Happy Thanksgiving!

This has turned out to be a good Thanksgiving this year! I slept in until 10 and it was wonderful! I had planned on making it to my parent’s house earlier in the day but ended up being in no rush whatsoever! We did make it by about noon and Annie just woke up not much earlier so it worked out just fine!

Jon and I decided to make this pineapple soufflé for Thanksgiving. We weren’t going to make anything since my parents were making plenty of food, but I saw that recipe the other day and thought it might be the same pineapple recipe a girl at work made last year at Thanksgiving that was delicious (and looked like vomit but who cares?!). It turned out really well and everybody really liked it!


I won’t show you all of our other boring Thanksgiving food because that’s boring. What Jon and I made is probably more exciting. Jon and I cuddled up on the couch together and took a nap. This is my off week on my birth control so I was probably definitely more emotional than usual. Luckily Jon’s a good sport and just ignored my bad mood. Mom finished up cooking and then it was dinner time! After we ate dinner, we were all lazing around and my mom forced us to get up and do something (oh the similarities between my mother and me). We ended up playing Spoons and Scrabble and some other game that wasn’t much fun. We were about to start an exciting game of the Dictionary game but Jon got called into work. It was already about 8:30, so after hanging out for a bit, I headed home too.

I’m feeling pretty full and disgusting of foods filled with butter and sugar! Tomorrow morning I’m hiking with my sisters! I’m glad, and I think I may end up going for a run tomorrow night. I may get together with a few high school friends in the evening but am not positive quite yet. I’m really enjoying having time to spend with Jon for once so I’m not really wanting to do a whole lot! And after being so busy with school and work, I kind of like having a few days where I don’t have to do anything. I think that makes me lame or antisocial or something. I’m not sure. And I don’t really care.

Anyway, I’m going to head off to bed. I’m tired and cold and need to wake up to clean up the house in the morning!



Family time!

I feel like I won the lottery because last night, Jon fell asleep at 9something and I got to catch up on Parenthood! Tonight, he fell asleep again at 9something, so I forced him into bed and have the house all to myself! I love him, but I also love my me time! I should be studying, but I need a break.

I woke up fairly early today and considered running, but decided against it. It was in the low 30s when I woke up anyway, so that’s not really enticing, although I actually don’t mind running in the cold weather as long as it isn’t cloudy and dreary (which it definitely was!). Besides, I had already kind of realized that this would be mostly an off week from the gym and running because of having family here. Oh well!

I got to spend time this afternoon with Annie and Tank!


That kid has no interest in pictures at all! My mom, Annie, and Tank all came over to my house. Annie hasn’t been in town since I bought it and it was nice to get their input on my floors! I’ve decided to go with a darker wood and paint the house a lighter gray color. I’m still a little nervous because of how dark it is in here and I don’t want it to seem super small! But I do love dark wood. Jon said he’s fine with whatever (glad the organization of the fridge is so important but he lacks input on the floors for the entire house!). We headed over to The Sugar Shack  which is pretty much my new favorite little coffee place (along with The White Windmill). The Sugar Shack has such good pumpkin muffins! And since I’m eating whatever I want this week, I’m eating pumpkin muffins too. And sandwiches. And lots of coffee.

My family headed home and I started studying. Jon heated up some of my mom’s chili for me for dinner! I think I’m going to finally learn how to make it. My mom has been making the exact same recipe since we were little, so it’s our winter staple. It’s nice to throw something in the microwave to eat too.

My oldest sister and her fiance came in town tonight! I would love to go see them tomorrow, but I may be studying for my test. I haven’t really decided yet. I really can’t wait until the day when I no longer have to consider school. Even when I’m done with my bachelor’s in May, I’ll still have grad school looming overhead! Anyway, I work all day Wednesday and really am wishing I hadn’t picked up the shift since I want to spend time with the family. Ah well! Such is life!

Time to go enjoy some of my TV while I have it all to myself!

Nephew and sister time!

What an exhausting weekend! After Jon made me breakfast yesterday morning, we enjoyed our meal and I studied some biology! I took a quick nap and then worked from 3p-3a. It was a really tiring shift because of my crazy assignment, but I made it out alive! I came home and cleaned my house at 4am but I couldn’t stand the mess! I like things all neat and organized and the house was definitely neither of those! But it’s looking better now! Had I not been so tired, I think I would have finally scrubbed my floors too!

This morning Jon and I went to look at floors for the house! We have a few samples laying around the house and I think we may end up looking again on Sunday morning before making our final decision! I can’t believe we’re 3 weeks away from laying our own floors (with the help of his brother)! I have a feeling that’ll give me the push to get the rest of the house done but there’s no way I can take that much money out of savings!

I got my hair cut and then went over to my parent’s house (just a side note: he did not cut my bangs enough so I need to get that fixed) with Jon. My sister Annie and my nephew Tank got in town last night! We ate dinner and Jon played with Tank for so long! It was so fun watching them interact! Best future uncle ever. And Tank seriously just gets cuter and cuter. I love that kid! I was hoping to stay and hang out for awhile tonight but there was no way it was going to happen! I didn’t fall asleep till after 5 last night and was up by 9:30, so I’m about to head to bed! Jon wanted to make it home to watch football anyway, but I need to get up early enough to study tomorrow and have some family time!

No exercising this weekend cause there just wasn’t any time or energy! Maybe tomorrow, or maybe not. It may have to wait till after my test on Tuesday night.


The man.


The sister.


The nephew! SO CUTE!

Running and The Iberian Pig date night

I was so excited on Thursday night because I managed to get Jon to run with me at night! He really doesn’t ever run anymore but I was dying to take a nap before class, so I had asked him if he’d run with me after since it would be too dark for me to go alone. I ran down the road I’ve been going down lately and he wanted to run back which was really not okay with me since it’s all an incline, but I did fine. Even though I’m not a fast runner at all, I feel fast when I run with other people because I slowed myself way down going up the hill so I didn’t leave Jon behind. And at the end of 3.1 miles (30:39) I really wanted to keep going! I may try to run for a little bit today, but I work 3p-3a tonight and have to study this morning, so it may not happen. I haven’t worked a 12 hour shift until 3am in close to a year and I struggle working 7p-3a (and taking a nap until 5pm!), so I feel like I may need to be as lazy as possible until I go to work this afternoon. Conserve all energy.

Last night, I worked till 7p and then Jon and I went to The Iberian Pig. It was in Decatur and I haven’t gone to downtown Decatur in a long time, and when Jon and I went before, we got lost so we never even made it to walk around. It was so cute out there! I loved it! A lot of places had lights out! I wish I had taken a picture but I didn’t. Anyway, The Iberian Pig was awesome! However, my plan was to get 5 plates of tapas to share, but the server told us each plate was 3-5 bites. I still wanted to stick with 5 plates because I had seen pictures of the food, but then Jon wanted to increase it. So I decided to get a plate of food and only try each tapas so that Jon could eat all of them. After getting our food, we realized that 3-5 bites per plate thing is a total gimmick to make more money on new people. The tapas were actually really good portions and Jon didn’t even finish his last one (and he’s a big boy!) because he was so full! And I was miserably full after trying small bites of the tapas and eating my meal! The bacon wrapped dates and pork cheek tacos were amazing! Holy moly. Amazing. The rest were decent. I definitely would recommend going there, but our bill was $82, including 2 glasses of wine. So definitely not a cheap date night. But I really wanted to do something different than we usually do (how many times can we eat Mexican and sushi?) and I had heard good things about The Iberian Pig. I am really glad we went! We had a table by the window and overlooked the downtown area and it was a really nice environment.



I miss the days when our date nights could cost us $70 on a weekly basis and we never even though about it. I definitely didn’t mind spending over $100 for our date night last night (especially because I didn’t do anything for Jon’s birthday last month because I’m a horrible girlfriend), but it’s definitely not the norm now that we’re both in school.

We fell asleep as soon as we got home (old people) and now I’m working on biology before I go to work! My sister and nephew get in town today but I won’t see them until dinner tomorrow! Jon and I are heading up to have dinner with the family since we have to pick out our floors in the morning! My other sister and her fiance come in town on Monday night! I don’t think I’ve been this excited for Thanksgiving in a long time! In the holiday spirit, I’ve been eating this as a snack lately:

brie turkey

Turkey with cranberry sauce, cut up apples, and brie- baked in my toaster oven to heat it all up! So good! Picture skills not so good.

I’m off to try and be productive! Jon is about to get home from a doctor’s appoinment and he said he’d make us breakfast! Looking forward to it cause I’m starving!

Days off work are the best!

I managed to get up by 9 today! I slept through 6 text messages this morning (before 8:30! seriously, who does that?!) and Jon’s alarm, plus his entire shower. He woke me up to kiss me goodbye and then I fell right back to sleep! I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed to my alarm at 8:30. That’s kind of a lie. I laid in bed till 9 with Tom sitting all over my face, but I was so comfortable that I still had to drag myself out of bed. Why is waking up so hard?!

I went to the gym right after getting up. I’ve been telling myself that I only have to stay for an hour, because it feels daunting to spend 2 hours there when you have a million other things on your to do list. I actually stayed for about 50 minutes and did 10 minutes on the elliptical, and then did biceps and shoulders. I could have gone longer, but my lab professor dropped a bomb on us last night that we had homework, plus our usual lab write up for last night, plus our lab write up for next week, and he wants them tomorrow or Friday! Not to mention, I have two super lengthy computer final projects to do and a test next Tuesday that I was going to study for all day today. Anyway, back to the gym… I never go in the mornings and I was a little unnerved when I got there by how many people were there, but they were mostly on the cardio machines and the regular machines! I guess the big free weight guys go later in the day, which is where I prefer to spend my time, so it was actually really nice! Maybe I’ll get up earlier and go more often (but probably not).

I think once school is out for the semester, I’m going to check out a CrossFit gym near here. Jon went to the one closest to here and said he liked it, but they favor their competitors. I plan on not being a competitor. I also have looked at some of their WODs and a lot of it looks to be more of the heavy lifting with less metcon. And right now, I’d rather do more metcons with CrossFit than heavy lifting because my thumb can’t lift heavy. But then again, I only want to go once a week… So anyway, we’ll see. I have a final on December 5th, so maybe after that I’ll head in to try and mix it up a little bit again. I really need to make myself go to yoga, but I just hate it! It’s so boring! I want to die of boredom every time I do yoga, but my body needs some help with flexibility.

Anyway, all these plans I’ve been putting off for awhile are happening to get done today. After the gym, I rushed over to Whole Foods and did all my grocery shopping. I actually have SO many recipes that I’m dying to make, but I work and then my family is coming in town so I won’t be eating dinner at my house much next week! After the grocery store, I dropped everything off and Jatoya (a friend from nursing school) told me she was ready for me to go to her work for lunch! I picked up our food and headed over to eat with her, with no time to shower! Her coworkers (all twenty of them in the breakroom) probably thought I was a slob, but she texted me 30 minutes earlier than I was planning. I came home from there, showered, sat down and did 10 minutes of biology, and then Rachel (a girl I work with) told me she was off work and ready to meet up. So we went to eat at Uncle Julio’s and then I just came home not too long ago.

I knocked out my lab write up for last night and I’m about to make Jon some dinner (and my lunch for work for the next 3 days). I’m back at work tomorrow and am really dreading it. After working so much last week, I still feel burnt out. These two days off were wonderful, even though I hardly got anything done that I wanted (my kitchen floors!). I did run yesterday, work out today, grocery shop, and manage to have some friend time. So it’s all good.

I’m just looking forward to Friday night cause Jon and I are having a date night! I think we’re going to go to this wine place right by our house that does tastings and pairings! They did have a groupon before, so I’ll need to check on that. With all this school and work we both do, our time together is pretty limited. It’ll be really nice to have an evening out and I don’t even work till 3pm on Saturday (I’m dreading that shift too!).

Knee pain with running :( Again!

I’m in such a rut! I can’t remember if I wrote about this or not, but winters are hard for me. I have a fairly large history with depression and winters tend to be even worse for me. Luckily, I’m PRN at work now, so I don’t work 4 days in a row and not see any daylight. However, it’s still cold out. I’m lacking vitamin D. I hate having to bundle up and always feel uncomfortable in winter clothing. There are no trips to the beach! Winter just sucks!

Anyway, so I woke up this morning at 8:30. I was shocked. I was still feeling exhausted but Jon asked if I wanted to get up and make him breakfast, and being the fabulous girlfriend that I am, I did just that. I also knew if I slept through him leaving for class, I’d sleep way too late. Besides, I really do like spending time with him first thing in the morning. He left and I made my own breakfast and worked on some biology. Then I decided to run.

Instead, I noticed my cat asleep on the bed, so I laid down and took a 1 1/2 hour nap. This is the type of rut I’m talking about. My alarm went off a million times, but I just hit snooze because I just didn’t want to get up. Especially when I’m in school, this hits me hard around this time of the year! The end of the semester seems so far away and all I want to do is sleep! I feel exhausted 24/7 and my motivation to work out is just not there!

I did finally manage to get up and go run. I had my eyes set on 9 miles, but really, that was unrealistic. My longest run ever is 8 miles, and that was a month ago. Since then, I haven’t gone longer than a 3 mile run since I have new shoes. And that 8 mile run was painful!

I was really lacking motivation at the start of the run. I wanted to die. I was also running a new route and the miles were just feeling really long. After the third mile, I felt fine cardio wise. I kind of hit a spot where I just don’t feel miserable anymore. However, once I got to probably about mile 5, I started feeling my left knee. It really wasn’t bad so I decided I could finish out the run with that dull ache. The more I ran though, the more it hurt. I had to stop at mile 6 (actually, 6.1 in 59:48). It was turning into a sharp pain and I was still 2 miles from home (I was going to add a loop to make 9). I knew there was no way I’d even make it 2 miles, so I just walked.

And my knee killed me the whole way home (and it got really cold after walking 2 miles in spandex and a tank top!). It already feels fine again (I’ll see how it is tomorrow) and I noticed that the last long run I did, the pain went away pretty quickly. It definitely doesn’t feel muscular, but I have no idea what it is. It was a much more generalized pain again (I think it’s the shoes) than a localized pain.

It’s frustrating because I wonder if the pain will always be there. Will I ever actually be able to increase my mileage or will that pain always come when I get further into my run? But then I remind myself that I don’t really run that much. I ran 8 miles on 10-14. Since then, I’ve gone a total of 13.59 miles! In over a month! And only one of those runs was 3 miles and the others were all shorter. So I can’t be surprised when I get out there and have pain. Cardio-wise, yeah, I could probably go out and do a half marathon now. I am in shape! But my body can’t just go run that far. So it’s frustrating when I can breathe fine and emotionally, I want to run way farther! But my body stops me. I knew going into this that I wanted to go slow and that even though people told me I could easily run a half marathon in a few months when my first run was 4.45 miles. But I know I get pain with running. I always have.

So I’m going to set goals I think. I actually really need to do it. I hesitate to set goals because I really never stick with them if they’re too specific. Probably more realistic goals for me would be to have a 15 mile week (and that’s not my goal, just saying, I can’t committ to running a certain number of days or miles per day- I don’t work like that). I did decide not to do runs of less than 3 miles anymore (unless I’m with Kassie, then I’ll do less, but that’s more for fun). I also think I need to run the shorter distance (of 3 miles) more regularly and make sure my body is getting used to it.

I was going to go to the gym and lift but really didn’t have time, thanks to my long nap. But I won’t be running tomorrow, so maybe I’ll plan on staying at the gym longer.

This was long and probably really boring. It’s really more for me to track my progress.

I have class again tonight and I actually got dressed and look decent (which I actually usually do for class). But instead, I’m really thinking about throwing on my sweatpants over my Under Armour leggings and wearing sweatshirts. Yes, multiple. I’m freezing right now and am not in the mood to be cold (see first paragraph). I’m really in the mood to just cuddle on the couch with Jon tonight and relax! It has been so nice to have a day off and I just want to enjoy some time with him!

Okay, I need to head off to class!

I ran into somebody :/ WAH

I’m in the midst of a horrible week. I’ve just been exhausted and feeling overworked. At work, we have to call report to the nurses on two floors: ICU and PCU (intensive care unit and progressive care unit). After calling report, the nurse (that’d be me) has to go to the floor with the patient while they’re on a cardiac monitor. For the other floors, we let the floor secretary know that the patient will come up and the nurses upstairs read the ER chart. Then our tech takes them upstairs.I called to tell the secretary a patient was coming upstairs yesterday and she asked if I wanted to call report. I said no and she told me I had to. I still said no, that we don’t do it that way. That patient went upstairs with my tech. I took my other patient up to the floor because they were on a cardiac drip (although they were on a regular floor). I got up to the floor and had that oh shit moment where I realized I sent a patient to PCU without going up with them. I got in trouble kind of sort of, which I don’t even care. And the patient was totally stable or I wouldn’t have sent her up without me anyway, so it wasn’t dangerous at all for the patient. But it still threw me off.

Then my day got worse. I came home and napped and all was well. I went to leave my condo to meet for coffee and there is a sidewalk the runs along a main road that my condo is off of. I pulled out a little past the sidewalk but then stopped since a car was coming. I was just making a righthand turn and there are two lanes going south, but I stopped anyway (even though I didn’t even need to). Anyway, it was 6:30 and really dark. And I started going after the car passed mine and hit a person. Guys. I hit a person. Granted, it was dark out. He was black. He was also wearing all black. AND, I was already pulled out on top of the sidewalk with the nose of my car in the road. I go running in residential areas all the time. I never ever ever ever go in FRONT of a car who is about to turn. Ever. It’s dumb. Especially if their car is already well past the sidewalk. Be he did, and of course, I was turning right so I didn’t look to the right again to check for cars because I knew there were no cars. I just didn’t know know Mr. All Black was going to be walking in front of my car. He gave me an eat shit and die look and then kept walking. I rolled my window down and apologized (I was way too shocked to even think). I also had gone to hit the brakes before I hit him cause I saw him first, but I was already moving. So it was more of a love tap. He walked away just fine. But still. I hit a real live person. Jon made me feel better by saying it was 50/50 in whose fault it was because as a pedestrian, you should also be more careful walking in the dark (and dress in REFLECTIVE clothing). Also, my friend (who I can’t name) once hit a homeless man in downtown Atlanta, so that made me feel a little better too.

I should probably never admit to totally running into an actual person, but I just did. Talk about a shitty day. I had to go back into work for 4 hours this morning and it was a huge struggle. I’m exhausted. I was planning on attempting a 9 mile run today and drove out the course last night, but it’s rainy. So I’m going boot shopping instead, grocery shopping, and then coming home to nap and study all day long. And maybe hit the gym for a bit. I managed to get in a quick leg workout last night (after hitting the man, which I thought would give me more energy but it didn’t). Okay, Laura should be here soon to go boot shopping with me!