A Little Cabin In the Woods.

Happy Wednesday night! It’s been a good few days but I think I’m reaching a total meltdown phase. I don’t really know how to word that. I thought December would be so relaxing since school is out for the semester, but we really just packed the month full and I feel like I’ve been ruin ragged, despite a lot of our travels having a lot of down time. But after getting in super late Saturday night, working Sunday till 11pm, and leaving early Monday for the cabin, I need a break. I have periods of extreme fatigue. Sunday morning was horrible for this. I went to LA Fitness to get in a quick 30 minutes workout and left feeling completely defeated and terrible. I didn’t want to do anything other than lay on my couch and not move for the rest of the afternoon. I felt drained going into work and was tired all day, but made it through. Thankfully, the day wasn’t too insane aside from one sick baby that I transferred to Children’s Hospital.

Anyway, so Monday morning, Kassie and Gina came over at 10:45 for our cabin adventure! Laura was supposed to come too but had come down with something so she had to cancel. The three of us girls went to try on bridesmaids dresses for Gina’s wedding which was totally ridiculous! I need to upload my camera photos for sure! I had no idea how large a pregnant belly really is! Most of the dresses were a size 16 and we weren’t even able to zip them over my belly (I wear a size 0 or 00). It was pretty entertaining! Luckily, we got an idea of what sort of dress we want and then found them online, so we’re going to order them and hopefully that’ll fit me! (Gina’s wedding is mid-June, so hopefully I’ll be mostly back to normal other than some big ol’ boobies from breastfeeding).

We headed up to the cabin afterwards. We made a quick lunch stop in Dahlonega to get sandwiches and some coffee and then spent the entire afternoon lazing around at the cabin.


Kassie brought stuff for a quinoa and turkey chili, so we didn’t have to go anywhere. I was pretty thankful for that because it was drizzly and gloomy all afternoon! We played some games that night, did lots of chatting, and Gina and Kassie finally got to watch Jackson’s nightly activity time! I always sit and watch my belly at home because it’s really one of my favorite things ever to watch Jackson move in there, but Jon is just never as impressed as I am! It was so fun having them be as into it as I am!


They were loving every moment of it! And they finally got over the fear of pushing him around in there and trying to get him to move back! I always tell people that he’s surrounded by fluid, but most people barely even want to apply pressure to my belly!

We woke up Tuesday morning and went to breakfast together! I enjoyed some French toast, eggs, bacon, and hash browns! No holding back! It was a beautiful day out (70s and sunny) so we went for a walk at a park with a little river running through it. Then we grabbed some groceries, dropped them off at the cabin, and went to a coffee shop to work on some baby shower and wedding stuff. Unfortunately, Kassie’s computer started downloading updates as soon as we started, but we managed to entertain ourselves by talking to each other! We also went in search of this sign that Jon and I saw the last time we were at the cabin but he refused to take a picture of me with it!


We had another lazy cabin night with games and girl talk! I loved every little bit of it! We haven’t had sleepovers with each other in so long! I guess those are the things that just sort of fade away as you get older and have husbands to go home to, but it was definitely fun to stay up late (well, till midnight) talking and then have them there for porch and coffee time in the mornings!

This morning we all slept in till around 9:30 and then made breakfast at the cabin before cleaning up and heading home! I was definitely getting tired by the time I got home around 1:30 so I guess it’s a good thing our cabin weekend wasn’t too long!

I had to run to Whole Foods when I got home and clean up some of the mess we have going on here. With being away so much, the house is turning into a disaster! I still have tons to pick up but no energy! Wah! I considered going to the gym for about 1/2 a second but decided against it. I’m at a point where the gym wears me out for hours afterwards and knew I didn’t need that today. Instead I did a bunch of cooking for work and preparing some ham, mushrooms, tomatoes, and onions for omelets. After I finished that, I had another period of really extreme fatigue so Jon cooked us up some beef for taco salad for dinner. Once I started eating, I just felt really off… So I ate a few bites of that and then went for the hash brown soup that I was making since it seemed like it’d sit better! We watched an episode of Making a Murderer and then Jon had to run to Andrew’s to let his dog out (he lives like 30 minutes away so it’s not exactly a quick task) and I’m about to clean up so we can watch one more episode when Jon gets home and then I think I’m going to try to get some extra sleep to prepare for two days of work over New Years!

I’ll be back sometime this weekend or Monday! Jon and I are both off and HOME this weekend for the first time in forever! (I had two weekends off in December but we were in Tahoe and then in Florida.) I think the last time we were off together at home was back in late October or early November! We’re having Christmas brunch at my mom and dad’s house on Saturday morning and then the whole weekend is ours! Can’t wait! I’m thinking we’ll be hitting up some coffee shops together and doing some relaxing!



Christmas Updates!

Merry late Christmas everybody! This is going to be quick because I want to head out the door to the gym and run to Whole Foods before working from 3-11 today. I also really want to nap again before work! I’ve entered the stage of bad sleep this past week so I’m feeling it today! I finally came to the couch around 3:30 last night and got a few hours at least. The bed just isn’t cutting it anymore!

Jon and I had a great time in Florida these past few days! We ended up leaving on Wednesday evening and getting in pretty late that night. Thursday was spent relaxing around the house with his sisters that stopped by and visiting with Adam and Jessie! Christmas day is always a good day over there with all of his family! It’s always quite the gathering, as he’s one of five and all are married with kids! We didn’t get any pictures this year! I would have grabbed one with the tree like we have the last few years, but my mother-in-law decided against putting up a tree this year.


Our brother-in-law made the best cinnamon rolls EVER that morning and they were seriously the best cinnamon rolls I’ve ever had. So good! Although, my cinnamon roll never really digested so I spent the day kind of full and yucky feeling. That night, Jon and I worked on a puzzle with his mom and dad for awhile. I totally forgot how much I like puzzles and I wish we could set one up at home, but we just don’t have a space in our house where we could keep a puzzle out! Maybe I’ll set one up at my parent’s house for when we go to Sunday dinners!

Yesterday we planned on getting biscuits and going out to the beach, but we never made it to the beach!


We did definitely get our biscuits from Maple Street Biscuit Co because they’re the best biscuits ever! I really wish Atlanta would open one! I’ve never tried their coffee before either and their maple vanilla latte was so delicious! If you ever visit Chattanooga, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, or Gainesville- you must go to this place!

We ended up visiting with Jessica and Ryan (Jon’s oldest sister and brother-in-law) for a few hours afterwards. We rarely get a chance to just sit and chat with them for long periods of time, but both of us really enjoyed it. We talked about cloth diapering, labor, delivery, being a new parent, and all other kinds of random stuff. I was enjoying chatting with them so much that we just kind of skipped the beach, even though I love going to the beach!

We met up with Rebecca and family (another sister) for a super quick maternity photo shoot at the park where Jon and I got engaged.


I love that park! The views of Jacksonville are awesome there! The shoot was quick and Jon and I left by 5pm for our long drive home! I haven’t seen any photos, but whenever Rebecca is finished editing them, I’ll be sure to post a few! I’m hoping there are a few good ones since my hair was blowing all over the place!

While in Florida this weekend, I found out one of my best friends from high school is 13 weeks pregnant! She lives a little farther out of the city and I don’t see hear nearly as much these days, but I’m so excited that somebody else is pregnant with me! It’s kind of lonely being the first one pregnant. Even though my friends are super excited about having a baby around, I don’t know that it’s something you understand until you have one of your own (I’m assuming- I don’t even understand parenthood yet!). Rachel (my pregnant friend) and I texted a ton last night while Jon and I were headed back and I am just so excited about her baby girl! (WHY DOES EVERYBODY ELSE GET A GIRL?!?!?! I’m kidding. Kind of. I’m excited about Jackson.)

Tomorrow I’m off to my parent’s cabin with Kassie, Gina, and Laura for a girls’ trip! We’re staying for two nights and then I come back to work New Years Eve and New Years Day. So, I probably won’t have many updates in the next few days!



Quick Monday Updates

Happy Monday! It’s a bit late for my usual Monday post. Not much happening around these parts lately. What I was hoping would be a productive, calm December has ended up being a little crazy. Definitely not too productive, either. I still haven’t even ordered books or paid tuition for spring semester! Woops!

Friday was spent being lazy and cleaning the house. Thankfully, I did get all the floors and bathrooms done and am really hoping that I only have to get down on my hands and knees to do the floors one more time before Jackson is born! It wasn’t really comfortable, but I’m one of those people that feels like that’s the only way to really get things clean…

Saturday and Sunday were workdays in PCU. Very easy days and I loved one of my patients! (I had the same patients both days.) Although I hate working every third weekend, the weekend shifts are just so easy at that job. I also really like my weekend crew and am a bit sad because I don’t know if I can return to that job when the baby is born. My ER job is just way more flexible and maintaining two jobs, grad school, and a brand new baby may not be as doable as I was hoping. I’m going to see what I can work out there, but that job may have to go.

Jon and I cuddled up to watch some murder show on Netflix and he rubbed my feet! I also spent the whole time breathing heavy because laying down is just not as easy these days. Nothing is really as easy these days. I feel so short of breath just laying on the couch or I get back pain or my arms fall asleep since I sleep on my sides every night. 11 more weeks. Not that I’m in a hurry cause I’m not. But 11 weeks till I can breathe again and hopefully until my stomach pain is finally gone!

This morning I had planned on working out at 10am, but I ended up staying in bed and cuddling with Jon. He had a flight today so it was nice to relax with him before I had to go. I was meeting Brianna for brunch at 11:30, so I got up to shower and get ready around 10.

Brianna and I met up downtown for brunch for almost two hours! I haven’t seen Brianna in so long! We’ve actually been friends since high school, but her (now) fiancé was my real estate agent when I bought this condo and we had some issues which put a wedge between us for a bit. In the last 2 1/2 years, I’ve only seen her once for my bachelorette party, so this was our first actual chat. It was so good to catch up and we discussed the condo situation and it’s not a big deal at all. I’m glad it’s all worked out now since we had spent a ton of time together during the year that Jon and I were broken up and I had really missed seeing her!

After that, I went to Whole Foods to grab some eggs. I was going to drop them off and go to the gym, but I lost my motivation. Traffic was just insane this afternoon! I’m assuming it was holiday traffic, but ugh! Awful! I was so irritated and honestly didn’t even want to leave my house after dealing with it!

Instead, I started reading about cloth diapers! I received my first box of cloth diapers from Amazon today and am finally starting to get excited about it. I’ve known all along that we’d be cloth diapering since it’s way more cost effective for multiples (as in, this is our first baby and there will be more to come) and I’m kind of a tree hugger and don’t like how much waste is produced by disposable diapers! But it is so overwhelming to read about! I have a small stash of 10, although I need to get everything for newborns too. I had actually planned on not cloth diapering during the newborn stage, but I’m going to go with prefolds and covers since it’s the most cost effective way. It’ll be under $100 for the entire diapering process for the newborn and I’m assuming we’ll ended up spending about $250 for the other diapers, based on what I spent for the diapers we received today. Not bad for an entire stash that we’ll be able to reuse with baby #2 down the road!

And that was literally my entire Monday! I need to get the invites for my baby shower tonight from Laura and am still considering the gym just for a quick and easy workout (about all I do these days but at least I’m staying in the habit of working out!). I work tomorrow and then Wednesday is my 29 week baby appointment and then our Christmas celebration starts! Unfortunately, we still have to buy ALL of our gifts, but since we went to Tahoe and Jon unexpectedly went out of town on business and I had to work all weekend, we’re a bit behind!

Once our Christmas shopping is done, we’re on a strict budget. For reals. I texted Jon today and told him that our fun is over! Our Tahoe trip is done and it’s time to buckle down. Since our income is about to drastically change (I’m not counting on Jon’s commission and even when that does happen, I hope it’ll go towards a downpayment on a bigger house!), we need to get used to living the cheap life.

Time to go do something… Just not sure what!



Weekly Updates & Flywheel Review

Well hello everybody! My posts are getting a little more sporadic these days, but I’m fine with that. I’m either busy or don’t feel like blogging on my days off work!

Tom is having serious depression right now because I won’t let him cuddle in my arms like I usually do. He’s just laying his head on my arm (while laying next to me, not in front of me), making depressed eyes at me. What a sad cat.

In other fun and exciting news (not), I had planned on having a productive day of cleaning my house. I have been meaning to do my floors all week now but keep getting busy, and then when I got home from the gym today, my water was off! Apparently I missed that email yesterday so I had no clue… And now all my motivation to clean the floors and bathrooms has gone out the window. This lack of motivation is probably made worse by the fact that my belly is so large and it’s not really comfortable to be down on my hands and knees scrubbing floors… Also, my breakfast dishes are all piled up and once things pile up, I just get overwhelmed by mess and want nothing to do with it.

I tried Flywheel for my first time this week. I was supposed to sign up with Laura on ClassPass, but then I filled the last slot and it was within 12 hours of the class so I couldn’t cancel! I hated every minute of it. First of all, I arrived just on time since I hit so much traffic getting there. Then they wanted me to fill out this whole thing on the computer but the internet crashed while I was doing it so it didn’t even save. Then they took me in to the class that had just started and the lights were all off! I had no idea Flywheel was in the dark! The guy couldn’t clip my shoes into the pedals so I sat there awkwardly for a few minutes while he went to get a flashlight and then he had me switch bikes and finally it worked. Everything from there was even more downhill. The room was so crowded and dark and I was in the very back corner, so I actually got really anxious and claustrophobic for a few minutes until I was able to talk myself out of it. Then I had no idea what the lady was talking about since nothing was ever explained to me, but I figured out how to adjust the torque eventually. My crotch hurt so freaking bad the entire time and every time I pedaled, I felt like I was squashing Jackson in my belly and just had so much pressure in my pelvis. So, not fun… I was thisclose to getting up and leaving but I suffered through it. I was so glad that the class was 45 minutes long and not an hour! But I can pretty much guarantee that my Flywheel days are already over!

Laura took a sick day on Wednesday (my Flywheel day), so we went down to Atlanta and had coffee together and then headed over to Gina’s when she got off work. We made a gingerbread village and just hung out.


I had to work in the ER yesterday. My morning was pretty easy and then I precepted the last 8 hours of the day. It was supposed to be the girl’s last day in orientation (she extended it) so she was self sufficient. I basically just helped everybody out and had a fairly easy afternoon.

I got up this morning and went to MissFits. I’ve been really missing my CrossFit classes at my favorite gym, but they offer early morning or noon classes only. I was supposed to have a coffee date with my friend that never worked out, so I’m a little bummed that I skipped that CF class (and the WOD was good too) for no reason. But MissFits was alright. I’m getting a ton of PVCs now when I work out, so I’ve been having to take a lot of breaks because it throws me off. (My PCP was very concerned about this, but I ended up googling it and it said that it’s common in pregnancy with strenuous exercise, so we’ll see what my OB says about it next week.) My hip was also hurting a ton from my old hip injury, so I majorly scaled the workout… I can’t wait till I can work out like normal again! It’s getting progressively harder to work out these days.

I’ve also gained a ton of weight since my last OB visit. By a ton, I mean 6lbs, but that’s 6lbs in 3 weeks. So, a lot. Especially since she just warned me to watch what I eat. And I may not have done that. By “may not have,” I mean I ate 10 Christmas cookies on Wednesday… And four (very small!) slices of pizza yesterday… And four sugar cookies today… I did eat a lot of healthy stuff in there too, but the sugar is getting insane. I need to cut it out for real. Not even because of my weight gain, but because it’s just disgusting to eat that much sugar, especially while I’m trying to grow a healthy baby! But I feel like my belly has popped a lot in the last two weeks and even everybody at work has been commenting on it. It’s kinda crazy.

Jon comes home tonight after being out of town all week long! He was at training for work and heads out for a night next week too. I’m pretty excited for him to get home! He also got a promotion this past week and is going to be on a commission plan starting in January, so I’m super excited. His commission alone is my entire salary for a year (now that I’ve dropped my hours down), although he may not actually get all of that. Good timing though, with this baby coming and so many bills! However, while it sort of feels like we should finally be able to put money away to move into a bigger house, I also know that my hours are going to take a huge hit when I deliver Jackson, so it’s not like our income will really change a whole lot overall. Still, I’m super proud of him and am so excited that he’s doing so well with this company!

I’m going to go relax on the couch for a bit before our water comes back on and I have to be productive. I need to cook for the upcoming work weekend too 😦 SO tired of working all the dang time on weekends! Uuugh!

Pre-Baby Ambivalence

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I had some abdominal pain while in Lake Tahoe. I was definitely worried about Jackson and times like that really open my eyes to how devastating it would be to have anything happen to him and how protective I already feel over him.

However, I am still so ambivalent towards having a baby at home! Some days I can see myself having him here with us and other days there is nothing I want less than to bring a baby home! (Maybe that’s extreme- I still would not want anything to happen to him!)

I’m not sure if all moms-to-be feel this way or if just moms who didn’t really ever want kids feel this way or if I’m like, the only mom in the entire world to feel this way. I sort of feel like the only mom in the entire world to feel this way. I’ve briefly mentioned feeling like this to my coworkers who have kids and while some of the women do say that having a newborn is hard and that it took them awhile to really fall in love with their child, most of them just say, “Wait till you hold that baby! You’ll just fall in love in a way that you never have before!”

I have to be honest here. That is the line I have come to hate the most. Without a doubt. I think it really sets new moms up for failure. I do think that the majority of new moms genuinely do feel that way- like they are just so overcome with love when they hold their new baby. But there are moms who aren’t. (Clearly I can’t speak from experience, but I have heard.) Some moms take months to fall in love with their babies or to feel connected to them. While they may feel something indescribable when they hold their baby for the first time, I don’t know that women should set this expectation that it’ll be this amazing love that you suddenly can’t imagine living without. I sort of feel like I’m going to hold Jackson for the first time and be overcome with emotions but have no clue what those emotions mean. I won’t know if I love him or if I am terrified or if I want to just go home to mine and Jon’s pre-baby life and leave him at the hospital! And that’s totally okay. I think it’s okay that some moms take months to feel like they love their child and I think that by feeding people this line about how they will just fall immediately in love is just dangerous. Many moms suffer from postpartum depression and I’ve already said that is a huge fear of mine! Your hormones are all over the place after having a baby! I wish moms would tell me, “You know what! You may hate your new life. You might even hate your baby. You might wonder why the hell you ever thought having a baby was a good idea. And that’s okay. That doesn’t make you a bad mom. You’ll get there eventually, but it might take time.”

One of the pediatric nurses I work with (who has a 19 year old daughter) said to me the other day that when you’re tired and hormonal and your baby won’t stop crying, she totally understands why people shake their babies. I think that’s the most comforting thing for a mom to say (to me), because I imagine those times where you just want to go leave your baby in the woods far, far away at 3am when you haven’t sleep for 3 days happen. And I guarantee new moms feel that way. So completely and utterly overwhelmed and frustrated, and I’m sure it makes them feel like horrible mothers to be that frustrated with their children and with themselves. Instead of making them feel bad about it or like they’re abnormal for feeling that way, it seems safer to validate their feelings and acknowledge that those feelings happen and that one day, it will be okay… Just maybe not at 3am with your crying baby…

So, as I’m 12 weeks away from having a child for the rest of my life, I’m getting less and less exciting. I still enjoy being pregnant. I still love feeling Jackson kick and move around. But the whole thought of having a baby? It sounds so unappealing. I’m having a crisis and all I want to do is travel. I can’t imagine being married to a man who can’t clean up his freaking mess! How are we going to have a child together when my husband drives me freaking insane?! (And the other 50% of the time, I think he’s the best thing since sliced bread. I’m always a little crazy, so add pregnancy on top of it and I can’t decide if I think he’s the best husband ever or the most annoying husband in the world.) What if  get this baby home and hate it? What if Jon doesn’t even understand why I hate this baby and then he wants to divorce me? Would I be a bad parent thought if I just decided that I don’t even want to take care of him and just tell Jon to take Jackson and go make their own life and pretend I don’t even exist?! What if this baby is the biggest mistake of my life? What if I don’t ever get over wanting to go travel the world and feel trapped in this “mom-life?” More and more, I just want to cling to the life we have. I want to comfortably fit in our 1,100 square foot condo with two bedrooms, near Atlanta, that we can easily afford. I don’t want to decide if we should move to the suburbs or stay here until we can afford a bigger house in this area. I don’t want to give up my 10am and 12pm gym times. I don’t want my abs to separate. I don’t want to wake up and feed a baby. I don’t want to have to feed my kid from my boobs at all. I don’t even want to have to clean up poop and pee. I don’t want it to take me an extra hour to feed my baby and dress him before gathering up all his baby shit and running to the grocery store for two things. I just want this childless life to last way, way, waaay longer than 12 more weeks!

I wish when I said this to people, just one person would say, “I felt the same way. I went to deliver my baby and didn’t really want to take it home. I didn’t even want to take it home when I did have to leave. But it’s okay. And now, I wouldn’t change it for anything.” But instead, everybody says, “You’re going to hold the baby and forget all about it!” I hope that I do forget about all 29 of these awesome, childless years of my life in the split second that my baby pops out of my vagina, but I’m not buying it. I know how awesome my life is and how many trips I could afford to take if I wasn’t going to be lugging a baby around with me, and we all know that traveling is my real dream- not being a mother.

So guys, I’m just going to cling desperately to these last 12 weeks before Jackson is born. And I’m going to remember this post that I wrote so if another person ever says this to me and I forgot what it was like, I can remind myself. And maybe somebody else who is pregnant will read this and actually think, “Oh good, I’m not alone.” But hey, maybe I am alone. Maybe I am a terrible future mom for thinking this way. But ya know what? Whatever. This is how it really feels. If I’m going to talk about being pregnant and having a baby in my blog, then I’m going to be honest about it.

The Last of Lake Tahoe & Weekend Updates

After my last blog post, I went to the hotel gym for a pretty awesome workout. I was pretty impressed. Then, Jon and I went out to have our last breakfast in Lake Tahoe. Over the last month, I’ve had quite a bit of pain in my stomach region, mostly right under the left side of my rib cage. It seems uncomfortable a lot with certain positions, eating, and whatever else. It has been getting worse and I was commenting to Jon the other morning that even touching my skin over that area is tender.

Well, while we were eating, the pain there just kept getting worse and worse. It ended up getting pretty excruciating, so Jon and I headed back to the room. Once we got there, I ended up with a lot of left sided abdominal pain in general and lower right sided pain (which I get also on the lower right side- I think I have adhesions from having a hernia removed when I was a baby). It was pretty scary since we were nowhere near my OB and I had no idea if this was just related to a stomach issue or if something was going on with Jackson. I also wasn’t really thrilled about the idea of paying an entire deductible or even possibly hitting our out of pocket yearly max three weeks before the new year if we had to go to the hospital, especially since we’ll be paying it all again come March! After a ton of back and forth, I decided I’d try taking some Maalox to see if that helped and if it did, at least we knew it was just some acid irritating my stomach. And it definitely helped. (This portion of this blog will play into my next post…)

We made it out long enough in the afternoon to explore in the snow and play some more chess before cuddling up in bed for another movie.



The snow was beautiful and it made me want to stay even longer! Unfortunately, we had an early wake-up on Friday morning to head back to Reno for our flight home. Of course, I was a ball of nerves cause I absolutely hate flying and it was super overcast on our entire drive out to Reno. Taking off is the worst part of flying and if the weather is bad, I can’t stay calm no matter what because I know the take off is bound to be rough! I was pretty nervous for that entire flight, but thankfully it was only an hour. I did much better on the second (three hour) flight home. Because of the time change, we ended up getting home around 10:30pm!

Saturday was an 11a-7p workday, so I got up in time to go grocery shopping and head to work for a super easy day. That night Jon and I attended my ER Christmas party. Jon was dressed when I got home since I hit horrible traffic on my way home, and I casually mentioned as I was attempting to find a dress that fits my big ol’ belly that this was a Great Gatsby themed party. I didn’t care cause I was planning on wearing anything that fit, but he was like, “Seriously?! You didn’t tell me this was a themed party! I can’t wear this! I need to find a suit! I could have gotten a hat and a bow tie for this!” Men. We only stayed for maybe 1 1/2hrs since my heels were hurting my feet! Total mistake wearing them, but really, I’m not super into social work gatherings anyway so I was totally fine leaving.


I know that picture of us is super small, but I cropped it from a collage that a lady from work had posted on Facebook! I meant to have her text it to me when I saw her at work today, but then ended up being too busy to even think about it!

Yesterday morning was another 11a-7p day at work. Super easy day again! I was working with the kids all weekend, but even our adult side was tame! Love that on a weekend! When I got off work, I met Jon downtown at The Iberian Pig. I honestly probably wouldn’t have gone, but he had spent the day with his friends who were in from New York. We stayed with them when Jon and I drove through New York and I was such a butt during that whole trip. Not necessarily outwardly to his friends and I’m not even sure if they knew what a butt I was being, but I still feel like a jackass for how I acted. So there was no way I was going to skip a chance to meet up and redeem myself! I’m glad I went though because I did have a genuinely good time and it was nice to see them again too! Unfortunately, that restaurant is not cheap and it’s hard to leave under $100 and with so many expenses lately, I wasn’t thrilled about that. But alas, that’s life.

I picked up from 11a-3p today at work. I had planned on working out this morning, but I fell asleep at 2am and woke up at 6am and all I wanted to do was sleep! It never happened, so Jon and I hung out for a bit this morning before I headed into work. Today was an insane day at work but it was over within 4 hours and then I went to my mom and dad’s house to make Christmas cookies with the momma!


We used to be way more into it when we were little. I was surprised my mom even made shapes this year! No colored icing or anything crazy! My mom also made chocolate covered pretzels and peanut butter balls before I got there today, so we have tons of desserts at our house now! So much for eating less sugar. Woops.

And now, for the latest bump picture since we just took one this morning… I’m 28 weeks and 2 days today. (Also, Jon decided not to tell me what I went to work with my tag out and deodorant all over my work shirt. Like, ALL OVER it. What kind of husband is he?!) I gained 4lbs just this week and I definitely feel like this belly got bigger just in the last 1-2 weeks. It seemed huge today. Not sure what’s going on with it.


Lake Tahoe Vacation

Well well well… Lake Tahoe has been less than exciting since the last post I made! I was worried before coming here that we’d run out of stuff to do since it’s definitely a winter activity town, but we decided to come and have a relaxing trip anyway! And relaxing it has been!

Jon and I have both managed to stay on east coast time, so the latest we’ve stayed up is 9pm and our sleep hasn’t been great. It’s so incredibly dry here that we both wake up all night long blowing our noses and feeling uncomfortable in this bed. But I’ve still spent a ton of time in bed anyway. I eat breakfast and dinner in bed, lay in bed during the day, watch movies in bed every day… It’s kind of nice!

I am definitely looking forward to coming back here when I’m not pregnant and can comfortably hike! I’m sure the views are amazing! But with having to pee every 10 minutes and having the weight of a baby on my bladder, that just can’t happen this trip!

Since we don’t have a car anymore, we’ve gone exploring pretty minimally. We did walk out to the water yesterday and it was so insanely windy! There were also these huge metal things in the water blocking the pretty view.


We also rode the gondola up to the ski area the other day. I’m glad we decided to get it done that day because the gondola has been closed most of the days we’ve been here due to wind! Since I hate being in uncontrolled environments up high (like flying), I didn’t really enjoy the gondola ride. It was scary. But there was a platform overlooking Lake Tahoe that was beautiful!


Once we were up at the top, we just sat around watching skiers and snowboarders. There wasn’t much to do other than that! Jon wished he had gone skiing and obviously, I can’t ski anyway, so I didn’t really care. It was a nice few hours though!

We’ve also been playing a ton of chess. I hadn’t played in years!


Today is our last full day here! We woke up at 7am and ate breakfast in bed while watching Get Hard! Nice and relaxing! It’s snowing a ton right now and it’s starting to build up on the ground! I love it! I’m about to go work out (they’ve been super quick workouts here!), shower, and then Jon and I are going to go walk around in the snow! At lake level, we can have up to a foot of snow today and tonight, so we’re hoping we can get to the airport in the morning! Fingers crossed! Otherwise I’ll be calling out of work on Saturday, cause we already don’t land until after 9pm tomorrow!

Alright guys, have a great day! I better get my workout on cause Jon is nagging me, hah.