Life Updates- Long Time No Post

Wow, it’s been almost a month since I updated! I should be working on grad school right now since I’ve barely been able to get anything done in the last few weeks and need to get caught back up, but that can wait a second.

It has been a crazy month! I went to Yosemite with Laura for 10 days which was amazing! I can’t even begin to tell you all how nice it was to not be responsible for another human being 24/7. The freedom of being away was indescribable. And I slept like a rock every single night! Not having to worry about a baby waking up or hearing my mom get up at 4:30am for work or Jon get up at 5:30am and then hearing Jackson fuss or Rascal meowing was so nice! And it was just all about me for 10 days! Jon was stressed and hated every second of me being gone since he had to take care of Jackson and he told me I don’t get to go on 10 day trips anymore now that I’m a mom, but we’ll see about that. It was amazing to get out and hike again and be in nature. I used to hike a ton when I did travel nursing, especially in Massachusetts, but I haven’t really hiked since being back much. Our longest hike was 7 miles out to Cathedral Lake. I wouldn’t have minded a longer hike, but Laura isn’t much of a hiker and 7 miles is still a good trip. Cathedral Lake was marked as moderate and I thought it was pretty easy. I think we kind of killed it. I LOVED Yosemite though! It really inspired me to start backpacking more and start doing overnight hikes, but then there’s this whole baby thing… So, who knows if that’ll ever happen. While I missed Jackson a ton and couldn’t wait to get home to him, those 10 days of freedom definitely made me wonder why we decided to have kids. Not that I’d give my boy back now that he’s here- but I really thrive on traveling. Probably way more than I do being a mom.


Jackson is a lot of fun right now, though. He’s almost 8 months old and he crawls and pulls up on everything and babbles and is really just a ton of fun. He is SO much work though! So dang much. I can spend two hours in the morning just following him around making sure he doesn’t crack his head open on the tile. I’m pretty relaxed about him, but still, I hate to just let him go get stitches because I wasn’t watching him. But he gets his fair share of bumps and bruises. He’s been staying home more often on my days off again since I really missed him this month. We’re still living with my parents and my dad is between jobs (or possibly on his way to retirement, who knows- he wants to work but he’s almost 68) so my dad has been a huge help. He watches Jackson in the morning while I pump and I set him down by my dad all through the day while I finish getting stuff done for a few minutes. It’s going to be hard to be back on our own again, but hopefully in our house, we’ll have an area that’s baby proofed. I’ve also had tons of help from my mom picking him up and watching him.

I’m still pumping, magically. I’m down to three times a day and still make more than he eats, but I need to drop to two pumps soon. It’s harder to wean mentally than I thought t would be. It’s really strange knowing I won’t be providing fresh milk for Jackson every day.  I said that after Crista’s wedding, I would wean. Now I say by the time we get into our new house, I’ll definitely wean. It’s hard pumping with such an active baby and I won’t have my dad’s help anymore. It will be nice to have my boobs back. Jackson has been doing baby led weaning lately, which means we feed him table foods instead of purees. He choked on a banana pancake the other morning and it was terrifying! I know I’m an ER nurse and I deal with unexpected critical situations at work, but holy shit. My own baby choking was terrible! I actually called my dad over since he was on the couch (my dad used to be an EMT for years and years when I was younger) and he picked him up and did back slaps and Jackson spit his pancake right out. I guess because I see so much death, it just really scares me because who knows what would have happened if something was really lodged in there! So it has made all his subsequent feedings really stressful for me. I’m way paranoid now that it’ll happen again.

This past weekend, Jon and I went to St Pete, FL for Crista’s wedding. If you live near St Pete and haven’t gone, GO! It was SO cute! Billy’s (groom) parents live on this section called Pass-A-Grille and it was adorable! I really wish we had more time to explore, but wedding festivities kept us pretty busy. I really loved my dress, but this big boobs were just out of control and I’m pretty sure I’d have to re-alter the dress to wear it again, despite trying to get it super tight so that wouldn’t be the case. It was really nice to get away with Jon though. We haven’t gone anywhere together since early May, so we needed it.


Speaking of Jon, today is his 33rd birthday. I’d like to say I have big plans, but I don’t. I didn’t even get him a card. Life is way too crazy lately. We’re either eating dinner with my parents or Jon and I may go out and do dinner together. No clue.

Ummm… I’m in a boot now on my left foot. Apparently back when I first ran after having Jackson (very first day back to CrossFit at 6 weeks postpartum), I got a stress fracture in my foot. So now I’m in a boot. I have an appointment on Nov 1, but I don’t know that it’ll be healed in 3 weeks after putting it off for over 6 months. So no working out. I’m feeling out of shape, but then again, life should just be slowing down right now, so I haven’t even had time to work out lately. Or maybe I did, but I didn’t care to make time to work out with all that was going on. Hopefully I’ll get back into a good routine once we get into our own house.

Still on the house hunt. We found the perfect house and of course, they didn’t accept our offer. I should have been keeping track of how many offers we put in. We have one pending a counteroffer right now, but the house needs a TON of work. It’s pretty big though, but it’s in the middle of our price range and honestly probably needs $75k of work to get it where we want it. We’d never make that back in the neighborhood it’s in. We found a house I loved last night, but it looks like it has fairly extensive termite damage to the back of the house. I’d be willing to replace the damage we can see, but who knows how deep it goes into the structure. It could end up costing more than we bargain for. On that note, who owns a house and doesn’t have a termite bond? What is wrong with people?! And who doesn’t take care of their house, too? Some of the houses we’ve seen amaze me. The carpet is in terrible shape. The kitchens are a wreck. I get that there is normal wear and tear, but really… Maybe I’m just obsessively clean like my mother, but it appalls me. My parent’s house is 16 years old and Jon was actually just commenting the other day on how impressed he is that this is original carpeting in the house because it’s still in really good shape. That’s because it’s important to take care of your house!

Alrighty, time to get ready for the day and finish up some discussion postings so I can move on to my final papers. I have a busy end of the week (work Thurs/Fri 9a-7, Sat 11a-3p with a wedding that night, Sunday 11a-7p) and HATE my late days at work and not seeing Jackson. So 4 days in a row of late nights is too much for me!

House Hunting & Life Lately

Life these days… Man. I’ll just start by saying that the gym is like a distant memory right now. I magically still have biceps (probably not that magically- I do hold a baby all day) but I really can’t wait to fall into a new routine one of these days and get back to working out. But a routine seems so far off.

We’re still house hunting. We actually just put an offer in on a house we’d need to completely renovate, aside from the kitchen (which we would do at a later date). We had a ton of hesitation with it since there is literally no yard or anywhere close to play, but it’s in a golf course community with swim and tennis and we love the location. Definitely not the bright and airy house we dreamed about, but we always have the due diligence period to change our mind. And honestly, we went in way low- like offered $55k less than asking, and we aren’t willing to wiggle much because of the amount we have to put into it. It’s been on the market since June 10th though and is vacant, so who knows what desperation might do!

My mom has been helping a ton! I have worked until 7 a bunch of nights since my 9a-3p shifts get refused every time I try to pick them up. I actually miss Jackson every single day because I feel like I barely see him right now. And October is going to be so rough because I leave this Friday for 10 days, come home on a Sunday, and then leave the following Friday through Monday for a wedding. And I work until 7 a bunch of days in October since I had such limited availability. Jackson is so fun right now so I hate missing out on this time! We’ve start baby led weaning, so he is eating real food, but it’s a pain. The idea is that they learn to eat what you eat, but I eat like shit lately. And he is still learning, so most of the food ends up wasted on the floor. It is a lot of work so far, but I know it’ll pay off eventually. And he crawls around like crazy! And has four whole teeth! I am so super sad to leave him for 10 whole days though! When we booked the trip he wasn’t really as fun, so I was actually kind of excited about 10 days with no Mom-duties. I still am excited to have time away and to take a trip (especially with house stress lately!), but I really don’t want to be away from him for that long!

Other than that… well, nothing has been happening. Life has really been all about moving out of the condo (I’m no longer a homeowner!), working a ton, and trying to get schoolwork done. I haven’t really hung out with anybody. Jon and I have barely spent time together. Yesterday after we looked at houses until 3pm, we came to grab Jackson from my parents and took him to lunch with us. It was so good to hang out with him. This is a really stressful time… I’m adjusting more now, especially now that we closed on the condo and that chapter is over, but we had a few really rough weeks.

Well, what’s all I have for now. Off to get some more schoolwork done since I want to get ahead before our trip!

Eats & Selfies. But Mostly House Updates

Well well, in the last 10 days, a lot has happened! We moved out of our condo and we are at my parent’s house. The condo still has a lot of stuff left in it so I need to make it back and still have the final cleaning to do on it, so I don’t think it has quite hit that those days are over. I had one shift so far at work and the drive was long, but it wasn’t miserable. I also haven’t had to go downtown from my parent’s house again, so it hasn’t really hit me how far north we are again.

The house hunt continues! We actually almost put an offer in on a house, but then my realtor asked if we wanted to go back tonight to look one more time. Jon got Andrew (his friend) to meet us there since apparently he was a home inspector before he moved here (he’s also an engineer). He found a ton of stuff wrong with the house and we just kind of decided we don’t want to bother with it. I would consider a really low offer, but I guess the seller had already declined a low offer before. There is a house that I’m going to see tomorrow in my parent’s neighborhood that isn’t even officially on the market yet and doesn’t even have a price set, so we’ll see. I still think we may be just too far north. I was so in love with a house we saw yesterday too, but there were a few things that we didn’t want to deal with (a kitchen renovation and a huge tree stump growing in the driveway, plus a garage downstairs so we would have to carry the car seats upstairs EVERY time!). I loved the location though… I am also still a bit hesitant to jump into anything because I really would like to save up a little bit more.

However, living with my parents is already annoying! Maybe it will get better since I think most of my frustration comes from not having a “home,” but we will get more organized. We’re still living out of boxes right now. Our clothes are just laying on the floor. We have just been so busy since Sunday that we haven’t put stuff away yet! And Rascal will get declawed soon enough and be allowed out, so he won’t be stuck in our bedroom. I did search for a stupid veggie peeler for so freaking long today though and I was starving, and then I dropped my huge tub of yogurt and the bottom broke and yogurt went everywhere, and then I opened the cabinet and my dad’s stupid bag of popcorn fell into my f’ing yogurt bowl and got yogurt all over it. Like, REALLY?! And we have no good place to change Jackson during the day other than my parent’s bed. And if I want to shower when he’s awake, I can no longer slide his highchair along our wooden floors (we had felt pads on all of our furniture) to the bathroom or into the kitchen. I have nowhere to contain my crawling baby.

Jackson had his 6 month shots today. He was horrible after. He was so tired but cried for so long, even when I was holding him. I was so frustrated. He never does that! He finally fell asleep and thankfully I decided to pump right away even though I was early for a pump, because he ended up only sleeping for 30 minutes! SO FRUSTRATING! I kept him home from daycare though because he seemed so sleepy after his shots and I wanted to love on him. Nope, never again. Despite how obnoxious he was, I still miss him and want to go cuddle with him! But I’d never wake the beast! And he started crawling in the last week. He can sit unassisted for short periods of time. And today we started baby led weaning and I gave him avocado and about had a heart attack every time he stuck the whole wedge into his mouth.

Not even sure what else to say! My mind is so fried. Last week was busy with work and Sunday was busy with the move. I feel like next week will be stressful (a lot of work, the closing, and I have TONS of schoolwork) and then the following week I go to Lake Tahoe/Yosemite, which I haven’t even started researching!

Anyway, I’m so tired. We just got home at 8:30 tonight from the second showing on that house and Jon went to have some beers with Andrew. I ate an entire frozen pizza for dinner (I’ll regret that later when I start sweating and my heart starts racing) and now I’m about to go do my last pump, watch a TV show, and go to sleep! I have another showing at 9am tomorrow and then need to get some serious schoolwork done.

Know what I find annoying? I don’t think I ever did this, but if I did, forgive me. I was once annoying. And if you do it, well, it’s nothing personal. I do a lot of annoying stuff too still. I hate it when people say “eats” instead of food. Like, Jesus de Cristo, you had “Weekly Food.” Or “Weekend Meals.” Or anything. Really, I don’t know that I ever would have even cared about it, but I feel like it’s such a blog fad to use that word and it just seems dumb. I hate it almost as much as I hate 10,000 selfies per day (sorry selfie people).


House Hunting & Holidays

Hey-o! I feel like a lot has happened since my last update. Things are busy around these parts! Jon and I put our first offer in on a house that we really liked but we didn’t get it. I wasn’t surprised and considering the market, I figure we have a lot more offers to go before we end up getting one. I just found one that looked so nice, but it listed yesterday and is already under contract. So basically, in our price range, we need to find a house, see it on the day it is listed, and make a full price offer immediately.

I actually went to the gym this week! Not a ton, but I did. I went on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and today. So better than I thought, actually. I had my last days at CrossFit on Monday and Wednesday and am now going back to LA Fitness full time. I plan to stick with just LA Fitness until November since I go to Lake Tahoe and Yosemite at the end of this month and then we go out of town right after coming back, and then we have another wedding the following weekend. So, lots of stuff going on coming up and I’m just not paying so much money for CrossFit if I won’t be able to go.

My left foot has been hurting since I ran on it the very first day back at CrossFit when I was 6 weeks postpartum. I thought it was feeling a little better, but now it’s way worse so I need to set up an appointment with somebody. I feel like it’s pointless since I’m not staying off my foot while I go on vacation, but I also already reached my max out of pocket for insurance so everything is “free,” so why not?!

Jon and I were actually supposed to go to Florida yesterday, but Jackson had some kind of bug this past week. He had a fever on Monday so I had to pick him up from daycare, then I had to call out of work Tuesday because of the no fever for 24 hour rule even though Jackson was totally fine. Wednesday he was SO fussy in the evening and he wasn’t interested in eating, which lasted for three days, and then he started spitting up a ton and just acting super unhappy at night. And now he’s been waking up at 5am with a snot nose and will not fall back to sleep! Of course, Jon and I are like, “Is he really sick? Do we go to Florida? Do we stay home?” Who knows. But Jon’s mom said it’d be best if we stayed home, and since there was a hurricane passing right by the campground, we decided that sounded like a decent idea.

So, yesterday Jon had the day off since he had taken off to go out of town, so we had kind of a down day. I ended up sleeping in (after getting up at 5am and laying back down) and then we ran to Costco and I ran to the gym and we basically hung out at home. I got schoolwork done and Jon napped for a really long time on the couch. I also spent 1 hour and 26 minutes on the phone with Comcast trying to cancel my service. I was SO IRRITATED! And then they tried to charge me a cancellation fee because they said I renewed my TV and internet contract in 2015, and I explicitly told them last year that I would not renew my contract when they offered me a cheaper bundle. They said the bundle was month to month. I had to throw a fit on the phone and then finally after sitting on hold for almost an hour and a half, the lady came back (after she told me that there was absolutely no way the fee could be waived) and said that I was right- they had presented a new contract to me but that I had declined. OMG. I FREAKIN’ SAID THAT IN THE FIRST 45 MINUTES OF OUR PHONE CALL (you know, because it took 45 minutes to get to that lady because apparently when I first spoke with the cable/internet people, they showed that I was still in a contract with my security system and I had to speak to them separately, even though that ended a few months ago). Anyway, so we WILL NOT be getting Comcast again. Google Fiber is in our area now, so we’re really hoping to get Google Fiber in the new house. I also tried to cancel my power but with all the power outages, I couldn’t even wait on hold for them. There was no option. So I still have to call and cancel everything else this week since we move next Sunday. Add all this shit to the list of reasons that I hate moving.

Today was a beautiful day and I was dying to get outside, so Jon and I went to Piedmont Park for their farmer’s market because I really wanted Blue Donkey coffee. Besides, it’s only 20 minutes away right now, and next week it’ll be 40 minutes away.


It really was nice to get out of the house! We got home and hung out for a little while, and then I ran out to the gym. I met up with Laura for 30 minutes while she got some coffee and then I had to head back home so Jon could go meet up with Andrew since it’s the first day of college football. Lame. So I plan on either doing some schoolwork or watching a trash Lifetime movie and taking full advantage of our last weekend in this house!

Tomorrow I’m getting brunch with Gina and Laura. I hope we go do something outside for a little while, and then Jon and I need to run to my parent’s house to check on Kitty. We actually brought Rascal back to our house this week since my parents are out of town and Jon said Rascal seemed lonely on Friday. He hasn’t been so bad here and Jackson loves him! Jackson just watches him run around and laughs so hard at him and is always trying to scoot over to him and grab him. Super cute. So, I guess we’ll keep Rascal, even though I’ve decided that I don’t need pets ever again.

Alright, time to go shower finally and get on with my night. I was writing this while I made sure Jackson was good and asleep before getting in the shower, but he seems to be. Hope everybody has a good holiday weekend!

The Longest Survey E.V.E.R.

  1. What are your favorite smells?
    Fresh cut grass!
  2. Can you go a whole day without caffeine?
    Yep! I try not to have caffeine on my days off work, but sometimes I still drink a regular cup of coffee. I never have more than one cup of coffee though, and I don’t drink anything else with caffeine.
  3. Who knows you more than anyone else?
    Jon and Laura would be my top two!
  4. What song did you last listen to?
    Something in the car, but I was too busy thinking about our awful trip to the grocery store and other overwhelming life events to pay attention to the radio.
  5. Do you have a crush on anyone?
  6. Who is your celebrity crush?
    I don’t have one!
  7. Most romantic moment?
    When Jon let me sleep in until 8am after we had a baby… Haha.
  8. If you could choose one color to wear for a whole year, what color would you choose?
  9. Do you cook often?
    Occasionally. I wish I cooked more, but I haven’t gotten back into it much since having a baby.
  10. What was the last film you watched? Did you like it?
    Bad Moms. It was okay. I don’t think I’d recommend paying movie theater prices for it.
  11. Can you sew?
    I could sew a few straight lines here and there.
  12. What is your favorite fruit?
    It used to be berries, but lately I’m loving nectarines and mangos.
  13. Are you health conscious?
    Yeah, although not as much as I should be lately. I still eat a lot of fruits and veggies but I also eat a lot of not so great stuff too!
  14. Do you curse a lot?
    Nope. I used to have the dirtiest mouth ever, and when Jon and I started dating, I remember him telling me how unladylike it was to swear so much. And now I only drop the F bomb if I’m really upset about something.
  15. When was the last time you had a pint of beer?
    Ummm… A few weeks ago at a brewery for Kassie’s birthday.
  16. Is there a certain food you often crave for no reason?
    Chocolate. But there is a reason. Because I love it.
  17. Where was your last vacation?
    Lake Tahoe.
  18. Do you shave your pits?
  19. What’s the last thing you’ve done that was crazy?
    Haha, nothing. I am so not a crazy person. It has been years since doing crazy things was part of my life.
  20. Have you ever broken a bone? If so, how did it happen?
  21. How do you like your eggs?
    Fried with cheese and on a bagel sandwich.
  22. What was your last argument about and who with?
    How Jon got us kicked off our car insurance policy because he used it to replace two windshields, and one of them was just to sell his dang Jeep (although he thinks it is also because of me, because I was in a car accident in 2014 and then had to use the roadside assistance because my battery died in Oregon).
  23. Are you satisfied with the way your life is right now?
    Pretty much, yeah. I wish I could travel more often, but it’s good.
  24. Do you drink enough water?
    I drink a lot of water, but I think for making 50oz of milk a day, I should be drinking more.
  25. When was the last time you ate at Burger King?
    I can’t recall. It may have been 4 years ago when I got those Cinniminis for breakfast when Crista and I went to my parent’s cabin.
  26. Do you prefer the beach or the mountains?
    Tough question. I LOVE beaches aside from standard east coast USA beaches. And really, I prefer the coastline, not necessarily when there is a beach on the. I’ve been fortunate enough to see some AWESOME beaches! However, mountains are amazing and I really wish I was badass enough to do some serious glacier hikes and super long hikes up in the northwest.
  27. How do you usually feel when you wake up on a morning?
    Tired and like I don’t want to pump.
  28. When was the last time you wore high heeled shoes?
    I don’t know? Not recently. Probably before I was pregnant.
  29. Vodka or wine?
    Wine. But I prefer beer, overall. Or Moscow Mules.
  30. How often do you cry?
    I tear up a lot over things like kids getting cancer or stories online about terrible child situations, but other than that, not much. I don’t really all out ugly cry much.
  31. Ever had a crush on a teacher?
    Coach Loveless in 10th grade. He was awesome.
  32. Can you wire a plug?
  33. Do you wear socks to bed?
    In winter.
  34. What is currently bugging you?
    Well, State Farm kicking us off our car insurance, mostly.
  35. Where were you when you got your first period?
    In Ohio. I went to visit my friend Maggie after we moved to Georgia when I was 15, and I got it at her house.
  36. Can you change a car tire?
    Nope. I learned in driver’s ed but I was too busy talking to a friend, and the teacher was like, “One day, you’ll really wish you paid attention to this!” Although, Jon has assured me that I’m not strong enough to do it, so why bother?
  37. Have you met more than ten celebrities?
  38. Do you sleep naked?
    No, I actually hate sleeping naked. I wear a t-shirt and underwear. In the winter, I wear socks too and sometimes PJ pants (tucked into my socks so they don’t ride up my legs).
  39. What was the best music gig you’ve ever attended?
    Something Corporate used to put on awesome concerts, but I haven’t been to a concert in a really long time.
  40. Have you ever had sexual feelings for anyone you follow?
    Follow where?
  41. Do you think Benedict Cumberbatch is hot?
    Is that really somebody’s name?
  42. Favorite Disney princess?
    Uhhh… what?
  43. Favorite city?
    BRUGES, Belgium! LOVED it there! Hands down my favorite city EVER! VERY closely followed by Haarlem, Netherlands.
  44. Can you drive?
  45. Cigarettes or alcohol?
  46. Exercise or healthy eating?
    Both. Healthy eating actually probably makes me feel better overall, but exercise makes this body rocking’, haha. I’m kidding.
  47. What are you looking forward to?
    Relaxing. I just don’t know when it’ll happen.
  48. What do you plan on doing with your life a decade from now?
    I hope I’m taking a bunch of awesome trips. We’ll probably have another kid. And another house. And maybe I’ll have another job.
  49. Would you rather go back in time or remain where you are in terms of the time of your life?
    Where I am.
  50. What do you crave for desserts?
    Chocolate and cheesecake, but not together. Plain cheesecake.
  51. Who are your style icons?
    The Target models who wear the V-necks. Or at least they must be, because that is ALL I wear.
  52. Do you believe in an afterlife?
  53. What do you fear most about death?
    That my child will die before me.
  54. Extrovert or Introvert?
    I’m a happy medium, I think.
  55. Do you own any pets?
    Two cats. I regret Rascal, but I think I’ll love him after he loses his balls.
  56. Last person you spoke to on the phone?
    Jon. Had to talk to him about my horrible grocery store trip with Jackson.
  57. Favorite TV shows?
    I don’t really have a favorite now that they were all cancelled. I watch trash Bravo TV and MTV.
  58. Do you prefer to text or call?
  59. Morning or night?
  60. Do you like tacos?
    Yes. They were my favorite food when I was younger and then I learned how to make them and they lost their appeal.
  61. Do you enjoy walks?
    Yes! Jon and I used to go on evening walks all the time and I actually really miss them now that Jackson goes to bed when it’s still super hot during the day.
  62. Are you a frequent user of Facebook?
    Yeah, I should probably cut back.
  63. Do you watch animated shows still?
    No, I HATE cartoons.
  64. What’s your “lucky” number?
  65. Are you scared of anything?
    People I love dying. And flying. And heights.
  66. Any phobias?
    Flying. Isn’t that kind of the same questions?
  67. Big mac or big whopper?
    I actually don’t think I have ever had either.
  68. Do you like to play board games?
    Yep! Mostly Scrabble.
  69. Would you eat a live spider for one million dollars?
    Um, yes. If it was small.
  70. Would you forgive someone for cheating?
    I’m married, so I think if it was a one time thing, I wouldn’t throw a marriage away over it. If it was ongoing, it would really be hard to forgive. I’m not sure.
  71. Do you believe in aliens?
    I’m sure other planets have life.
  72. Are you a grumpy person?
    Kind of, yeah.
  73. Are you a worry wart?
    About some things, but not about other things!
  74. Do you like having your picture taken?
    I don’t mind it.
  75. Do you like cotton candy?
  76. Do you believe in ghosts?
  77. What’s the weirdest flavor of ice cream you’ve tried?
    I have no idea.
  78. Do you like math?
    Nope. I do enough math to calculate medications, and that’s it. And how much money I make.
  79. Do you remember lyrics easily?
    Oh god, no. I know a few songs and that’s it.
  80. What was/is your favorite school subject?
    I actually used to really like math, but I hate it now. I don’t like any subjects.
  81. Are you allergic to anything?
    Nope, thankfully.
  82. Do you like rainy days?
    I do love an occasional rainy day if I don’t have anywhere to go and can chill at home and listen to the storm! But now that I live in a condo with somebody above me, it’s not quite the same! Rainy nights in the cabin are the best though!
  83. Do you like pie?
  84. Do you lift weights?
  85. Would you like children in the future?
    No. But too late. I already have one!
  86. Do you usually sleep with your closet door open or closed?
    Open. I think our closet would stink if we kept the door closed, so it’s always open.
  87. Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotels?
    No. I’m super picky about my shampoo and conditioner.
  88. Have you ever stolen a street sign before?
    Tons. And tons.
  89. Have you ever peed in the woods?
    I was in the Army. I have peed everywhere.
  90. Do you still watch cartoons?
    No. Hate them.
  91. Were you ever a boy/girl scout?
  92. Would you ever strip or pose nude in a magazine?
    I’d never strip because I have no rhythm. I wouldn’t be against posing nude. I wouldn’t do it in a vulgar way, but I mean, it’s just a naked body. If somebody wants to see this milk makin’ boobies, well, whatever.
  93. When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper?
    To Jon for our anniversary last year. I “forgot” this year.
  94. Ever gotten a speeding ticket?
    Two. I’ve been pulled over countless times, but I only got one when I was 16 and one in Idaho when I was doing travel nursing, and it was for going 83 in an 80. Seriously, stupid.
  95. When you were a kid, what did you dress up as for Halloween?
    A grandpa. Or a witch. That was about it.
  96. Sing in the car?
    Not usually.
  97. Ever used a gun?
    Plenty of times.
  98. Do you think musicals are cheesy?
    Yep, don’t like them.
  99. Wal-Mart, Target or K-Mart?
  100. Ever won a spelling bee?
  101. Ever had plastic surgery?
  102. Which are better black or green olives?
  103. Do you want to get married?
    Already am.
  104. Would you give a homeless person CPR if they were dying? Why or Why not?
    I’ve given homeless people CPR in the ER before. I’d do it on the street to. But I better see him go down because I’m not going to just start doing CPR on a random person that I find dead on the street.
  105. What is one thing you wish had zero calories?
    I don’t care about calories.

Last Normal Week & House Plans

Happy Monday! And it really is a happy Monday because Jon got up with Jackson this morning and I slept until 8am! That’s a big deal! I also went to bed by like, 10:30 last night so I got plenty of sleep!

This past weekend I had to work. I was supposed to work 7a-3p on Saturday, but one of the nurses I like asked if I could stay until 7 for her so she could do something that evening. Since I had to work on Sunday anyway, it’s not like I could do much after work so I agreed to stay for her. Besides, I’m feeling like we need to save up faster so I’m fine with extra hours. But that was my first 12 hour shift since before Jackson was born and I was pooped! I forget how exhausting 12 hours of work is and I am so dreading having to do it again in a few weeks! Thankfully, it was actually a pretty good day at work, so it wasn’t terrible! And Jon brought Jackson to see me during my lunch break, although Jackson pooped everywhere. I went to the cafeteria and couldn’t find him and somebody asked if I was looking for my husband. She said he was outside, so I went out there and he was crouched over a naked baby, haha. Oh babies.

Yesterday after work (another 7a-3p day), I drove by a condo that was for sale that looked super nice on the inside and was cheap, but the area was way too questionable. However, Jon and I have started talking about another transitional house. Something where we can keep our payments around $1000 a month (ours now is around $950) but that has more space. Probably a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house or condo. That way we have a lower house payment for the next few years while I finish school and take time off work when we have our second baby. By the time we’re ready to buy again, Jon should have been in his new job for a long time (he is a sales associate now, but he should be a sales rep soon, so he will be making a significant amount of money more). And then we can still TRAVEL! Obviously that’s pretty much all I care about. I’m actually feeling WAY better about this plan, because I just don’t want to spend all of our money on a downpayment and then pay so much more a month on a mortgage. I really hope we find something we like for a lower price. Especially because we would be able to afford the downpayment on a cheaper house with what we’re making off the condo, so we would be able to put an offer in immediately if we find something. I just feel like the houses I really love are still about $40k out of our price range, so why not buy something a little smaller now that has one extra bedroom and a better layout, and save up so that one day, we can comfortably buy our “dream” house! I’m actually getting excited about this because I really don’t want a house that’s too big right now. I still love the convenience of a smaller house with a new baby and all the cleaning, and I am excited about the possibility of still feeling like we can travel without being strapped for cash! So, while I am still feeling kind of sad every day about leaving our house and this location (I am soaking up every last minute of my 23 minute commute to work right now, because no matter where we move, my commute will probably be about 40 minutes. Unless we move to the area I work, I literally live in the most convenient location for my work that we would consider living- everywhere else is all back roads and has traffic), I am starting to get more excited about having a new house.

Also, this is the MOST exciting part about buying a cheaper house! There are tickets to Paris and Prague for 60,000 points! They’re about $1200 in cash, but we can buy one ticket with miles completely. Jon said he could go in January since it’s the start of a new quarter and I am seriously considering trying to plan a trip for us! I am really hoping tickets stay around 60,000 points for that time of year, because once we pin down a house and know what we’re spending, we can book it! We were supposed to go to Paris last December, if you guys remember, but we had to wait 24 hours while our Skymiles transferred and during that 24 hours, all that mess happened with the attacks on Paris and Jon said we couldn’t go! If we can’t go to Paris though, I might try to at least book a trip to Costa Rica since tickets are pretty cheap to Costa Rica anyway and it’s only a 4 hour flight from Atlanta! I told Jon that Europe is calling and I must go!

Anyway, this is our last full “normal” week at home. Next week we’ll be packing every day to prepare for the move on the 11th. And this weekend we’ll be in Florida, so I won’t even get to enjoy one last weekend here! My parents are going to take Jackson the Saturday night before we move, so I hope Jon and I can run out and have a late night fun time, haha. When I was pregnant, we left our house at 9:50 one night to get cheeseburgers, and I remember thinking that we wouldn’t be able to do that again. And we can’t! We can’t even leave the house after 6pm together because Jackson is already in bed! So, we can run out in the area we live in for one last late night run!

Alrighty, I should get back to my paper for a few minutes. Jackson should be waking up soon and I want to go to the gym today since I didn’t go AT ALL last week! I want to finish this paper up before we leave on Thursday/Friday, so I have a lot of work to do! And Jon has business dinners a bunch so my evenings will be taken up with baby.

Friday Brunch

Hey-o. Happy Friday! I had planned on putting J in daycare today to do some work, go to the pool, and finally make it to the gym this week, but Stephanie asked if I wanted to grab lunch today. Since we have planned a ton of get togethers and something always comes up (J was born, her husband’s dad died…), I decided to blow off my personal plans and get together with a friend instead! Besides, I’ve been spending much more time at home lately since school has started and I definitely need social interaction to be a happy human.

Jackson slept in until 7:15! WOOHOO! This is super exciting since we’ve had our fair share of extra early wake ups lately, so when I woke up and it was light out, I knew we had a good night around here! I spent some time cleaning up and making breakfast and finally washing my hair this morning (it’s crazy how oily my hair is now that I’ve had a baby! I used to easily go 4 days without washing it- now after 2 it’s greasy!). Jackson was getting super tired and fussy around 9:15, so I put him down and he fell right to sleep. He woke up at 10:30, so I got him ready just in time to go meet up with Stephanie and her baby!


Stephanie and I met at Buttermilk Kitchen, which is known for brunch. I’ll be honest- it wasn’t the best I’ve ever had. My food was definitely good, but I have had better. And you couldn’t get a piece of french toast to sub as a side, which is kind of irritating. I like brunch places that let you sub things out. Jackson did pretty well at brunch! He did fuss a few times but it was so loud that you couldn’t even hear him. He spent a lot of time in my lap and I could tell he was tired (he had been yawning since he woke up at 10:30), and as soon as I laid him in his car seat after brunch, he was out.

I got stuck in traffic so he got a 40 minute nap. We got home, I fed him, and I had wanted to put him back down but he was playing around. I put him on the floor and he entertained himself eating mine and Jon’s clean underwear (I fold laundry next to him to keep him entertained when he starts getting fussy), but when that fun wore off, he started fussing and yawning, so I laid him back down.

And now he’s still asleep! I got in an episode of Real Housewives and filed my nails. I considered the pool or the gym, but Jon got off work early and is napping, and since he has baby duty all weekend while I work, I figure I’ll let him enjoy his nap before I dump Jackson on him while I go work out. Who knows what I’ll actually do tonight. I work tomorrow and Sunday (just 8 hour shifts, but waking up at 4:45 is still tiring!), so I think it’ll be a boring weekend for us around here.

I had to work Wednesday and Thursday and totally planned on working out in the evenings, but Wednesday was a late night for Jon and Thursday I was just exhausted. I am not used to working two days in a row anymore, sadly, and it was just so busy on Wednesday. I was in the mood to just relax at home. I should soak this house in anyway, since these are my last two weeks here! I did get a night out on Tuesday with Laura! I had been wanting to get out at night because it has been so nice in the evenings here! We ended up running some errands (of course) and we had some Mediterranean dinner on a patio. I had a portabella and caesar pita and it was SO good. Then we got ice cream, because that’s just what we do. It was so nice to get out of the house. Since Jackson goes to bed at 5:30-6 now, I just feel like I spend so much time at home. It sucks.

I suppose I’ll go. I need to clean up the house some more so I can get some homework done tonight. I’m trying to get ahead on school stuff since we’re going out of town for Labor Day and then I go out of town for 10 days to Tahoe and Yosemite, and then Jon and I go back out of town to Florida for Crista’s wedding! Busy semester for sure! I don’t have anything too hard to get done, but just a bunch of busywork that I don’t want to mess with later!

Oh, and Jackson is 6 months old today! Hard to believe that my boy is 6 months!