BodyPump and ER vs Floor Nurses

Holy smokes! This has turned into a busy week! After a boring Monday evening of The Bachelorette (yay for Shawn!), I was back at the new hospital for orientation again on Tuesday from 8am-3:30pm. It was boring and I find it really shocking the number of questions people ask during a general orientation. I mean, we have an entire orientation process on our new units too, so let’s save all those questions for later on! Also, one of the techs wanted to know all about the IV team accessing ports in the ER and whether or not she could actually draw blood but not start IVs (ER accesses all their own ports, and techs don’t have a single thing to do with it, so not even something to be concerned with). Needless to say, it was a painfully long day. I met up briefly with my clinical specialist who wanted me to come shadow today, so I agreed to a half day.

Despite not getting any sleep on Monday night (maybe 2.5hrs), I had energy last night! I was incredibly nauseous, but I can power through that if I have some energy! So I went to BodyPump last night! I don’t do Les Mills classes regularly and am confused about whether or not all the classes are exactly the same for the whole quarter. I know they just released BodyPump 94, so will it be exactly the same if I go back before the next release? Regardless, since that gym took away CrossFit from ClassPass and I was in the mood for some weights, it sufficed. I still got a decent workout but wish that it was heavier weights for less reps, but I guess that’s what my own gym time is good for! Sadly, I didn’t sweat at all, and I always feel like a workout isn’t the same if I don’t sweat. Even though my body was tired afterwards, the workouts just aren’t quite on that level for me.

I had a fantastic night of sleep last night, only to wake up for my first day of shadowing at the new job! I was with a floor nurse of 20 years today and I did enjoy the time there. Definitely a totally different pace than the ER which I am totally welcoming right now! There was seriously no stress while I was there! I’m sure there are days that are much crazier than that, but the pace was just so different than what I’m used to! The nurse I was shadowing did ask me what ER nurses do. I didn’t really understand her question, so she goes, “Like what do they do? With patients? What do you do with them?” It really goes to show how little our job is understood by some other nurses outside of the department. I mean, these patients obviously come to the floor with a ton of stuff initiated so to me, it would be completely obvious what we do, but I guess not. I also thought I was going to need to brush up on some knowledge since I know a little about a lot but not a lot about many things, and the nurse kind of freaked out about an elevated troponin on a renal patient. That’s really common in dialysis patients and she had no idea. It definitely opened my eyes to the fact that I definitely do know things others don’t, even if my only experience is ER. So that’s always nice!

I didn’t get out of the hospital until 3:45, which was way later than I had hoped. I decided to head home instead of running errands since Jon and I are planning on having a bit of a date night! I have to go back to work in the ER from 11am-7pm tomorrow (I had to swap a shift to get off next week for more orientation). I’m not looking forward to working tomorrow at all, but I have a four day weekend in sight!

Time to go get dinner with Jon!


More Pregnancy Woes

Well well, the pregnancy continues… Obviously, and I’m glad, but uuugghhh. I read that weeks 9-12 are the worst of the pregnancy and so far, right on! I worked on Thursday from 7a-3p and vomited for my first (and only so far!) time at work. I felt absolutely horrible, so Jon brought some ginger chews to work. They helped a little bit, but nothing magical. Enough to help me get by for the day though. Friday was a 12 hour shift and a bit better than Thursday, thankfully! I wasn’t anywhere near as nauseous as I was on Thursday!

Friday night, I went over to visit my friend Jim. I hadn’t seen him in almost two years, actually. It was great to catch up with him and we shared all the happenings in our lives and I stayed out till 11pm! Getting crazy!

Saturday was another tough morning, but Jon and I headed out to a little farmer’s market and walked around. Then we went to look at open houses for fun and we fell in love with a house! For $350,000, so we won’t be buying that house! Or any house for the next year or so, for that matter! But I am excited to buy a house eventually and really enjoy looking at the open houses!

I was so tired on Saturday afternoon, so when Jon left to hang out with his friend, I crashed on the couch for 2 hours and then spent my evening watching TV and going for a walk.

Sunday I worked 7a-3p, came home, napped, and went to my parent’s house for dinner. I went crazy and ate potatoes, broccoli, and chicken, and then I paid dearly and felt like death last night. I took Benadryl in hopes of helping, which I guess worked cause I crashed last night. Also, I dream of the day that I can sleep laying flat again. I get too nauseated when I lay flat, so I have to sleep propped up on a bunch of pillows!

Today was my first day of orientation at the new job! Thankfully I felt perfectly fine this morning! Hallelujah! Exhausted, but no nausea! We had a lunch with leadership, which I ate all of (chicken, potatoes, and green beans) and thankfully that was the end of our day, because the nausea kicked in after that and I felt completely horrible. So there went running any errands (I need my oil changed and I need to sign the papers for my life insurance).

I came home and napped for two hours instead of being productive. I woke up from my nap feeling miserable, so today makes the 5th day in a row of skipping the gym. I’m really hoping to make it tomorrow, but I have orientation from 7:30-3:30 and then have to go to my new floor for a meeting. I never feel that good in the afternoons, so I have a feeling it’ll be another rough afternoon. And my body is just literally so drained still. My body still feels like it weighs 1,000lbs and the thought of even lifting a weight or doing a pushup seems nearly impossible. But I’m really missing being active!

And now you can all see why I haven’t been blogging! My life consists of sleeping, feeling nauseous, skipping the gym, and sitting on the couch. I am trying to vary my diet a little more and my food aversions are oddly not as strong this week, but definitely still present. And then I almost always feel sick after eating. And my house is a disaster because I put almost no energy into picking up the house anymore, and Jon somehow hurt his ankle so I feel bad making him stand up to unload the dishwasher or pick stuff up!

Ah, life. These are some fun times. Not. But we’re now one week away from our first appointment, so hopefully that’ll make this all feel worth it!

Bachelorette Party Shopping, New Jobs, and Protein!

Another day, another dolla. I’m kidding. I didn’t even work today. I rarely blog on days I work. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

I did my first Body Attack class last night through ClassPass! It was just weird, you guys. It was basically like a cardio class where you just run in place and jump up and down and wave your arms and punch the air and dance your little feet in square shapes. Not at all what I was expecting. Actually, I thought I signed up for Body Pump, so really not what I was expecting. But it was good. I actually got my heart rate up and got my sweat on, and it was nice to have a break from weights because my body is so tired. So I may do it again. I’m not really sure.

After another sleepless night last night, I got up and headed up to the new hospital for my employee health appointment and medication test. (By the way, I totally just realized I forgot to have my Hep B titers drawn today, which I hope doesn’t mess up my start date! How did I even do that?!) The medication test was actually pretty hard but we got to use a book, thankfully! I am a bit worried because ALL of my new employee paperwork has me listed as working PCU (progressive care unit, a step down from the intensive care unit) and I was very clear during my interview that I wanted telemetry to be my main area and that I could float to PCU as needed since I have ER experience and am familiar with everything they’ll do in PCU, aside from pulling sheaths after coronary intervention. So, I’m a bit miffed because I think I may have been mislead, but I’ll speak with the manager at orientation next week and get it straightened out. Jon told me I should email them now, but either way, I need a break from my current job so bad that I’d really work either… But still, I’ll be reviewing this with them.

After I finished up there, I headed to Whole Foods to grab some stuff for work. Still totally not feeling hardly any food, so I’ve been kind of winging it at the grocery store and hoping I’ll be able to tolerate one of the few items I buy. I also stocked up on some Orgain Protein Almond Milk in hopes of adding it to my fruit smoothies since I’m not eating any meat these days at all.


Gina met me at my house once I got home so that we could do some Bachelorette Party shopping for Kassie’s big weekend! I actually had been planning on going to her house, so when we switched it last minute, it gave me a reason to do a quick clean on my house and now it’s finally cleaned up! I can’t be having people see my house messy.

Gina and I went to Party City for some basic pink Bachelorette goods, but they sadly don’t have any penis decor! I guess I should have expected that since they can’t really throw penises out where little kids are. We also needed to find some lingerie for her lingerie shower (which we’re doing at the Bachelorette Party), so we stopped by TJ Maxx for some sexy underthings! Then we headed to a sex shop thinking they’d have some penis stuff, but they didn’t aside from a penis cake pan (for $19!). Who knew?! And their non-penis shaped stuff was really expensive! So we decided to go in search of a Spencer’s, not even knowing if that store still exists or not. But it does! And they have plenty of penis stuff!


Kassie said no to that penis nose! WHY?! Haha. I would have totally rocked that! Their penis cake pans were only $8 too! I’m going to frost two penis cakes- one peach and one chocolate. I’m super excited!

After our shopping adventures, Gina left and I read up on some cloth diapering discussion boards (I really think Jon and I are going to go the cloth diaper route because I am way too environmentally conscious to just be throwing away tons of diapers, and cloth diapering is cheaper in the long run). I learned a lot but the whole cloth diapering thing is a bit overwhelming! I think I’m going to register for various types of diapers on my baby registry in hopes of getting different stuff.

I’m thinking I may head out for a quick elliptical session at the gym and maybe some arms. Why not? I’m feeling cabin feverish and hopefully all the post-work gym goers are heading out since it’s 7pm. Maybe I’ll take a walk outside after that too for some nice, fresh humid air! I’m not sure how I’m still so energized today, but I’m loving it! I wish this nausea would go away, but whatever! At least my body hasn’t been drained all day!

First Trimester Working Out Woes

Last night I had another great workout at Elite Edge. Monday nights are leg workouts (if you go to the Strength class). I really like their workouts because the stuff they do there is easily stuff I could do at any gym. So I’m keeping these exercises in mind for LA Fitness days in the future! I’m bummed that I only get to go to three of these classes per month because I love the legs so much, but I’m dying to try Wednesday nights (arms). I’m super sore today and it feels so good!

Workouts really take it out of me though. I really hope this post-workout exhaustion is going to pass, but I leave feeling utterly drained. It actually leaves me wondering if it’s better to work out now or to skip it if I get that tired, but I’m only working out a few days a week (last week, I worked out twice). I’m not entirely sure if it’s the activity or just getting so hot while I’m working out. I also don’t feel like I’m eating what I should be to fuel workouts, so I’m trying to fix that. Luckily, my food aversions aren’t nearly as bad this week (hallelujah!!!!!) as they were last week, so last night I was able to get some rice, broccoli, and some protein powder and milk in me after the gym. I’ve always been positive that I want to continue working out throughout my entire pregnancy, but these are really things I didn’t even think about.

Since I was beat after the gym last night, I laid on the couch watching The Bachelorette and listening to the storm. I had an extremely sleepless night and woke up feeling just as exhausted as when I got in bed last night.

I made myself some eggs and hash browns first thing this morning, but was again super tired while eating. I decided to catch up on Real Housewives in hopes of getting up some more energy and I cleaned during all the commercials since the house is a mess. Afterwards, I decided to head to the pool. I never spend more than 45 minutes at the pool, but again, I leave feeling wiped out (which is why I think maybe it’s the heat that kills me during workouts). So, now I’m drinking a tall glass of water and eating dates and cream cheese to try and get some energy up to go run errands! I’m finally going to get my toenails painted and run to Costco and Whole Foods.

I scheduled another workout at 5:30 today, but it’s one I can skip if I’m not feeling it (they don’t check anybody in, so ClassPass never knows). I need to study for my med test for my new job tonight too. I thought about seeing if Laura wants to meet up, but we’ll see how I feel this evening. I’m feeling like I have cabin fever since I don’t get much social time in and am so beat that I sit on my couch most of the time, but at the same time, I’m just too tired to do much else!

Second trimester, I’m looking forward to your renewed energy! Only 3.5 more weeks to go! Then my blog can stop being about how tired I am all the time!

Work Weekends & Bangladeshi Food

Happy Monday! Another Happy Monday cause I’m not working today! I’ll do a quick weekend recap! Friday afternoon, I napped on the couch for about two hours. I woke up when Jon got home from work and thankfully, I was much more energetic! My mornings and evenings are pretty good still, but afternoons are always tough!

Jon and I met up with Crista and Billy at Purnima for some Bangladeshi dinner. I was really nauseated Friday and Crista offered to go somewhere a little more appealing for me, but it was her 30th birthday dinner and I don’t want everybody’s eating plans to be all about me! I ended up ordering a butter chicken dish that was so good! It was bright red when it came out so I was concerned, but it was really good. Unfortunately, I still had to struggle my way through it since I was eating something that my body hadn’t been craving, so it wasn’t nearly as enjoyable as I’d hoped for. I actually would like to go back when this nausea is over and have the same dish again so that I can truly enjoy it! It was fun to hang out with Crista and Billy. It’s been awhile since we’ve all hung out, so it was good to catch up for a few hours.

Jon and I watched another episode of Orange Is the New Black before heading to bed early on Friday! (Jon actually doesn’t really watch it this season since he doesn’t like this season, but I still really like it.)

Saturday and Sunday were both work days. Saturday was a rough morning but a nice afternoon. Sunday was a day full of rude family members, patients who didn’t want to talk to me at all or screamed nonstop, patients on their call lights nonstop, and nonstop stuff to do. It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary really, but I’ve been working that slow paced life with the kids lately and I was absolutely beat on Sunday. I felt foggy all morning, I thought I was going to cry when the monitor tech called me to say I was getting an ambulance (I don’t normally cry over ambulances- pregnancy hormones), and I was just downright exhausted. I’m really coming to realize how hard it is to work two 12s in a row in the early stages of pregnancy because the exhaustion is literally overwhelming. I have a whole new respect for pregnant working women. The only good thing about Sunday was that my nausea was much more minimal than it has been, so at least I wasn’t exhausted and nauseous.

Last night, I was so happy to get home from work! Jon ended up rubbing my feet like a good husband and then he got up and made dinner! (Hashbrowns and eggs, one of the few things I can almost always eat.) We’ve been watching Naked and Afraid lately, so we cuddled up and watched the new episodes on last night. I’m so thankful for him and am really going to miss him so much over this next 1 1/2 months while we barely get to see each other. I’m going to be living that single life again for awhile (hah, I kid).

Today is going to be a productive. I have a meeting with a new committee from the ER at noon, so I need to eventually get dressed. I’m hoping for a little bit of a pool day, but I have a lot of loose ends I need to tie up for this upcoming semester of school and for my first day of work at the new hospital next week. I’m going back for a leg workout tonight at Elite, which was that new gym I tried the other week from ClassPass and really liked. I’m hoping for a wave of energy cause my arms and legs feel like about 1,000lbs each right now, even though I don’t feel tired! I’m off to get some stuff in the kitchen done before heading out this morning!

Lots of Cooking and Food Aversions!

It’s FRIDAY! Which really means nothing for me since I work all day tomorrow and Sunday. I’m looking forward to Monday! In sad news, first and foremost, I found out that Jon and I will be going quite some time without seeing each other next month. I’ll be out of town for Kassie’s Bachelorette party, and then when we get back, Jon will be headed to Minnesota for a few weeks. The night he’ll fly home is the night that Laura and I will leave for our 1 1/2 week road trip! I know we went months without seeing each other while I was doing travel nursing, but I hate being at home without him. I never sleep well because I’m always paranoid somebody is going to break in. So, I may be spending some nights at my mom and dad’s to at least get some good nights of sleep, but because of the cats, the majority of the time will still be spent at home! I can’t wait till his training is done so we can spend some more time together! And, starting now, we don’t have any more days off together until mid-September! I’ll just be grateful that we’re together more often than not though, because plenty of people go much longer without their spouse (and we have too!).

Laura and I met up Wednesday night for some errand running (this is how friends hang out at almost 30). Laura had to get a baby gift from Babies R’ Us and we had the longest experience of our life there. Also, there is so much stuff at that store! I refuse to buy my kids that much stuff. I feel like kids should learn to be creative with their toys- not just get ten thousand new gadgets to play with all the time. And the amount of other random stuff they had was just ridiculous. I’m going to try and be a more minimalist parent. Anyway, then we went to Old Navy to return some stuff. I hadn’t been there in forever, but I found two necklaces. One I wasn’t sure of but Laura liked it, so I bought it since it was so cheap. There were no mirrors under about 5’7″ at the store, so Laura snapped this picture… I feel like the dangles at the bottom are a little much for my style.


I worked all day yesterday with the kids again, thankfully. The days with the kids are just so much easier than working with adults. I have a feeling I’ll spend my weekend with the adults since that’s typically how it goes, but at least my time in the ER is going to be coming to a bit of a close since my hours will drop down so much shortly. I’m more than ready!

Last night, I decided to make Jon a peanut butter pie and breakfast casserole for his last day at the hospital! I was exhausted and not in the best mood. I crashed around 10:30 and slept great until 4am!

I was up once 4am hit, but I laid in bed till 6:15. I got up to finish the breakfast casserole for Jon’s work.


I ended up watching some shows this morning before Jon even left for work and then napped for a little under an hour. I was really wanting to go to a ClassPass class this morning, but I was kind of waiting to see how I felt. I felt like I never digested my dinner from last night and was nauseated, but I signed up for MissFits (the less hardcore CrossFit class for all ladies) since I love that class. I snacked on some Ritz crackers with peanut butter and then headed out the door!

I definitely was feeling rough at the gym, but typically I make it through working out okay. As long as I don’t stop to rest too much, I don’t really feel the nausea. It’s when I stop and rest that it catches up with me. It wasn’t too hard of a workout today thankfully, but I still worked up a sweat and it felt good to do something active since so much time has been spent on my couch lately.

I came home and ate some oatmeal and grapes that did not really hit the spot at all, but I don’t think anything would have. Then I headed to the pool for about 20 minutes before coming back home to shower and take the peanut butter pie to Jon’s work. I was congratulated by and said goodbye to all of his coworkers (I go have lunch with him at work occasionally, so they all know me). Thankfully, they enjoyed my breakfast casserole (I had never made it) and my peanut butter pie! My pie crust was really crumbly which didn’t happen last time, but oh well. Still delicious!

I headed to Whole Foods for a few things and came home to throw together rice, broccoli, and cheese for work.


These food aversions are crazy. I always imagined it just being that certain foods would make you sick. Like, suddenly chicken would make me want to vomit but everything else would pretty much be okay. Nope. That is not it at all. Instead, everything makes me want to vomit except for maybe one or two random things that I can decide about an hour in advance. Know what I had for lunch at work yesterday?


And I seriously suffered through the strawberries I brought. I brought chicken salad and carrots too, but I couldn’t even bring myself to look at them. Or I’ll decide that I can eat ice cream and the thought of anything else makes me sick. Or I just don’t want anything and think maybe I’ll be able to tolerate Ritz with peanut butter (like this morning). But it’s not ever the same thing. So I bought mac and cheese because the other day, I could stomach mac and cheese. But now? That sounds horrible. I bought that chicken salad the other day because I thought that sounded good. I ate it once and now, I can’t bring myself to eat the rest. It’s really expensive to waste so much food. Instead, I guess I can handle that disgusting fake cheese that I would seriously never ever eat if somebody paid me to normally and the disgusting french fries from work. The saddest part? I can’t drink coffee. The thought of drinking a cup of coffee makes my stomach churn and I love coffee!

Anyway, so in hopes of being able to eat my lunch this weekend, I figured something plain would work. There is hardly any flavor to my rice and broccoli at all, which is exactly what I need to be able to tolerate food. I thought about leaving the broccoli out for fear of not being able to eat that either, but I just steamed it with no seasoning and chopped it in the food processor. I feel like I still need to get some nutrition in but it’s so hard! Sorry this is all about food, but that’s really all my life is about lately. Food, nausea, and feeling so tired that my arms feel like 10,000lbs while I brush my teeth. Seriously.

I’m going to go lay on the couch now. I’m going to dinner with Crista, Billy, and Jon tonight. I doubt I’ll eat. And then tomorrow is back to work! So, couch siting and TV watching for a few hours before I have to pry myself up again!

Just Some Midweek Ramblings

I’m pleased to announce that my sleepless nights have ended! Maybe I’ve adjusted to the new hormones, or maybe I’m just so exhausted 24/7, but I sleep like a champ! Monday was another rough afternoon for me! I ran errands and was incredibly nauseous, made worse in the heat (thanks, Georgia!). Since everybody says you need to eat to avoid  nausea while pregnant, I figured I just needed to eat. Nope. I felt even worse.

I grabbed a 15 minute nap before heading to my 4:30 Hard Exercise Works class via ClassPass. Pretty positive I would have skipped it due to feeling horrible had it not been on ClassPass, so maybe it’s a good thing I had to go! I ended up getting the second best time of the day overall which was really surprising cause I rested a lot during the WOD and I was really not trying at all. Guess I’m still in shape more than I thought!

When I got home from the gym, the first thing Jon said to me was “I think somebody broke into our house.” Whoops! I had left the house a serious mess so I started picking up and getting the house together! Jon was gone to a work dinner, so I spent the evening with The Bachelorette!

Yesterday I worked and had another really rough day! Thankfully, my actual workday was not bad at all! I worked with the kids all day and it was a good one! I got off work and decided maybe I could eat Atlanta Bread Company, so Jon and I went to dinner. The sandwich was so good but I could have done without the soup. It wasn’t nearly as good when nauseous.

I slept so good last night, but I still have a hard time finding motivation to get up in the morning! I had to go to my drug test for my new job today, so I did that and had planned to head to get my toenails painted and get some eggs, but I stopped by home to pee since I passed my house (all that drinking for the drug test!). Now, my motivation is gone again!

I’m also bummed because my favorite ClassPass class is no longer on there. The rest of the gym classes are, but not the CrossFit class. I’m thinking I could maybe still go since they never check anybody in, but I don’t know. They have a BodyCombat class tonight that I may go to if I feel up to it later, especially since they’d never notice if I missed it so I wouldn’t be charged. But I really like my CrossFit classes! One day, I just may have to go back to a CrossFit gym, but not yet.

Anyway, I think I may go to the pool or something. Or lay on the couch. But I will probably not be very productive today. I’m looking forward to the second trimester, solely for the fact that I hear you get some energy back and I could seriously use some energy! Alrighty, time to go be lazy.