Sunday Best

Ugh, skipped the gym again this morning! Even one of my favorite MissFits classes! I’m feeling like a bum cause I won’t work out again till Wednesday. I feel like my muscles literally just waste away when I go this long without the gym. But I do have a good reason this time. I didn’t go to bed till after midnight last night, and then I woke up at 4am with vertigo for the first time ever. I got up to pee and felt fine, but as soon as I laid back down, the room started spinning like crazy. Then I got nauseous from it. Then I couldn’t sleep. I sat on the couch for two hours watching TV (and not moving at all) before I slowly lowered myself onto the pillow in hopes of keeping the vertigo at bay and was able to fall asleep.

The vertigo seems better now, but I was worried when my alarm went off at 9am that position changes would trigger it (which happens with vertigo) if I went to CrossFit, so I decided against it. If I get vertigo at the gym like I did this morning, there’s no way I can drive myself home. I’m just thankful that holding still and sitting up seemed to put it at ease this morning, cause I have patients with vertigo who are just absolutely miserable.

Oh, the fun things in pregnancy. Except there are fun things about pregnancy. Like feeling Jackson move for sure. Saturday night, he was moving like crazy. I’ve felt the little blubs in my lower belly on two different occasions where I thought it was him moving (but at the time, I was still hoping he was a she), but it was over so fast that I didn’t even have time to figure out if it was him. But Saturday night, he went crazy in there. Even Jon could feel him from the outside (I assume because I’m so thin). I’m assuming I only feel the big movements, but it’s definitely him. And last night, at the same time as Saturday, he went crazy again and it was even bigger than the night before. It actually makes me jump cause it scares me when it comes out of nowhere while I’m concentrating on the TV or something. It’s weird. But it’s pretty cool that I can feel him, even though I wasn’t expecting to for awhile longer and I definitely didn’t think Jon would be able to feel him for way longer. I even kind of love it. Now, if he would just stay in there and be my belly baby for life, and then I could still travel and do all the fun things I want!

The rest of this weekend was a great one! I seriously had the best weekend that I’ve had in a long time! I woke up around 8 on Sunday morning and Jon came in to cuddle with me (he usually sleeps on the couch cause he hates our bed). We relaxed till 10, and then I got up and got ready to go to Kassie’s to meet up with her and Gina!

We got to Kassie’s around noon and decided to go get brunch at Silver Skillet in Atlanta. My egg and cheese biscuit was delicious, but honestly, it was basic diner food and the service was terrible, so I don’t know that I’d ever recommend that place again. Atlanta has some serious brunch places (thankfully cause I love brunch- but Atlanta really is a brunch city) and that didn’t make my list despite a really yummy biscuit. We headed over to see The Intern afterwards and it was a cute movie! It wasn’t amazing, but it kept me entertained and I liked it! We also went to DSW after that and I had a dilemma about buying shoes while pregnant, because I’ve heard so many stories about feet growing in pregnancy. So I held off but will probably return (that DSW didn’t have my size anyway) and buy boots anyway. I’ll need a lot of boots since I’m sure maternity jeans won’t fit my 12 year old sized pregnant body and I’ll be stuck in leggings 24/7.

Jon and I made pork chops and broccoli for dinner last night and he gave me a wonderful foot massage and we watched the new Nashville together. And did laundry and did dishes. Of course.

This is my last day off before it’s back to work tomorrow! I’m going to run to a cupcake place today and get cupcakes for my gender reveal “party” (I use quotations cause it’s three of my best friends getting together for this and it’s not a party) and make some chili (in the crockpot, it’s not hard). I also need to check all my online school stuff since I know we should have stuff due this week but nothing was posted yet last night. And most of all, I’m just crossing my fingers that this vertigo stays away so I can actually have a productive day. If I feel okay later, I may run to LA Fitness to at least get in some sort of workout.


Mary Mac’s, Gender Reveal, Taste of Atlanta, Trainwreck, and Cat Cuddles

What a crazy weekend already and it’s not even over yet (thankfully!). Yesterday was another no gym day. I haven’t gone since Tuesday, but I guess after starting back at CrossFit regularly, maybe my body just needed a break. I haven’t really felt like working out so I figure I should take a few days off. Instead, I managed to finally clean our entire house- bathrooms and floors included! About dang time. I also may have had the Whole Foods hot bar for breakfast, consisting of French toast and quiche. And bacon. I also may have spooned with FatCat while catching up on trashy TV.


Jon got home from work around 5 and we finished a few things around the house. We had been planning on a fancy date night last night for quite some time, but we lost the gift card we were going to use. We decided we might as well go out somewhere else in hopes of finding the gift card later on, but then I decided I didn’t feel like getting super fancy. Instead, I showered and threw on a dress and we headed out the door.

16 weeks pregnant

16 weeks 6 days pregnant.


I was really in the mood for Mary Mac’s, which is a famous southern restaurant in Atlanta. We definitely didn’t even need to be in dresses to go there, but it was still fun to get somewhat dressed up (since I usually live in Target v-necks). Jon has never been there and I’ve only gone twice, but it was better than I remembered! I stuffed my face and felt so incredibly full afterwards (I used to never eat to the point of being full before getting pregnant- I need to stop because it is such an awful feeling).

mary macs

Sweet potato soufflé on the left there was AMAZING. Also, chicken pot pie, fried green tomatoes, and mac & cheese. All so freaking delicious.

We talked about going out and doing something after since our date literally lasted a whole 45 minutes, but one of us (not me) had a bathroom emergency so we went home. Totally fine with me though. We’ve already talked about how much I love sleeping lately.

Turns out, I did a lot of tossing and turning last night in anticipation of our gender reveal ultrasound this morning! I was up at 7am and wanting to sleep! I thought about going to the gym, but instead cuddled with Tom and Jon and I tried to eat breakfast. Unfortunately, I was feeling pretty sick from eating so unhealthy yesterday. Jon and I decided to go get coffee before our appointment, so we got ready and left.

I decided there was no way I could drink any coffee with how disgusting I was feeling, but then I ended up getting a quiche at a new French place we decided to try, Douceur de France. The quiche was delicious and I’d definitely go back, but I left feeling even worse (surprise).

We got to our appointment for our gender reveal a few minutes early. We read some horrible reviews about the place on Yelp, but it was totally great! We were in and out within 20 minutes. Once we got back to the room, I took my seat on the table. They have the ultrasound screen projected up onto the wall so it’s huge. Of course, I was pretty much just dying to hear that this baby is a girl! The ultrasound tech (who was fantastic) started out by finding the head and showing us the spine. The baby was laying on its side. She played the heartbeat for us and it made me cry! I cried hearing the heartbeat at the last ultrasound too, and even just listening to it at the doctor’s office for 15 seconds got me all choked up. I don’t know what it is about hearing the heartbeat! Anyway, she had to poke and prod the baby around to get it to spread its legs. I had no idea what was on the screen, but Jon said, “I think I see what I need to see!” I was totally hoping he was wrong about that cause he wanted a boy! After another minute or so, the ultrasound tech said, “Well, that’s a boy! There’s one leg and there’s the other, and there’s the tip of the penis!” AH NO! Not even going to lie, I was totally disappointed! I was so sure it was a girl! I’m still mourning the loss of my future mother/daughter relationship too! We didn’t get any pictures (you had to pay another $20 so we decided to wait until we get them for free at the doctor’s office) and we weren’t allowed to take any, so it was completely an undocumented experience. Fine by me. I don’t think I’ll forget it. We left and made some calls and sent some texts and went on with our day, with our new baby boy in my belly! His name is Jackson, but we have yet to pick out a middle name. But we may just go with the first name only. We’re considering skipping the middle name. Also, I have determined that I definitely can feel Jackson moving. I’ve felt what feels like a rolling down in my lower abdomen when I lay flat at times, but it usually happens once and not again for a few days. Tonight, I felt it like crazy. I could even feel little blubs on the outside which is surprising, but I’m so thin that I’m guessing it’s not as hard to feel big movements on the outside.

After we left, we swung by the house to grab ponchos and headed to Atlanta for Taste of Atlanta. You basically pay the entrance fee and then can load points onto an armband to get food samples from restaurants in Atlanta. I was feeling somewhat decent at that point (still not great) so at least I got to enjoy some food. I didn’t try everything that I wanted, but I had an amazing pumpkin soup there from a cafe just near our house, Egg Harbor Cafe. I will definitely be going there for that soup again. So good! Unfortunately, it rained on us the entire time we were there, but we didn’t let it ruin our moods! Also, as soon as we walked up to the entrance, my flip flop broke! What a bummer, but thankfully I had thrown boots in the Jeep just in case my feet got cold!

taste of atlanta

We finally decided to go see Trainwreck since I’ve been wanting to see it for so long and we always think of it way too late at night to go! Since we waited so long, we had to drive kind of far to go see it, but it was worth it! I really enjoyed the movie!

We got home around 8pm and we were planning on going downtown to a barbecue place to watch bluegrass, but I bailed. I had Jon invite his friend, Andrew, to go so I could finish up my paper that’s due tomorrow and relax on the couch with Tom.


He’s taking his cuddles very seriously.

I’m still feeling super sick, so I think tomorrow will be spent eating all fruit and veggies to get me back on track. My body isn’t  anywhere used to eating how I’ve been eating the last two days and I’m paying for it big time. Yuck. Have a good night and I’m sure I’ll check back in later!

Adjusting to Pregnancy

Happy Friday! And it really is a happy Friday because I have a 4 day weekend! I’m scheduling myself a lot more 3 and 4 day weekends these days, but it makes sense since I only get 1-2 weekends off per month. Might as well make them count.

I’m feeling pretty lazy regarding the gym today! I skipped the gym on Wednesday too and went on a 2 mile walk with Jon that evening. I figured it wouldn’t matter cause I had other days off this week to work out, but now I’m just feeling like a lazy blob. I probably would have gone at noon, but I ended up having to go to Whole Foods this morning (we seriously had no food no left home for breakfast or for any other meal, really) and ate a huge plate of their breakfast bar at 11am. So, a noon workout doesn’t look promising… Especially since that’s 24 minutes away.

Want to know one of the things I love about being pregnant? At least right now because I know this won’t last. I sleep like a rock. I mean, I wake up to pee every single morning without fail at 5 or 5:30am (sometimes more), but I fall asleep every night in about two minutes and I just sleep so good. I was falling asleep on the couch at 9:15 last night, so I got in bed by 10 and was out like a light. I slept till 9am today and probably could have stayed in bed even longer. The only downfall is that I still feel exhausted on work days if I go to bed at 11pm (I wake up at 5:15am). I think I may have to move my bedtime an hour or two earlier if I have to get up the next day! Growing a baby is apparently really tiring, which totally makes sense… I mean, it’s a whole human that your body has to produce.

I just deleted part of this post to make it shorter… I promise my next blog will not be about having babies (lies- I find out if it’s a boy or girl tomorrow, so the next post will have something about babies).

So, I don’t really know how to adjust to having a baby. I mean, I can take care of a kid. I probably will want to stab my eyes out in the middle of the night if my baby is crying and I’ll probably miss how simple life is without kids, but I know what to do if a baby is sick. I take care of sick babies at work. I know how to feed a baby and entertain them. I change so many adult diapers that baby diapers are easy peasy. I’m sure I’ll have plenty to learn, but I have enough of the basics covered that I feel confident in the skills of caring for a baby. I feel really unprepared to not have the life that I have now though. Sleep till 9? Gym at 10? Long lunch while I read blogs? Take three hours to clean the house? Sit down and do homework uninterrupted? Go hang out with friends? I can do all of those things! And life won’t be like that anymore. I love my life. I have a fantastic life. I also love traveling and being able to decide six weeks out that Jon and I are going to Europe for 17 days. I feel like a lot of women I talk to about having babies were the type of women who always wanted kids. They’re so excited about their baby getting here that they never talk about these things. And here I am, like, SLOW DOWN TIME! I’m not ready for this baby to come out because I’m not ready not to be selfish anymore!

It baffles me that this is what some women dream of. Having babies. I dream of traveling the world. I dream of working for nonprofit companies or getting involved in public health. I dream of brunch dates with friends when we’re 40. I dream of retirement when Jon and I can sell our house and go live all over the US. Babies? No. Never. I remember when I worked at Arby’s when I was 17 and somebody asked me if I wanted kids. I said no. They said, “Just wait. One day, you’ll wake up and you’ll realize how much you want kids.”

Well, I’m 29 and 17 weeks pregnant (tomorrow) and I still haven’t woken up with that feeling. And I also think that person was ignorant for thinking that all women are magically going to want to have kids. Not all women want kids. Hello. We have other awesome things in our lives to want. Am I excited about having this baby? Yes. I am. I never thought I would be amazed that I am growing a baby, but I am. I cried at our first ultrasound. I can’t wait to see our baby tomorrow on the ultrasound (GENDER REVEAL!!!!). I am always touching my belly. I love it when people at work want to see my tiny bump! I am excited. But I still don’t ever have that feeling of “OMG I AM SO EXCITED TO HAVE A BABY.” It’s more like, “Oh hey, I’m having a baby. This is cool for now. I hope it stays cool once this baby comes.”

I don’t know guys. Being pregnant is weird. Having babies is weird. I feel like everybody just talks about how excited they are while they’re pregnant and I’m just abnormal for not being that excited. Not that I mind. I don’t. I know I’ll be a good mom, but I don’t have expectations of how excited I should be about this baby or how quickly I’ll feel attached to it when it’s born. I’ve lived 29 years without a baby. I don’t need to adjust to having one in 40 weeks.

Okay, time to go clean our disgusting house, hopefully work on a paper, maybe nap, and then I have to get ready cause Jon and I are having a fancy date night tonight! (By the way, I think all those things will come after a trashy TV show and a nap. Rainy days make me tired.)

Mid-week Ramblings!

Hello! It’s another beautiful fall day! Loving this weather!

Monday night, Jon and I went out to a Texmex place for drinks (we made dinner together at home), where Andrew met up with us to get his phone that he left at our house. Jon snapped this picture before we left:


After a quick four hour shift at work yesterday from 11-3 (3:30, I got out late), I headed over to Hard Exercise Works for an afternoon workout. I was totally not feeling it at all, as I had been starving once I got out of work and had to shove my face before going to the gym. Pregnancy likes to cause blood sugar crashes really unexpectedly, despite eating a substantial breakfast at 9:45am.

We did a fairly easy workout with a plate. I went light and did an easy one. I still lift heavy if I’m just lifting, but if I use weights for an actual workout, I tend to go way lighter these days. While I miss heavier workouts, I don’t actually care enough to try them and with all this shortness of breath, I just stick with something simple. Works for me.

Last night I ended up working on school stuff since Jon was at a business dinner. I’m trying to write an article critique but I’m not all that great at it. Ah well. I also caught up on Real Housewives. Once Jon got home, we had our evening chats and watched some HGTV before I called it a night!

I had a work class from 10-12 today and ended up leaving at noon, even though it wasn’t technically over. I wanted to preregister for delivery since I’m always at the hospital super early or super late and I thought it’d be a good opportunity!

After I left the hospital, I went over to Andreina’s house for lunch! I picked up some Atlanta Bread Company and they had their butternut squash soup! My favorite soup ever! Also, I had a pumpkin spice latte. Delicious. And so fall-like. I took lunch to her house since she has two kids and we caught up for awhile. I met her new baby boy (well, he’s 4 months now)! We also talked houses since she’ll be our next real estate agent and we want to start looking.

I came home after that and started on my paper again. Jon is home now, but I’m waiting for him to finish up some work so we can go on a walk since it’s so nice out!

And the last bit of news! I talked to a girl at work the other day who told me about Baby’s First Images! You pay $40 and they’ll do a gender reveal for you! I was so impatient about having to wait until our Nov 4th ultrasound to find out the sex so I’m super excited about this! I’ve read either really great or really horrible reviews of the place, so I hope it goes well. I can’t imagine a 10 minute gender scan can be all that horrible. Keep your fingers crossed that this baby cooperates and that it’s a girl! (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BE A GIRL!) It is a little crazy cause it’s still just an “it” and once we know if it’s a boy or girl, I think it’ll all be more real! Jon and I were both expecting to have 5 more weeks to prepare for that! But I’m really excited to know NOW! Ahhh! We’re going to do a gender reveal for the girls (my friends) on Monday night since they want to be surprised. I’ll already know, but if that’s what they want, haha!

Randoms & Baby Bellies

This is what my table looks like right now.


It should look a lot more productive than that, whatever that means. But I’m having serious problems getting into schoolwork today. After working all weekend and getting 10 hours of sleep, I’m still just way too tired for my own good. I attempted an hour long nap, but mostly just laid in bed awake. Now I’m a little more awake, but still have zero motivation to type up any silly stuff for grad school.

So this post will just be a random smattering of things, since I have nothing worthwhile to report.


Although I have actually been taking occasional belly pictures, they’re all on my camera and I have yet to upload anything off my camera lately (including all of my Yellowstone/Grand Teton pictures). Also, please ignore the gigantic mirror on the table. That was a waste of money project to build a new mirror frame that did not work because gorilla glue expands EVERYWHERE, including onto your wood floors and is then impossible to get off. But anyway, this was my belly a few days ago, so just under 16 weeks. (I’m now 16 weeks, 2 days.) I feel like my belly hasn’t changed sizes in weeks because I was so bloated before, but now it has turned into baby. I’ve gained 8lbs and am just over 106lbs now. I’m really amazed at this whole growing belly thing. Jon doesn’t get it. My belly button is flattening out already and it is just so strange to have a belly now. And it’s because there’s a whole baby in there! A whole, 4.5-5 inch baby! I still feel great and have been having great workouts (especially since reading that the heart rate under 140 thing isn’t real). This past weekend and today have been some really tired days for me, but most have been excellent.

I’m definitely struggling a bit with this whole “our life is changing completely” concept. I’ve totally accepted being pregnant, but the fact that this ends with a lifelong child is still a little crazy to me. I’m not sure if it’ll become easier to grasp once we know if we’re having a boy or girl, but it’s just such a huge change that I can’t even fathom it.

Jon has been out a lot more during the week and we barely see each other weekends. We finally decided to try and plan nights together each week since I feel this panicky need to spend as much time with just us before the baby is born! As a matter of fact, he finally got me a surprise (he gets so many boxes for work and I always joke that I’m always disappointed that they’re never for me) and he did a great job- a sushi making kit! I keep telling him how much I love cooking with him and want to spend time with him, so it was perfect! Once I go back to the grocery store, we can have a sushi-making date night!

This was not meant to be all about being pregnant.


So there’s my wound from one rope climb the other day! I usually wear my compression sleeves to rope climb but didn’t know we’d be working on that, so I left them at home (I used to keep them in my gym bag but now I live in those things at work!). I already had a scar there from rope climbing in the past, but I think I’ll have a nice new one too.


I made enchiladas again! This time with 2.8lbs of ground beef (Whole Foods had a sale on grass-fed ground beef) and they were delicious again! I took some to my parent’s house on Friday night because there were so many and I ate them for three meals in a row. We still have some left, so tomorrow I’ll have another enchilada day tomorrow.

ClassPass, Early Morning Workouts, and Coffee

Happy Thursday guys! For real! Happy freaking FALL Thursday! I am so unbelievably excited about the weather we’ve been having lately in Atlanta! Also, while it may be unfortunate, I just fall more and more in love with the area that we live in all the time. Everything is so accessible and the houses are cute and there’s so much here and I just love it. This is unfortunate because these houses are way out of our price range right now! I’m honestly so tempted so sell my condo while the market is good, move in with my parents, save a ton of money until Jon gets promoted, and then put a huge downpayment down on a house in this area. That’s how much I love it. I don’t want to move any further north of here. I might have to bring this up to Jon to see what he says. He’s itching to get out of this condo so bad that he might be tempted. We’re just really outgrowing this place! With a baby coming and having me back in school and Jon doing work from home a lot (and having TONS of stock equipment from his job that we have to keep in our house), we just need more than 1100 square feet. Our house is always covered in stuff!

In other news, Tuesday ended up being a bit of a bummer afternoon. I went to LA Fitness for a quick 45ish minute workout since Jon was home and I wanted to spend time with him. After the gym, I was so insanely frustrated with finding an appropriate article for a grad school paper that Jon and I just got irritated with each other and we decided to go our separate ways for the afternoon. I decided to go out for coffee to enjoy the weather and read the article that I finally found (after hours of searching)! I decided on my favorite coffee shop for the afternoon.

chattachoochee coffee company

I sat outside for a few hours and read my paper and visited with Jon briefly (he ended up stopping by on his way to dinner- we still love each other). I was still dying to be outside, so I checked with Gina to see what her evening had in store! Her and Kass were having their book club meeting on Kassie’s porch, so I finally joined them for a meeting.

They created the book club maybe a year ago and I assumed I’d be too busy with school to read this semester, but I’ve had plenty of time still in the evenings once I close down the schoolwork. I’m actually really excited to be in the book club now! It’s a group of five girls (now six) that I know fairly well through Kassie. Recently, two of them got engaged (Gina!!!! and Rachel), so this meeting was also an engagement celebration!


I stayed at Kassie’s until about 9:30 and then had to head home to get some sleep for work the next day! Work yesterday was boring. It’s the end of my orientation and I had to wrap up my packet for orientation and then follow an admissions nurse around all day. I should turn in my last thing this Saturday and have Sunday as my first shift on my own! I like orientation (two nurses are better than one!), so I’m not that excited, but it’ll be nice to be forced to learn some things that I’ve been slacking on learning.

I read for awhile last night, and then this morning woke up at 7am to work out! SO EARLY! Actually, Tom has been waking me up around 5 to cuddle lately and my headaches prevent me from falling back to sleep. I had signed up for an 8am CrossFit class on ClassPass so I knew I’d have to wake up and go!

The new gym today was good! I liked the environment and the coach and will definitely be going back! I even liked the 8am workout! It’s nice to be done so early! I was also really happy to be working out and not counting my heart rate to keep it under 140 after reading all those articles about how keeping it under 140 during pregnancy is total BS. Instead, I just focused on making sure I was actually breathing and used that as my indicator! Whenever I get too short of breath, I totally picture my baby curling up into a ball and being starved for oxygen. In other good ClassPass news, MissFits is back on ClassPass! I’ve noticed that sometimes the gyms lag by about a week, so I don’t know if they’re slow to renew their end of the membership with ClassPass or what, but I can’t wait to go back on Monday for a class! The new gym this morning was also right next to a Fresh Market, so I ran in to grab some items for dinner tonight and got a cup of coffee, all by 9:25!


I’m just finishing up breakfast now and will be starting on my paper that’s due this Sunday night. I might go back out to the coffee place to work on my assignment this afternoon since it’s so beautiful out! I hate spending the day inside, especially cause our condo is so dark! But if I do stay at home and work on it, I assure you that my afternoon will look similar to this:


Somebody loves attention!

Alright guys, I hope you all have a great Thursday! I’m sure I’ll be back tomorrow since it’s another day off before working the weekend!

Florida Weekend & Grad School Fun

Hello everybody! I’m just getting settled back into the school routine after being out of town all weekend. Jon and I went down to Jacksonville for Slade’s (our nephews) 3rd birthday party. We’ve managed to miss all birthday parties for all 8 of our nieces of nephews up until this past weekend. We like to keep it equal and never go! Actually, it’s always because other things are happening, but might as well not make one kid feel like the favorite!

Friday morning was spent at home. There was supposed to be a huge Fuk Yo Flag rally at Stone Mountain that was supposed to be violent, so Jon had asked me to stay home all day. Normally I would probably not listen, but I try to be more respectful since I’m carrying his baby. Although I was bummed to miss out on gym time on a day off, I took it as time to finally clean up our house! I ended up cleaning and packing until right up until Jon got home in the afternoon!

We made our loooong drive to Jacksonville in Atlanta traffic on Friday night. When we got in around 11pm, we hung out for a few with his parents before heading to bed. Since his twin sister and her family is living back with his parents temporarily, we slept out in the motor home. We slept so good out there! I think I need a motor home to sleep in now!

Saturday was a big family day! We spent the morning with his parents and then the rest of his family showed up to start party planning. I ended up taking a nap for a bit before helping out with the preparations. It was really nice to be back down there and hanging out with the family. I missed all the kids too! They’re all at such a fun age right now (11 months-5 years old)!

Around 4pm, all the other kids started showing up! I can definitely see why parents aren’t fans of birthday parties! All those kids running around was too much for us! I don’t think we’ll be having birthday parties in our future! Maybe family get togethers, but nothing else! I never had parties when I was little and I don’t feel like I missed out. I mostly just hung out with my in-laws and Jon during the party. Around 7pm, everybody headed out and I crashed on the couch for a bit. I don’t know why I was so tired this past weekend, but it was serious! I could barely stay awake on Saturday! Guess I did too much last week.

Saturday night was spent with Jon’s parents and his twin’s family. They played cards while I watched and we taught his mom how to use Instragram. Important things in life. We went to bed around midnight and again, slept so good out in that motor home!

Sunday morning we got up early. Everybody else headed out to church while Jon and I tried to go to our favorite biscuit place, Maple Street Biscuit Company! We had enough time to eat and walk on the beach before meeting up with the family for lunch. Unfortunately, the Maple Street by the beach was reserved, so we had to drive all the way to another one. That one ended up being closed on Sundays! I think that’s a new thing for them because Jon and I were sure we’ve been on Sundays before, but we were so bummed! Instead, we ate at this Taverna place and had a pretty decent hash, but it was no biscuit.

We had to leave right from there to go to Cracker Barrel to meet up with the family. After lunch with them, Jon and I made our way back to Atlanta.

I ended up with a terrible headache on our ride home, which has lasted until this morning! I had orientation yesterday again and it was a busy day. Not horrible, but with a headache nonstop, it was not pleasant.

Tom woke me up to cuddle around 4am and my head was killing me, so it was really hard to get back to sleep. I eventually made it back to sleep, only to wake up for my medical exam for my life insurance at 8:30 this morning. It was quick and I was hoping to get a good start on some homework this morning, but I believe all I have left this week is a writing assignment and I am waiting for the librarian to call me back to help me search for articles.

Grad school is frustrating. This assignment has me at a loss and I’ve been trying to work on it for the last four days I’ve been off. So far, I’ve gotten nowhere. I’m hoping for some success when the librarian finally calls back. It says they’re available from 11am-5pm, so I’m waiting to schedule a gym time until I know that the call is completed. I’d hate to be unavailable when somebody finally calls since I only have two more days to finish this assignment.

It’s also a beautiful fall day today, so I think once I finish at the gym, I’ll pack up my school stuff and head to a coffee shop to sit outside and get some work done! But first, time to get make some breakfast! I’m hoping my headache stays how it is so I can enjoy the day. It’s still here (thanks pregnancy, for the longest headache of my entire life), but it’s not nearly as bad as yesterday.