Crazy Mom

Tomorrow is my LAST day in Charleston before heading back to GA. Not that I’ve been here that long, because I haven’t. I actually wish I could stay here for another weekend with Jon, but oh well. I’ll be back.

I had a total crazy meltdown the other day. Jackson was driving. me. insane. I’m so not used to being home with him all day long. The last time I was home this much with him was on maternity leave and that was pretty much the worst time ever. It’s nice being able to let him have his two naps a day and feed him three full meals, except he has been kind of a pain with sleeping and he refuses a lot of his food lately and throws everything on the floor. And he just fussed ALL DAY LONG the other day. So when Jon got home, I pretty much threw a fit and then accidentally knocked Jackson over and he hit his head and I said I was going back to Atlanta and leaving Jackson here! Which I would never do unless it was planned, because I would miss Jackson too much. Anyway, after my fit, I was all better again and things were totally fine. But babies 24/7 are not for me. Not even my own. I love him to death, but being a stay at home mom is never going to be for me.

Today my goal was to get out of the house and go walk around somewhere. I was SO tired today since I didn’t fall asleep until late and then Jackson woke up in the middle of the night (which hasn’t been happening for awhile). I wanted to go to Magnolia Plantation, but then I read that it’s more of a historical thing and to allow time, so I figured it was better with Jon. Instead I headed to the Battery and to go see Rainbow Row downtown. The sky cleared up right before I went and it was a beautiful day. I threw Jackson in the stroller and we walked around for about an hour. There is SO much I want to explore! I wish it was easier to go eat at places but it’s hard with Jackson right now. I may not have talked about my recent McDonald’s trip with him on our way out to Charleston, but I assure you, it was not fun.

There are these Hike It Baby groups on Facebook (and apparently it’s a big thing nationwide) where you can go meet up with other moms. There is one nearby tomorrow, so I think I’m going to try and make it in the morning. Jackson is usually napping during the time that it’s at, so I hope it goes okay. I’m sort of nervous because I feel like I’m not a real mom. Like, other moms actually wanted to be moms and are put together and like staying at home with their kids. And I’m over here knocking my kid over as I shove couches in anger (I spilled the entire contents of my vacuum canister under the couch- it was really infuriating). And I CAN’T wait for daycare to start here.

Speaking of which, daycares here are so different than Georgia. The centers in Georgia are all pretty big. They have a large capacity and have lots of room for the kids to play. Everything is new and clean and up to date. Everything here is dated. The rooms are tiny and dark. The stuff for the kids to play with is so minimal. I looked at a daycare for $220 a week (which is what we paid at my first daycare- the one we’re at now is more than that but he’s also at a really nice daycare right now) and was kind of shocked. So, I’m sticking with a cheaper one since it’s part time, and I will probably just take him in the mornings and get him in the afternoons. Unless I get a job, which I really want. I want to get a job in a gym doing pretty much anything, but I have a feeling I’ll be too overqualified to even get an interview.

Well,  I suppose it’s time to head out. Jackson is about to go down for bed and then it’s time to clean up! I finally got to put all my photos on my external hard drives, so I’m in the process of uploading almost 7,000 high resolution photos. It’s taking forever. And then I need to start on my Shutterfly book for Jackson’s whole first year!


It’s almost the end of my first week in Charleston. I drove out here on Tuesday with Jackson. We arrived pretty early, but much to my dismay, Jon hadn’t actually called to turn on our water and he didn’t tell me until two hours into my drive that the water wouldn’t come on until Wednesday. I wasn’t about to start that trip over, so I continued to Charleston. That day, we were told our water would come on by 9pm on Tuesday night, but it didn’t. Of course. Even worse, I got my first period since having a baby, which wasn’t bad at all (I had been told that it’s awful), but no water! Gross.

Tuesday I spent all day putting away kitchen stuff. I also made a run to Whole Foods for a super expensive stock up. It cost $403! HOLY. MOLY. But the Whole Foods is pretty comparable to the ones in Georgia and they carry Atlanta Fresh products! Jon and I went to Costco in the evening with Jackson and stocked up on a few other items.

Wednesday my mom came. She got here around 11am and we put a huge dent in the unpacking! The water finally came on at 3pm so I hopped in the shower and then we made a Target run (this has happened daily). Thursday was a lot of the same, except my dad also came and I had to go look at some daycares. I’m undecided on the daycares. I need to make a decision or keep looking at places. Jon and I ran out to Costco again (ALONE!) and got a Shiatsu back massager from there. Best massager ever! It is amazing! I’ve used it like, three times a day since then.

Friday we had most of the stuff unpacked, so my mom and dad went out for lunch and I hung out with Jackson. That night, my parents stayed home with Jackson while Jon and I went out. We went to this little sushi place downtown. It was pretty small and nothing fancy at all, but the sushi was pretty good. We walked around and I got an ice cream sandwich (not the best, even though Yelpers gave it almost 5 stars). Then we drove around and did some sightseeing, which is actually really hard at night in Charleston because it’s so dark here! I’m definitely used to a much brighter city!

My parents offered to keep Jackson on Saturday morning while Jon and I went to the Christmas market. We planned on taking Jackson but we decided to take advantage of having a baby-free outing. We went to Eli’s Table for breakfast. Hardly any places were open for brunch in the mornings! A few were open at 9am, but not that many! Breakfast and brunch in Atlanta is a big thing, so a ton of the places open at like, 6 or 7am! Our options were kind of limited, and the food scene is totally different here. The brunch seems like a lot more seafood type stuff instead of French toast, eggs, and bacon. But our brunch was really good (/breakfast, because we literally got there at 8:45am). We walked around after that through the market and went down by the water. We did a lot of sightseeing and enjoying the town! It was much more enjoyable in the light. My parents wanted to leave by one and we had some pictures to hang, so we headed back home.

That afternoon, Jon and I went to Home Goods. It’s far away and there is only one in the whole city and it was PACKED. I could barely stand it! We’re so used to Atlanta where there are like, three Targets within 10 miles of each other and Home Goods every few exits and grocery stores every mile. I swear, Atlanta has like, 30 gyms in every 10 mile radius. I really love the downtown area, but it’s going to be a huge adjustment from big city living. I don’t think I realized how small Charleston is! I thought metro-Charleston would be more like metro-Atlanta, but it’s not. I don’t think there even is a metro-Charleston, haha.

Jon and I headed to Sullivan’s Island with Jackson after we went to Home Goods to hang out at the beach for a little bit, and then we had to head home to get Jackson to bed.

It was kind of lonely waking up today without my parents! I’m used to living with them now and having them here in the mornings. It really is sort of lonely with just the three of us. And it really felt kind of lonely not having friends nearby to call up for lunch or to go grab coffee. Usually if I had a free day at home, that’s what I’d do… I think it’s kind of starting to sink in that I don’t actually know anybody! I have become much more of a homebody since having a baby and especially since moving in with my parents two months ago, but I still like the option to run out and meet up with people.

This afternoon, Jon and I ran some more errands (Target again) and then went out to Folly Beach real quick. Nothing too exciting! And now I’m cleaning up and trying to get some stuff done for school and just other random stuff that I need to do.



Thanksgiving Weekend

Happy end of Thanksgiving weekend! It has been a pretty decent last few days! But first, Jon and I had our Mary Mac’s date downtown last week. Or whenever it was. I was so excited to get dressed up (in jeans, not like, a dress) and put on makeup and do my hair. And then I remember that I had a super busy day and was like, “Uh, F’ that, I’m not getting dressed!” And so I wore yoga pants and my hideous cloth boots that got my swollen, pregnant feet through winter last year. I didn’t wear makeup and I probably didn’t even wash my hair that day. Or my face. But that’s real Mom life.

I like to tell myself that I’m going to start spending some time on my appearance. I could whiten my teeth and I need to dye my hair again and I should probably get dressed occasionally, although I’ve lost so much weight and my body is weird from not working out, so yoga pants make more sense. And all that other stuff just takes time. Who wants to do all of that? Not me. But I need to get it together. I shouldn’t be a slob every day.

Anyway, so Thanksgiving. Saturday we had a Friendsgiving at Gina’s house. The food was the shit. Aside from the turkey, because I don’t actually like turkey really. But everybody made really good food and then we played Cards Against Humanity. I was so tired at like, 6pm though. No joke, I told Jon that I was exhausted and I was like, “Hah, it’s probably like 6:30!” and I was totally joking, and then he was like, “Yeah, it’s actually 6:10.” We were the first couple to leave around 8:30, but that’s what happens. Jackson is in bed on a regular basis by 6:30 and then we’re usually in for the night. 8:30 is late.

Sunday was Thanksgiving with my mom, dad, and brother. We hung out around the house all day and then ate some more yummy food.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were all work days. And Jackson slept terribly at least two of those nights, so I was tired.

Thursday morning we woke up at 4am to go to Florida (seriously, we are such parents now). We wanted to leave before Jackson got up so we could knock a few hours out before he woke up and wanted out of his carseat. It worked fabulously and we only had to stop at Cracker Barrel for breakfast, which worked out since he could play with everything in the store.

Apparently the whole Tate clan had a bug going around or something, so we stayed with Brad and Rebecca and did Thanksgiving with just their family, Jessica (the oldest sister), and the kids. Jon’s parents stopped by for a minute but his mom was sick so they didn’t stay long. We had a Honeybaked Ham and it was SO GOOD! We can skip the turkey every year and Jon and I are just going to buy a ham from now on! Maybe next year, we’ll invite my mom and dad to Charleston for a holiday out there!

Friday morning was boring. But kind of nice. I left Jon to go work on my grad school paper, but I was hungry so did it over a nice, quiet breakfast alone outside! We took Jackson to the beach that afternoon for the first time! Major success! All the photos are on my camera, which I can’t upload since my computer is full and my external hard drive is in storage, but I’ll post some later! He went right into the water and took off crawling through it like a crazy person! The cold water didn’t even phase him! He was in heaven. I think he could have stayed there forever. We only really left because he face planted into the water and got a little shocked and upset, and we were kind of over it. But really, he is going to love being in Charleston! I’m going to have a little beach baby! Once we got back to Brad and Rebecca’s, I left for Starbuck’s to finish my paper. I probably could have finished it tomorrow, but I kind of wanted an excuse to go enjoy the nice weather all by myself. I sat outside at Starbuck’s too and it was wonderful, even if I was doing schoolwork. In the evening, we went out to the beach again with his sisters and the kids to look at the lights. We weren’t out super long since Jackson goes to bed early, but it was fun.

Saturday morning, Jon and I went to Maple Street for our biscuits because it’s our staple place to go in Jacksonville. Then we headed out to see Adam and Jessie at Adam’s parent’s house (we love his parents too!). His parents are currently living in a multimillion dollar house and it is beautiful (they don’t own it- they just got really lucky). Look at that view!


After hanging out with them all afternoon, we went back to the house and I ended up just hanging out and packing. Jackson was really having a tough night. Really, he had a tough time most of the time (other than out with Adam and Jessie). I think all the kids are too much for him and he just gets overstimulated and inconsolable. Bedtimes were HORRIBLE, and then bedtime tonight (at home) was perfectly fine. And now I think he’s old enough to know that he’s not at his own house, so it’s probably scary for him. Jon went out last night and I went to bed at 9:30.

We woke up 3:30am today and headed home! Jackson had a mini meltdown on the way home. Only once, so that’s pretty good, so we stopped and discovered that he loves the steering wheel! It was sunny out, but look at his teefies! Love his little face!


We made it home by noon and spent all day running errands, doing laundry, cooking food, and adulting way too much. Tomorrow is moving day! Jon has the truck rented and we have people hired here and in Charleston to load and unload. I’m taking Jackson out there on Tuesday. My mom is coming on Wednesday in my car to help unpack and hang out with Jackson while I get stuff done. And then my dad will come Thursday after an interview and I think my parents are staying for a night or two to explore Charleston! I’m only going out temporarily and will be heading back on the 9th for a few weeks, so it won’t feel “real” until I get back to Charleston in January!

Alright, it’s 9:15pm and I need to pump (although I am finally about to drop to one pump and then just quit finally) and get in bed! It’s been a long day! I’ve been up since 3:30am and only napped for about 30 minutes on the way home today. I’ll update one of these days! Just not sure when!



Charleston Updates & Life

We FINALLY found a place in Charleston! The location isn’t really where I want, but the location that I like is “too small” for Jon. I don’t understand why we need more than 1,200 square feet, but whatever. Don’t get me started. The place looks really nice and I’m just glad we have something set. It still needs to be finalized (I just signed the application), but we should be moving the Monday after Thanksgiving. I’ll be home soon after to work in December, but I’m hoping to drop down to the lowest PRN level at my work so that I can enjoy being with Jon for a few months before coming back to Atlanta for grad school stuff.

Jon and I have had a super rough two weeks though. I think probably some of our lowest times since being married, where divorce really seemed like a good option. Honestly, we barely argued, but I think the last few months of feeling disconnected kind of culminated into this one tough week. He has been out of town and I never feel like he actually is excited about spending time with me when he does get to see me (which surely is because of my attitude too- I don’t mean for this to come across as being his fault because it’s not at all). I basically got so upset about going out to Charleston to be with somebody who doesn’t like spending time with me that I said I wouldn’t go back if these next few weeks there don’t go well. Jon came home last night from Charleston though and really, it’s like everything is better. We obviously love each other and I want our family to be together in the future and I try to remind myself during these times that everything can’t be perfect. To expect that two stubborn people can be married without ever butting heads is silly, and thankfully, we just keep on moving forward. I’m hoping to find a good marriage counselor in Charleston just because I think it would be great for us to work on our communication and making the other person feel special, so hopefully we can find somebody good. We both definitely have things to work on and hopefully getting out of my parent’s house will help motivate us both to do better and put in more effort.

Also, it is so sweet seeing Jackson and Jon together. I FaceTime Jon every morning and evening and Jackson gets SO excited to see him! He always says “Hi Da!” and waves and is just so happy about their phone calls! And last night Jon was so excited to see Jackson, so they were just playing and laughing and I love it. Makes me melt!

I am kind of out of the boot now on my foot, but I’m still in pain! I should probably go back to wearing it more, but after three full weeks in it and another two weeks in it part time, my legs feel so jacked up from the weight of it and walking all wonky. I’m really not wanting to go back to wearing it more because of my legs, but I also know I need to for my foot to finally heal. I just want to work out now! I’m so glad I actually WANT to work out at least. Took long enough. Maybe it’s my pancake butt making me want to do squats again.

This week I had two social outings. That’s a big deal for this mom. I went to coffee with Laura after work the other night, so it was fairly quick and I was so tired, but it was nice to get out. And then yesterday, I met up with Lisa and her baby (she’s 3 weeks younger than Jackson). We had lunch and then went to sit outside at a park, which was so nice! The weather was amazing and the babies had so much fun. Jackson LOVED Ella’s penguin, haha. He kept hugging it up against his face and it was so stinking cute.


Tonight Jon and I are having a date night down at Mary Mac’s in Atlanta (known for their southern food) and then tomorrow is Friendsgiving at Gina’s. We’re having Thanksgiving dinner at my mom and dad’s on Sunday since Jon and I are going to Florida for Thanksgiving. I work Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and I think we’ll leave for Florida super early on Thursday morning. Then we’ll come back on Sunday and head to Charleston with our moving truck on Monday or Tuesday. I’m so excited to explore a new city and to take Jackson to the beach! He’s never been and I love the beach in winter! The beach in winter wins for me over the beach in summer. Or the beaches in Massachusetts won for me all the time, because it wasn’t hot and humid like it is down south.

Alright, Jackson is in daycare so I can do schoolwork, so I better get some work done!


Hey-o. Happy Thursday. I’m feeling stressed out today and irritated with Jon (always). There was a house we found super close to downtown Charleston last week (in West Ashley), but Jon kept telling me we could find a house for that same price in Mt Pleasant and that he really wanted to live in Mt Pleasant. So he decided to wait on getting a lease on that house until he could go back and look at houses in Mt Pleasant this week. I kept stressing that the house was nice, close to downtown, cheap (especially because they dropped the price by $250 a month the day he looked at it), and I thought that house would be rented by this week. Of course, the house is rented, and there actually aren’t any decent houses in Mt Pleasant, or West Ashley now for that matter, that are anywhere even close to that price. Basically, for a decent house now, we’re looking at spending $6,000 extra in a year than we could have spent on that house. Although I’m excited to explore in Charleston, I’m getting frustrated with the decision not to buy a house in Atlanta and to put ourselves through this, especially because it would have been cheaper in the long run to just buy a house in Atlanta. And the market has really slowed down in Atlanta (I’ve still been tracking the houses, and a lot of nice looking houses are coming on the market in our price range and aren’t going nearly as fast), so I feel like we could have found something decent here in our price range. Also, it’s already getting old being alone at home with Jackson. I know my parents are here (obviously, because I live with them) and they are a huge help, but I’m ready to be out of my mom and dad’s house! I want our own space as a family! And I also want to be able to take vacations, but if I’m only keeping daycare in Georgia, then my mom has to agree to watch Jackson if I take a trip because I can’t leave him in Charleston with Jon since we don’t have daycare there! I am starting to wonder if I need to somehow work out a way to do a nanny in Atlanta and daycare in Charleston. But I really like our daycare here and I hate always placing Jackson with new daycare ladies!

I’m SO READY to get back to the gym now. I don’t crave working out at all. But I weighed myself with my boot on yesterday and was 95lbs. So I’m probably like, 93lbs, and that was after eating all day. My legs are so small and people are constantly telling me how thin I am. And my pants are so baggy on my legs now! I’m only making about 30oz of milk a day now and I feel like I’m eating a decent amount still (I eat when I’m hungry, as always), so I don’t know why I’m not gaining any weight back! I think once I quit pumping for good and get back in the gym, I’m going to have to start adding protein powder every morning to try and put on some weight again. And I need to start lifting to get my muscle back. And maybe just eating even more, even if I’m not hungry, so that I can pack in the calories.

I need to go work on my paper. I’m not feeling motivated at all. I think I’m just too frustrated today and it’s nice out and the last thing I want to do is work on this stupid paper. I can’t think of any words to use and my eyes hurt from looking at my computer. Ugh. I’m grumpy. And I am getting my hair cut tonight and the last thing I want to do is sit in a chair for hours getting my hair cut.

Maybe I should go eat some chocolate and turn my frown upside down.


Hey-o! It’s 9am on Thursday morning an I already have had Jackson at daycare for 45 minutes! WIN! I actually have wanted to keep him home most days, but he’s so into everything right now that I was kind of looking forward to having a day to myself, without following around a tiny little human. I want to go get my hair done today because I haven’t had it cut in 8 1/2 months (right before Jackson was born), but really, sitting in a chair for hours on a nice day just doesn’t sound like any fun. I hate getting my hair cut and colored because I can’t sit still for that long and it seriously makes me want to go crazy. I used to never do both at the same time because of how long I would have to be there (also, I was miserable when I got my hair done right before my due date. I was insanely hot and tired of sitting and just absolutely miserable. Get your hair did before you get huge, pregnant ladies.) But now I’d rather knock it out in one day. Today just isn’t that day.

Jon went to Charleston yesterday and looked at two places. He really wants a 3 bedroom (for the visitors that we “always” have- not) so the prices are a bit high. He said both were decent (both in West Ashley, but close to the water, for anybody familiar with Charleston) but he wants to keep looking next week. I think he really wants to live in Mt Pleasant but I prefer the west side of Charleston so I won’t have to sit in traffic getting into town from Atlanta with Jackson in the afternoons/evenings. Hopefully we find something soon. I still really want to get settled right after Thanksgiving. I’m getting really anxious to explore a new city and keep looking at Charleston online!

I still haven’t decided on a trip location for January! It’s so hard!

I went to my ortho appointment on Tuesday and the doctor said I can start taking my boot off now. He said to take it off for 1 extra hour every day and build up over a few weeks. I’ve been wearing it out of the house only now. I got tired of wrapping it up at work, so now I just leave it at the door. My foot does feel better most of the time, but I can tell it isn’t completely better. I should probably clean it off and keep it on at home some more.

Jackson and I had lunch on Tuesday with my old coworker. It was so good to see her! Jackson did really well until the last few minutes (understandably, the service was super slow) and then he got ants in his pants. Since we’re living a lot farther north now, I really haven’t been doing much lately. There’s so much traffic to get downtown where all of my friends live now, but Kassie should be moving in with her parents again in a few months and I’m really excited about that! She lives close to my mom and dad (since we went to high school together) so I can’t wait to just hang out with her sometimes! I need to make more of an effort to get together in the evenings with people, but really, I’m just sort of into “family” life. After Jackson goes to bed between 6-6:30, there are bottles to wash and I need to pump and then I usually have stuff to clean up or homework to do. And I wake up by 6 every morning, so I want to be home to relax before bed. I was pretty old and lame before, but I’m even more lame now. I do think I’m going to lunch on Sunday with the girls though, so that’ll be nice. If Rachel comes with her daughter, then I’ll bring Jackson so everybody can meet the babies (Rachel hasn’t met Jackson yet and I haven’t met her daughter).

Alrighty, time to go pump and get on with my day! I kind of wish I could go to the gym this morning but we’re not there yet! Ah well. I’ll just spend my day working on my papers for grad school.

Halloween and Vacations!

Happy Monday! Look who’s blogging more often! You know what is so obnoxious?! The house we LOVED that we put a full price offer in on and the seller dicked us around for 5 days and then accepted another offer, is BACK on the market! I was so tempted to put another offer in on it because I loved that house and it was in such a good location, but that’d be silly. Jon officially has the job in Charleston and is actually going there during the week for the month of November, and December 1st is still his first official start date. As long as he finds a place for us to live, Jackson and I will be out there for the first half of December with him. I’m actually pretty excited to start exploring, but it’ll be tough to be apart and I’m sad for Jackson not to see his dad every day.

This weekend Jon and I took Jackson to a pumpkin patch! It was kind of a sad pumpkin patch, haha. We got there and there were hardly any pumpkins left and it was just surprisingly not very busy! But it was still fun. Jackson didn’t really know what to make of the whole thing. He did a lot of staring and just kind of taking everything it, but not much playing. He did love the goats though, so that was pretty cute! He definitely loves his animals! I’d show you guys some more pictures of Jackson, but my computer isn’t uploading my photos right! I think I’m out of space, but my external hard drives are in storage! Uhhh! And I have no idea what I’ve already put on there so I don’t know what can be deleted off of my computer. Bummer. Good thing we should be going into our storage unit soon and I can find the box with our safe in it (my external hard drives are in a fireproof safe cause I’m smart like that). Also, good thing I have that cute boot on in all of our cute fall photos! It was really unseasonably warm yesterday, so Jackson didn’t get to wear his cute little flannel shirt that I bought him for our fall day, and I ended up having to take his socks and pants off too so he didn’t roast out there. Yesterday was the longest he’s ever been outside and it tuckered him out. He was so fussy and tired all evening!


Last week I went over to Kassie’s to care pumpkins with her, Gina, and Laura. We do this every year, but we always put it off and just end up hanging out instead of carving pumpkins. So we did the same thing this year! It was fun to hang out though since I really haven’t seen Gina or Kassie in awhile.

Tomorrow I have an appointment to hopefully get rid of this boot that I’ve been wearing. Since we’re no longer buying a house, I’m going to go back to CrossFit! I’m going to go to the same gym that I went to years ago when I lived up here, so I’m pretty excited. They have good hours and the gym is a lot of fun. I really like the owners. My legs and butt are so nonexistent now since having a baby and then not working out lately. It’s pathetic. I just need to get back in shape. Except sadly, I don’t even miss working out. I think I’m just so into the habit of not working out that now I just don’t even care about it. But I know I need to do it so hopefully I can overcome my laziness and make myself go to the gym.

I really have nothing else to say. Life is so boring these days. I have been researching vacations for January, but I’m not sure where to go! I was planning on Costa Rica, but then I just found out my sister is going to be living there for 6 months out of every year (how did I miss this?!?!?!), so I might as well wait until she goes and just go visit her! Since I didn’t see 30 countries before 30, my new goal is 40 before 40. I’m hoping to hit up 2 or 3 countries this year. I’m considering just doing Paris in January since we didn’t go last year and I actually really like traveling in winter, but all the holiday stuff will be over in January so it won’t have that wintery feel to it anymore, other than the cold weather. If we had more than a week, we could do the beaches in Thailand, but it may feel rushed with how long it takes to get there. Same with New Zealand… I would love to do Machu Picchu but we wouldn’t be ready to hike that yet. So maybe Columbia, since Kassie loved it there. Or Nicaragua is supposed to be pretty cool too. Who knows. I also really want to go to Hawaii but I heard January isn’t really the best time to go, so I think we’ll wait. I figure I’ll start looking as soon as school is out in December. So for fun, here are the countries I’ve been to because I am procrastinating from school work.

Hong Kong

Alrighty, but really, I should go do work. I am slacking on my final papers BIG TIME because I am SO OVER school. But I have to go to the daycare at 3:30 for the Halloween parade and I should probably shower at some point. I’m just kind of a slob these days. And now that Jon won’t be be here most of the time, I should take full advantage of daycare hours.