leg moves best.) Also, since I cancelled my ClassPass, one of the coaches who owns a CrossFit gym near me emailed me asking me when I was coming back to see them. He’s an Army veteran also so we connected well when I went, but I told him I had cancelled ClassPass because I didn’t feel like it was working out to have to modify at so many different gyms. He told me to name a price and we could see what we could work out till the baby is born, which was super nice of him. However, I had kind of comes to term with just having to use LA Fitness and saving some money, so I’m not sure what I’m going to do. I would love to keep on doing CrossFit, even if just once a week, but I’m going to think about it this weekend and then make a decision because I can’t help but think of all the baby stuff we could buy with even $50!

Other than that, Wednesday was an errand running day. I worked out, went grocery shopping, and made corn tortillas with beans and cheese for dinner for Jon and me. I did some reading for school and we called it a night pretty early!

This is totally random, but Jon just got home from work a few minutes ago and the cats are going nuts because a bird is trapped on our porch. Cats do this little meow thing when they’re hunting so both cats are just sitting at the patio door doing this bird call. Jon just yelled at Tom and I was like, “Don’t yell at him! He’s just bird calling!” and he was like, “He’s barking.” I have no idea why I found it so funny, but he’s definitely not barking.

Yesterday I got out of bed around 11. I have been waking up a ton at night and then usually wake up for about 2 hours around 5:30 or 6, but I still feel so exhausted when I wake up! So my mornings have been super late mornings in bed. I relaxed in the morning and then went to the gym. Gina and I met for coffee around 3, where I planned on doing schoolwork but we really just talked the whole time. And then we had a book club meeting for a book that I didn’t even read (The 5th Wave- I couldn’t get into it because of the style it was written in- way too young sounding). It was still fun to see the book club girls though! Jon crashed as soon as I got home last night so I caught up on an episode of Teen Mom because I really wanted to elevate my legs before going to bed, even though I was super exhausted when I got home at 10pm. Old lady right here.

Today I need to cook up some veggies for work this weekend, finish laundry, pick up the house, go to the gym, and read as much as possible for school and get started on discussions cause I’ll be busy next week on Monday and Tuesday. Jon has a case downtown around 3pm, so I’m not sure when he’ll get home again tonight. But hopefully we can hang out for a bit this evening, even though it’ll probably just be at home since we’re on that baby budget.

Jon is moving our guest bed to my parent’s house this weekend so Jackson’s room will FINALLY be getting started! We really need to empty out the bookshelf and organize the closet so we have some room to put all of our stuff! I can’t believe my baby shower is next weekend! We’ve already received gifts from two people in the mail and I just feel so humbled that people actually buy us gifts for our baby! I know this is what happens, but still, the fact that people even think about our baby or want to buy gifts for us just sort of makes me speechless. I don’t even know how to describe it! I feel really weird about receiving gifts in general because I feel like as adults, we should just buy the things we want/need, so next weekend is going to be a struggle accepting gifts at a baby shower and being the center of attention. Jon doesn’t even buy me gifts! I would rather just have an experience with people than get an object. (Fun fact if you don’t remember: I never even had a bridal shower because it’s just not my things. We asked for “honeymoon donations” on our wedding website for those that wanted to get anything for us.)

Okay, time to go cuddle up with Jon for a few minutes before he leaves again and then I need to start being productive…


Random Lists

I’m just going to make a quick list since I’m lacking motivation to formulate any sort of blog post that makes sense or flows.

  1. I’m tired. Very very tired. I’m really hoping that I start nesting soon and that I’m not one of those people that magically skips the nesting phase. There seems to be so much to do before this baby comes, but with work and school, I just feel so insanely exhausted. The couch seems much more appealing than doing anything productive.
  2. Jon really wants me to quit working two jobs now. He’s never pushy because I think he knows it’s pointless and that I pretty much do what I want, but he has expressed some dislike for how much I’m still working. (I did work more in the last two weeks, but I will only be working 8 12 hour shifts a month till Jackson is born.) I told him I was going to pick up a few extra hours at work (probably just 4 hours at a time!) and he was kind of irritated. Most people work full time till their babies are born (bless those nurses working three 12s until they’re 40 weeks pregnant!!!), but I think he can just tell that 12-13 hours on my feet in one day is taking its toll. I’m going to see how these next two work weekends go, but I may end up needing to figure out how to get out of my last work weekend on Feb 20 & 21. At 38 weeks, I may not make that!
  3. My legs are like stuffed sausages with numb toes. The edema (swelling) is real. And it’s no joke. I forgot my compression sleeves when I went to work yesterday and about had a meltdown. Jon actually surprised me at work in the middle of the day with them, so I got to put them on for about 7 hours and they made such a big difference in how my legs were feeling, but they were still huge when I got off work.
  4. School started and I already hate it. All I’ve done is post my introductions but looking at the assignments just made me feel overwhelmed. I’m overwhelmed knowing I need to still prepare 100% for a baby and work enough hours to get some money back in the bank (so we don’t start diving into savings before I even go on “maternity leave”), and then the second half of the semester I will probably be distracted by lack of sleep and a new baby. It’s only four months out of a lifetime though. I can do it.
  5. I cancelled ClassPass officially. I thought about keeping it, but that extra money right now convinced me. I didn’t work out Monday because my legs were hurting so much from working all weekend. I need to go today, but now I’m so exhausted that I don’t feel like it. I really hope to make it. Eight weeks left in this pregnancy and I really don’t want to get out of shape this early. It’s just getting harder and harder to keep working out, and I really just want to go to CrossFit but financially, I think the best decision is to stay in shape at LA Fitness for right now. Even if I only make it twice a week, I’m going to be happy with that right now and stop feeling guilty for not working out like I want to.
  6. I had an OB appointment today. I’m sort of sad that I only have a few appointments left with my OB and then I’ll see random doctors since my OB is all booked up for my weekly visits from 36-40 weeks. I love my OB (she also did a surgery on my lady parts in the past and I have been seeing her since- I think she’s absolutely fantastic) and I’m really hoping she’ll be able to deliver Jackson, but I doubt it. They have too many people on call at that office so the chances are slim! But anyway, I asked her how Jackson is laying in there and he’s head down, laying on his side with his feet to my left side and his butt since to the right of my belly button. It totally makes sense now. So it’s always his little arms that I see swooping across my belly and it’s probably his elbows that always stick out right at my belly button. I always assumed that, but wasn’t sure where his head was. Glad he’s already in position!
  7. Speaking of babies, I can’t stop looking at cloth diapers. I want to buy all of them. I even dream about diapers. Like, regularly. I want these Workhorse diapers so bad for the newborn phase, but I was trying to keep that phase super cheap and fold my own diapers. But these look way easier! I’d still need to buy covers, which I’m buying anyway, but prefolds alone are only $12 for 12 diapers.
  8. I need to go see if my beef is still good enough to make chili, go to Whole Foods, and go to the gym. And then try and get some school stuff done. But I don’t even want to make chili. I just don’t want to waste a pound of expensive beef (but it may have already gone bad). I still just want nothing to do with eating meat. I did start drinking my Orgain protein in the mornings. I was just starving all morning long so I knew I needed something, and with not eating meat for protein too, I figured why not? I’m not typically big on protein at all, as you all know if you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, but there was no filling me up! I was seriously eating almost my entire lunch by 11am at work. So I pulled out my ol’ jug of protein that’s been sitting in there for months on end and have been mixing it with my whole Grassmilk and for some reason, it just tastes so insanely good now. It must be a pregnancy thing, but the chalkiness of it is seriously delicious and I’m always super sad when it’s all gone. And now I can make it till about 10am before I start wanting a snack, which is back to normal for me (I eat breakfast on work days at 6:10).

What a long, random, boring post. Bye Felicia.